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Can the Devil make you rich and famous ?
The devil has a huge array of deceptions, you can get whatever you want at Alice's restaurant. All of them rob people of eternal life.
Molech was the idol that ancient Israel sacrificed their children to. The modern version of that pagan god comes in the form of a large owl statue. There's one in Bohemian grove in America, a place where the elite meet (Bohemian rapsody). The devil is still offering all the kingdoms of the world, not just to guitarists but Presidents. By the way the Druids that built Stonehenge were Hebrew sun worshipers. The British and Celtic people are of the Hebrew, the other 10 tribes, that are not Judah. I'll stay a nobody and worship a living God.
Why do we need to worship anything?! Why can’t we just be?! This is the argument I have with my husband.. I am a good human, I have an inate goodness within me I don’t need to worship God to be that! Humans are good by default, the majority are kind, caring & loving! Yes there’s some dark people who have been hijacked by dark forces but I think religion judges humans unfairly! Makes us pathetic and unworthy which is probably why we don’t stand up to these corrupt elites!
To worship means to thank . I know that I need a higher power than myself to transcend realms I don't understand. I am humble enough to know I need assistance to fight battles that are out of my league. If God is for me, who can be against me. I guess the promise that one day I will be like him and know him the way that he knows me now, is too good an offer to refuse.
I think it comes across as ego when anyone who is not religious says they don’t wish to worship a higher power but I am not an egotistical person.
I feel we have been manipulated not to be able to understand those realms... I think we have the power to and authority but the ability has been hidden from us!
I don’t feel anyone is fighting our battles... our battles are instigated by those perpetuating them whereas humans just want to live in peace & love!
I’m not trying to be rude or challenge you ... I respect your beliefs- I’m married to a religious man! Smile
That's Ok Charotte I don't think you are being rude. You are just presenting the view you believe to be true. That's what this great Forum is about.
I also think that religion has manipulated and restricted people, and I am not presenting a religious argument. I am just presenting a Creator who gave us love in the first place. The Jesus I present to this Forum is the Creator in human form. He said greater love has no man than he lay down his life for his friends. I believe he created love in the first place. I just endeavour to present his word as it was intended to be received by his creation. Unfortunately Satan the adversary has thrown up so much confusion, that people just dismiss Jesus words of wisdom , without considering them. I hope the jury is still out on the things I have presented to this Forum so far, not that the case is already closed. Thanks for your input so far.
And when God is presented as a Creator of Love & non judgement then I agree! I just think that to judge the Creator with the primitive view of the Bible or Qu’ran is belittling the creator entirely! The restrictions & fear brought upon people is a human ideology not a loving Creator! To say that the Creator would condemn us to eternal hell for not believing is a method of control & unnecessary! It does not benefit the Creator and it isn’t fair on a creation who is effectively a unwitting pawn in a game by the Creator!

Maybe we need to start a new thread!! Lol

I’m always open to debate or chat.. I will never condemn you for your views, I’ve been a Believer previously for 9 years so I know what it’s like to see it from your perspective. I don’t want to be like a ‘reformed smoker’!!! (Which I also am!!! Lol)

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