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The Disclosure Project
Hello all, my first post on this forum. I've recently become interested in the UFO phenomenon and find the disclosure project particularly interesting. I've long been a fan of Rich D Hall's programmes. Has anyone else seen these?,
Hi Steveio, love Richard, going to see him in May at Weston Super Mare. I'll take a look at the vid's thanks ?
I first became aware of the probable existence of UFOs and Extra Terrestrials back in 2006, after listening to a Paul Helyer (former Canadian cabinet minister) interview on the brilliant Howard Hughes ‘The Unexplained’ Talksport radio show. It was simply mind blowing what he had to say, and he is a very credible source.

This was further backed up by various books on the subject by the well respected author Timothy Good with impeccably supported research and investigations. For example, in his latest book ‘Earth: An Alien Enterprise’ there are thought to be currently over 50 species of aliens on earth, with many dwelling in underground bases! They also are said to live among us.

It just goes to show that if you have the determination to research this subject, there is credible information to be found out there regarding Alien/UFO existence but it is down to each person to search for the truth. What you can never rely on in my opinion is the mainstream media - it’s simply full of manipulation and lies.
Hi Steve and Liz, I've seen several Paul Helyer interviews and he is obviously a very credible witness, Wasn't he ex Canadian defence minister? There are many more even more credible witnesses too. Collectively the evidence is overwhelming.
A good few years ago I was chatting to a work colleague about UFOs and aliens when astonishingly he told me that his own cousin, young girl at the time, had actually had an encounter with a Spaceship/Aliens in Zimbabwe in the 1990s. At the time there was media coverage but for some reason it ended abruptly. There were many other children involved who witnessed the same thing - a spaceship that landed and three small aliens who took soil and plant samples! They were not hostile and none of the children were harmed. Then all of a sudden the US army arrived and witnesses were deterred from making any mention if the incident.

As the years passed by we lost touch with each other but I never forgot what he had told me. Then just last year I listened to a podcast which sounded very similar to what I had been told years earlier. So, of course I felt compelled to trace my work friend. Luckily I managed to find him on FB. It turns out that his cousin was the main contributor to the podcast - amazing!!!

Here’s the link -

Hi Steve, yes, he was a Canadian minister in the 1960s and is still posting videos on YouTube at the ripe old age of 95. He gleaned information about aliens and UFOs from a high ranking general in the US army.

There are so many things that are under reported or suppressed in the media but it can’t last forever. The truth will come out one day, once the dam bursts!
Hi Steve, It won't fully load up for me for some reason but that case doesn't surprise me at all. I only delved into eufology about a year ago amongst all other subjects so not an expert on it. What fascinates me are all the unconnected accounts from all over the world describing the same craft
Hi again Steve, yes there are definitely correlations within the reports. For example, how UFOs manoeuvre - shooting off at right angles and travelling several thousand mph! Many pilots are put off reporting these incidents through fear of ridicule or recrimination, or possibly losing their jobs etc. But that doesn’t deter everyone thankfully.

There are many documented sightings in Timothy Good’s books if you get a chance to read them.
(01-27-2018, 06:38 PM)steveio Wrote: Hello all, my first post on this forum. I've recently become interested in the UFO phenomenon and find the disclosure project particularly interesting. I've long been a fan of Rich D Hall's programmes. Has anyone else seen these?,

Hi Steveio, I too have long been a fan of Richard D Hall. I watched these when they first came out but sadly we are no nearer to disclosure now than we were then. It amazes me that after all that is out there now, including the coverage the subject gets on the discovery type channels most people still look at you like you are crazy when the subject arises.
I cannot see disclosure happening as they will have to admit what they have been hiding for the past seventy plus years
I live in a "hotspot" apparently, I have had one sighting and have recently been trying to find out the exact date it happened as it was so striking that me and my then husband were 100% sure it would be all over the news the next day. Nothing.
The weird thing is even though it was so amazing I now only have a vague memory, and am actually thinking about having hypnosis to try and remember it better.
Also, going to the UFO conference in Manchester in June, hoping to meet some interesting people.
Here’s a useful link for UFO reports and sightings-

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