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Were Adam and Eve a simulation
In Genesis in the Bible the world was created in seven days. A day which in the Hebrew language is a period of time, not 24 hours it may be one thousand years. On the sixth day God Created (which means from nothing) male and female and told them to be fruitful and multiply. To subdue and replenish the Earth which by the way is the whole planet with its diverse ecosystem and peoples. The word used in the Adam and Eve reference is formed (which means as a potter would form and mold clay). It then says God breathed the breath of life into Adam and he became a living soul. God then formed Eve from Adams rib. The name Adam is translated man and Eve the mother of all living. These two representatives of human kind where given a job to tend and keep the garden. They were also given boundaries by being told they couldn't eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or they would begin to die. The devil who took on the form of a serpent  informed them that they would not die but be as gods knowing good and evil. The story of what happened is widely known and because of their actions the where cast out of the garden.
 Then comes the story which stumps many a religious scholar. Who did Cain marry after he killed his brother and was banished . The answer is simple a woman from a nearby city situated outside of the garden. The next offspring from Adam and Eve was Seth after some time had past. 
The next story is the flood which also was to do with the descendants of Adam thus it was only a local flood. In the Mesopotamian valley area which only involved the animals from that area and Noah's family. As the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat which are situated on the edge of the valley. The ark by the way had to be surrounded by fresh water as they where 120 days in the ark after the rain subsided. The tower of Babel story is that of Nimrod and later his wife and child which has fathered the traditions of today, of mother and child worship and statues. They all spoke one language as they were the descendants of Adam and spoke whatever language he spoke. 
There is much more to be said of these Bible stories to bring them forward to our current time. The EU building in Brussels is said to be modeled on the tower of Babel. Likewise the image of the EU is a woman riding a beast which is straight from the book of Revelation. Which talks of the Whore of Babylon the mother of harlots. The woman who sits on seven hills which by the way is Rome. I known that many listeners to your program Richie are not keen on the Bible because of the way it has been falsely presented by Religions. I hope this letter will interest some of your listeners and that I can help answer their questions from it.
What I struggle to understand in the Bible is the question of how two penguins managed to make the journey from the North Pole to join Noah’s Ark in the Middle East!
Any answers from anyone?
Steve you know that penguins swim, right? Like all aquatic animals survived without the ark
The flood was a local flood only in that region. The ark only had to contain the local animals not Kangaroos from my neighborhood. As I mentioned they were 120 days on the water after the rain stopped. They had to be able to throw a bucket over the side to drink. The flood was aimed at Adams decendants not the whole planet. Sorry for the misunderstanding. The sloth from south america would have struggled to get there in time. It's funny how scientists claim we all came from one monkey called Lucy. Who didn't have a husband by the way and no one questions that story . When whales beach themselves people always try to drag them back into the sea. Why aren't they helping them evolve legs? Whales need to evolve too. Sorry for my Sarcasm science is yet to prove evolution to me. I believe in a creator as did all other cultures in earths history except this one. David Attenboroughs TV programes don't prove evolution, they highlight a designer.

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