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Trump Speeches and Interviews
Remarks by Donald Trump -

... to the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly
Madam President,
Mr. Secretary-General,
world leaders,
and distinguished delegates:
One year ago, I stood before you for the first time in this grand hall. I addressed the threats facing our world, and I presented a vision to achieve a brighter future for all of humanity ....
The Speech that got John F. Kennedy Killed -
The Un-Televised Donald Trump Speech -
Nigel Farage Interviews President Donald Trump - Watch In Full
Trump's vaccine-pimping rhetoric proves both parties are prostitutes to pharma

Trump's public speech on the vaccine has become indistinguishable from Fauci's. In a recent event in Dallas, Texas, Trump sat next to Bill O'Reilly and bragged about taking the booster shot, adding that all Trump supporters should "take credit" for Operation Warp Speed and how Trump managed to shorten the vaccine approval and development time from 5-12 years to less than one year.
Trump did that, of course, by skipping all the necessary clinical trials, producing a deadly covid jab that has now killed an estimated 800,000 Americans (and counting).
Now, Trump is destroying his own credibility and support, going against the half of America that knows the vaccine is deadly and the FDA is corrupt.
Trump can no longer represent the American people. He only represents Big Pharma and the central banks.

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