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convex earth documentary
(04-23-2018, 06:50 PM)Steve Wrote: Flightradar24 app

Today I've been tracking my eldest daughter's flight from London, Heathrow to Los Angeles, and I thought it would be a good idea to view the '3D' cockpit camera (pilots view) of this particular flight. Interestingly, at about 36,000 feet and above (approx 7 miles), the horizon definitely shows a slight curvature, usually over land. However, over the sea it looks very flat!

What do other members think?

Found this Steve..

I believe that it is just a simulation and it says that it is built on a WebGL using a Cesium globe
It says that they have added an Outside View that includes a realistic 3d model of most aircraft
Just a few inconvenient truths about this theory. When in Australia we are having 12 hours of darkness, you guys are having 12 hours of daylight. The total lunar eclipse reveals a circular earth's passage across the moon, a point not lost on the ancient Greeks. The horizon is about 20 klms away on the sea because of the earths curvature. Unless you have reached the pillars of Hercules, where people and ships fall off into space. The equator has equinox, equal daylight and darkness. Where as the north and south poles have 24 hours of daylight and 24 hours if darkness at certain times. My friend an airline pilot informs me it is a quicker flight path to a destination, to follow the earths curvature, than to fly as the crow flys as it is futher. I have seen it myself whilst driving in the vast expanse of Australia, often along side the road are giant electrical towers. Which disappear to their tops over the distant horizon, in front of me and in the rear view mirror, on flat ground. You tube is the modern version of the tree of the knowledge of good an evil, dont eat all the fruit of it. Just another opinion by the way, thats what this Forum is about I guess.
It was the Catholic religion that invented the flat earth idea to say heaven was above and hell below. Back then science proved the earth was round.This idea has a rerun thanks to Islam today. Who can save us today from this idea, science or religion.

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