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Pregnant lady seeking vaccination advice! (UK)
(09-13-2018, 01:34 PM)VelvetNoir Wrote: Hello all!

Just wondering if someone might be able to offer any support or point me in the right direction of people within the UK who can help shed more light on this topic! The internet seems to invert all my searches (no surprises there!)

As someone who has read David Icke and others and regularly listens to the Richie Allen show, my views on vaccinations are very much that they are not something that I wish to partake in. I still stand by this and honestly the thought of getting any kind of vaccination injected into me makes me shudder and recoil. However, I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my first and it is a very testing time as I am overwhelmed by the urge to do whatever I can to protect my unborn child. This vulnerability and uncertainty is not helped by the fact that the midwives are sharpening their claws when it comes to me turning down the flu jab, but even more passionately, with the whooping cough vaccine (at my appointment today I had TWO midwives in the room staring me down and challenging me regarding my decision to not take this vaccine and literally wouldn’t take no for an answer, finally submitting to the fact that I will ‘think about it’ after telling me about babies who have died horrendous deaths in their first few weeks from this disease).

I understand that this is what the NHS is told to do when it comes to vaccinations, I understand that it is going to be a long road of many of these situations should I stay strong with this stance and I understand that no one other than myself, my (likeminded) partner and our own research can really make this decision.

However, it would really help to speak to others in the UK who have specific experience of turning down these particular vaccines and others that are on the horizon throughout the pregnancy, birth, infant journey. Any words of support, advice or pointing in direction of reading material would be seriously appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hi Jenna,

I haven't found anything about vaccine exemptions in the UK, but came across an article/video yesterday on what happens in the US. Have you tried getting some information and advice from Citizens Advice Bureau?

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