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PC Police Demand BBC Presenter Be Sacked For Racist Monkey Tweet.
Comment on PC Police Demand BBC Presenter Be Sacked For Racist Monkey Tweet.. Post away!
Spot on from Richie. These screaming morons on twitter would probably be happy for Baker never to work again, doubly good if he takes his own life (not that I think he would do that). The BBC again showing why it should be boycotted, broken up, and sold off.
So bored with all this identity nonsense. They talk about golliwogs as being racist but I'm old enough to remember golliwog dolls and badges and we never asociated them with black people at all, they were just a toy. It's the same with this association between black people and monkeys, never heard of it until recent years. I can fully believe that Danny Baker didn't know much about the royals. I wouldn't know anything about them either if I didn't follow independent media because I have no interest in them or celebrity culture. I haven't got a clue who most celebrities are. Those who are immersed in all this stuff about celebrity don't realise that many people aren't and that we don't give a fig about it.

Just one more comment. It seems to be getting that no-one is allowed to make a mistake or a gaffe these days. If you said something a bit out of order in the past (although personally I think people should say what they want) people would just say "oh you shouldn't have said that" or "that wasn't a nice thing to say" and someone might reply that it was just a bit of fun or they hadn't meant anything by it and that would have been that. But these days saying or doing something that might offend someone seems to be the biggest sin in the world. Countries are bombed and many thousands of people killed and barely a peep out of the media but put up a picture of a monkey when a royal baby is born and all hell breaks loose. And no I don't think that picture would have been at all difficult to find on the Internet. You can get a picture of pretty much anything these days in less than a minute.

Anyway thanks Richie, love your programme. Please carry on saying what you think regardless of who it upsets. I don't always agree with you but then I don't always agree with anyone or they with me.

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