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Edwina Currie
Fair play to Edwina for coming on the show, but she was full off nonsense. Firstly, whatever you think of Jeremy Corbyn, he is not stupid. But it was her failure to answer Richie's question on Ken Livingstone that stuck out for me. Livingstone stated what he beleived to be a fact, wether he was right or wrong I am not sure, but he certainly was not anti-semetic.
I'm really struggling with Edwina Currie's behaviour.

I don't mind being in disagreements with someone but I like to come away thinking I see there IS a "Quandary". But Currie seems to come from a bizarre era where she can disagree without making a proper case for what she proposes - which is what I've always feared is common with Tory Rhetoric. They seem to think that because they have the Right to say whatever they blah blah blah - they can just adopt that shitty "you'll agree with me of course because we're Men/Women of the world" and just talk BOLLOCKS.

She didn't give ONE satisfactory answer to Richie's questioning over the Zionism/Syria problem and just alluded vaguely to something or other that "we have to understand" or "if we'd walked in the shoes of the XXX"

Well on offence Currie.

YOU havent have you ?

Furthermore she made an ABHORRENT slur on poor families on the Stephen Nolan show last month in conversation about Corbyn's desire to reinstate free school meals - and she made a very high and nighty assertion of a person who had NOT walked in the shoes of young poor families in this country so I am REALLY struggling to take this woman seriously.

And I don't think WE should and I don't think Richie should.

Her behaviour is the behaviour of someone who has an agenda they are not sharing - and one they can't justify with argument or facts - and are covertly trying to curry (sic) compliance without doing any CONVINCING. I appreciate that she speaks her mind - but I despise what I perceive a s dissembling. It's awful nod nod wink wink punditry. I don't get it. Why are we putting up with this kind of weak arguing in 2018?

She needs to answer why she vaguely legitimises the atrocities in Syria as if such actions are ACCEPTABLE AT ALL

Who CARES if we should "walk in the shoes" of someone before we judge then when they are MURDERING people?

I'm sorry. I can't accept this. It's not right. She needs taking to task.
Edwina Currie is the "former female MP" who forced a 13 year old boy (survivor Andrew Ash) to "perform a 'vile' sex act at one of a series of drug-fuelled parties in Westminster in the Eighties", according to documentary filmmaker Bill Maloney.

Mr Maloney identified Andrew Ash's attacker as Edwina Currie in a YouTube video (since removed) - presumably after he spoke with Andrew Ash and/or other survivors familiar with Mr Ash's historical ordeal.

Edwina Currie is also the former female MP who, notoriously, knew about her Tory colleague Peter Morrison's sex attacks on boys yet chose to do nothing and stay silent.

Ms Currie wrote about Morrison in her diaries at the time of his offending - a revelation  which she only made public in the early 2000s when she published her diaries. The diaries reveal that Ms Currie knew all along that her Tory colleague was a "pederast" (her word). 

Ms Currie's secret affair with then-Prime Minister John Major (only revealed to the public decades later, when it could no longer damage either of them or the Conservative party) was engineered by Ms Currie for either or both of two possible reasons:

(a) In order that Ms Currie could tap Mr Major's brains to see what, if anything, he knew about the Westminster/VIP paedophile network and its members; and what, if anything, he intended to do about it by way of exposure or consequences.

(b) In order that a 'control file' (blackmail or threatened exposure as the 'stick' and sex as the 'carrot') could if necessary be established on Prime Minister Major, preventing him from exposing or otherwise jeopardising the Westminster/VIP paedophile network of which Edwina Currie MP, Lord Peter Morrison MP, Lord McAlpine, Peter Lilley MP, Michael Portillo MP, Peter Bottomley MP, Dr Julian Lewis MP, Edward Leigh MP, David Nicholson MP, Robert Banks MP, Harvey Proctor MP, Leon Brittan MP, Lord Lexden, Lord McAlpine, Derek Laud, Ian Greer, and several other politicians were allegedly part or connected.

A control file on the Prime Minister, who was under Ms Currie's close observation and 'handling', could have rendered Ms Currie and her backers the most powerful force in the government and the country during the period when the Westminster/VIP paedophile network was active at Dolphin Square and elsewhere (some Tory politicians also frequented the Elm Guest House de facto child brothel, for example).

This type of power is invaluable for security (protection from public exposure, job loss and criminal arrest) and/or for the furtherance of political objectives (see also the involvement of Ian Greer, Neil Hamilton MP and others in the intertwined Cash/Boys for Questions affair). 

Currie was reunited with her former Conservative party colleague Derek Laud - the erstwhile lobbyist, friend of David Cameron, child rapist and fixer for the Westminster/VIP paedophile network - on a celebrity episode of ITV's 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' in 2005. 

One wonders what 'happy reminiscences' Ms Currie and Mr Laud shared in the green room that day... Years before the Express newspaper article, Bill Maloney's films, and the various police inquiries around former Tory MPs and paedophiles Leon Brittan and Harvey Proctor, et al, made their lives temporarily a little more... 'uncomfortable'!


The (historical) VIP/Westminster paedophile network included many self-declared Friends of Israel, not only Edwina Currie and Leon Brittan (or Labour's Greville Janner).

Today, politicians from all parties who count themselves Friends of Israel continue to exert a powerful influence in British politics, foreign policy and society.

Paedophilia and sex are among the frightening techniques routinely employed by some powerful Friends of Israel to advance the global Greater Israel agenda. See:

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