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UK Secret Societies & Front Organisations (#VIPaedophile networking, trafficking etc)
200 front organisations in Britain

These secretive and mask-wearing front organisations should be investigated to discover the extent of their:

- links to organised child abuse/ritual abuse/child trafficking/paedophile or ritual-abuser networking, &/or associated cover-ups;
- links to the grooming, entrapment & blackmailing of parliamentarians, police, members of the judiciary, other public officials & VIPs (Control Files);
- involvement in the promotion of social divisions & incitement of public fears & hatreds; war mongering; an agenda or ideology of Greater Israel or 'one world government', or authoritarian government by one group of humans over another; 
- promotion of a eugenics/human depopulation or a species/group extinction agenda or ideology; 
- involvement in intelligence-gathering on behalf of the security & intelligence agencies, foreign or domestic;
- peddling of disinformation or propaganda to further the interests of the elite;
- links to psy ops & false flags;
- links to the military industrial complex, the global drugs trade, or the sex or human organs trades;
- the promotion of psychopathic/sociopathic ends & False Idols: extreme wealth & power, materialism, physical or sexual violence/death, or the downright occult and Satanic;
- any other nefarious, mafia-like business, commercial or operational practices: such as money laundering, degradation of the natural world for profit, profiting from illness or misery, or human debt-enslavement

Institutions of State and Government
1.   The 77th Brigade of the British Army    
2.   The City of London Corporation (includes Corporation-owned Burnham Beeches property)
3.    Westminster City Council
4.    Westminster & Inner West London Coroner’s Court
5.    Queen Elizabeth II Barracks, Strensall
6.   The Royal Artillery (Lord Janner, Edward Heath, Peter Righton, Major Raymond Beech) & Royal Artillery Barracks, Larkhill
7.    MI5 - The Security Service
8.    MI6 - The Secret Intelligence Service
9.    GCHQ
10.  SO15


1.    The Most Noble Order of the Garter
2.    The Most Ancient & Most Noble Order of the Thistle
3.    The Most Honourable Order of the Bath
4.    The Lords-Lieutenant & Deputies Lieutenant
5.    The Privy Council
6.    The Duchy of Cornwall (including the Prince's Council)
7.    The Duchy of Lancaster (including the Duchy Council)
8.    The Royal Company of Archers
Political & Think Tanks
1.   The Bilderberg Association (Trustees: frmr MI6 chief Sir John Sawers & Economist editor-in-chief, Zanny Minton Beddoes [both also sit on B'berg Steering C'ttee]. Other Bilderberg participants have included: Lord Mandelson, Edward Heath, Enoch Powell, Kenneth Clark, Malcolm Rifkind & George Osborne)
2.   Progress
3.    The Fabian Society
4.    Best for Britain
5.    The Conservative Monday Club
6.    No Turning Back group
7.    The Bow Group
8.    Policy Exchange
9.    YouGov
10.  The Institute for Jewish Policy Research
11.  The British Israel Communications & Research Centre (BICOM) (& the We Believe in Israel group) (Lord Janner, Gerald Ronson) 
12.  Labour Friends of Israel
13. The Jewish Labour Movement, aka Poale Zion Great Britain (JLM is an "Israel Embassy proxy". As Poale Zion, it played role in the formation of Labour Friends of Israel. JLM-PZ has been represented by Mishcon de Reya. JLM-PZ members have included: Barnett Janner, father of paedophile Greville; paedophile Leo Abse; frmr Israeli Amb to the UK Jeremy Newmark; Ella Rose, who told reporter that she works with Israeli Embassy spy Shai Masot who plotted to 'take down' a senior UK gov't minister; David Abrahams, close associate of Blair & Lord Levy)
14.  Conservative Friends of Israel
15.  Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel
16.  The Friends of Israel Initiative-UK (NB: FoII is strongly connected to the Henry Jackson Society [HJJ]: e.g. an FoII director, Dr Alan Mendoza, is HJJ's Exec. Director, while former HJJ director William Shawcross is an FoII founder member; Robert Halfon, frmr political director Conservative Friends of Israel, has ties to both groups; another FoII founder member is ex NM Gov. Bill Richardson, accused of involvement in Jeffrey Epstein's child trafficking op)
17.  The Embassy of Israel in London
18.  Le Cercle
19.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs - Chatham House
20.  The Open Society Foundation-London
21.  New City Initiative
22.  The Social Market Foundation (Margaret Hodge MP; Daniel Finkelstein; Lady Gillian Shephard; Sir Samuel Brittan, brother of the late Lord Leon)
23.  The Smith Institute
24.  The Henry Jackson Society (HJS is strongly linked to the Friends of Israel Initiative; Daniel Finkelstein; Lord Stanley Kalms; Robert Halfon, former political director Conservative Friends of Israel; Stephen Pollard, editor The Jewish Chronicle; Sir Richard Dearlove)
25.  The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). 'IISS played key role in furnishing the pretexts for the invasion of Iraq by publishing a dossier on Iraqi WMDs, on 9/9/2002 ... presented by Dr John Chipman'. Director: Dr John Chipman, the husband of Lady Theresa Manners who is in G Maxwell's Black Book. LTM filmed music video in Hell-fire Caves linked to Stowe School, satanism & sexual abuse, and is the sister of current Duke of Rutland, friend & ex-employer of Harvey Proctor. Member of the Advisory Council: Lord George Robertson. Members: Mario Calvo-Platero, the husband of G Maxwell's best friend from Oxford (Ariadne Calvo-Platero); Lynn de Rothschild.
26.  Ditchley Foundation (trustee: Lord Mandelson; governors: Lord George Robertson, Andrew Knight [J Rothschild Capital Management, Newscorp]; hon. governors: Lady Bottomley, Malcolm Rifkind, Sir John Sawers, Jack Straw, Lord Chris Patten [Savile scandal]; frmr gov.: Lord Boateng; frmr director: Sir Nigel Broomfield [frmr chair Leonard Cheshire [Tavistock]])
27.  British-American Project (directors: Julia Streets [Children in Crisis], Dr Alan Mendoza [Friends of Israel Initiative, JLC, Henry Jackson Soc]; alumni: Lord Mandelson, Lord George Robertson, Jonathan Powell)
28.  The Pilgrims Society (Members have reportedly included: Sir Peter Bottomley; Sir Peter Hayman; Sir Malcolm Rifkind [cousin of Leon Brittan]; Lord George Robertson [Bilderberg, Dunblane cover-up]; Gerald Grosvenor 6th Duke Westminster; Lord Carrington [Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Ditchley Fdn.]; Laurence Cadbury [father of Jocelyn Cadbury [Elm GH]; Peter Cadbury [a cousin of Jocelyn Cadbury [Elm GH] & Sir Dominic Cadbury [Economist Group]]; Henry Kissinger; Edmund Rothschild [cousin of Sir Evelyn & Lord Jacob]; and William Astor, 4th Viscount Astor [in Maxwell's Black Book])
29.  CoJiT: Combating Jihadist Terrorism and Extremism - co-founded by Kevin & Ian Maxwell. Propagates Islamaphobia & strives to cement the fiction that radical Islamists masterminded & carried out 9/11. Kevin, brother of Ghislaine, is believed linked to Mossad

