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Richie's Rants
I was making a short documentary on Bono but then I listened to Richie's little rant about Bono Bill gates & Bill Clinton, so I made this instead, I call it: Richie Loves Bono But Bono Loves Bill & Bill
Great Video jean Paul!

Here’s what one Internet commentator said about Bono which reflects the frustration of many:

I am seriously about to destroy my U2 albums because this guy has turned into a complete ass. He’s now supporting Monsanto, okay? It’s like, are you kidding me? I mean, seriously, okay? Heads up Bono, maybe you should do some research on ... what this company is about. There are farmers all over the world killing themselves because they were forced to buy the seeds that were supposed to be the saviour of the world –that’s what Monsanto sent out as far as propaganda. You buy my grown-in-the lab seeds; you’ll get so much more food, starvation will stop around the world. Bull. These people have been full of bull. I have done video after video about Indian farmers committing suicide because they were forced to grow this Monsanto seed and it didn’t grow at all. They’re all poor, they’re starving and they don’t have their own seed. They are committing suicide. It’s a big lie; Monsanto’s a big lie. Now [Bono] you are getting behind the big lie. Why don’t you get back in the studio and sing some songs and shut up about political things you don’t know anything about.
good job! makes my heart ache a bit just to see him stood next to some of those people. think did myself a favour not following him too closely the last many years. i remember being very confused by the vagueness of the one campaign, when everyone was putting the html sash on their web sites. lol things never cleared up.
As rants go Tuesday evenings first half hour must be up there near the top of Richie's list
Great stuff

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