Non-Governmental Organisations and Charities

1.    The Tony Blair Faith Foundation
2.    The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
3.    The Friends of Israel Educational Trust
4.    The Holocaust Education Trust
5.    The Jewish Leadership Council
6.    The Board of Deputies of British Jews
7.    Community Security Trust
8.   The Anglo-Israel Association (Lord Harry Woolf [denied a right of appeal to Barry George who was falsely imprisoned for the murder of Jill Dando]; the late Barnett Janner [Greville Janner's father], Lady Susie Sainsbury; the late Elizabeth Maxwell [late mother of child procurer & paedophile Ghislaine Maxwell])
9.   OneFamily (UK hon. patrons: Lord Janner & Alan Dershowitz; UK patrons: Gail & Gerald Ronson, who are in G Maxwell's 'Black Book'. US chair: Marc Belzberg; US board member: Lisa Belzberg. LB is the frmr sister-in-law of Clare & Sara Bronfman of NXIVM sex slavery cult).
10.  Jewish Music Institute (pres Lord Grade; frmr vice-pres Lord Janner; frmr non-exec directors Prof Stuart Stanton, who "spent most of his career at St George’s Hospital Medical Sch'l, which was concealing at least 2 paedophile rings, both of which had links to the ring that Janner was part of in Leicester" & David Mencer [DM is frmr director of Lab Friends of Israel & frmr adviser to Gerald Ronson & electoral agent/press sec for Janner protector Gwyneth Dunwoody]; trustee: Evelyn Rothschild; frmr hon. dvlpmnt board members: Lord & Lady Brittan)
11.  National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)
12.  Childline
13.  Barnardo's
14.  Caudwell Children/Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball (Fergie, Esther Rantzen, Max Clifford, Lionel Blair, Simon Cowell, Elton John)
15.  The Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation
16.  The Friends of Arundells (Lord Mandelson, Keith Vaz MP, Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Lady Virginia Bottomley)
17.  The Dolphin Square Trust
18.  The Prince's Trust
19.  Norwood (also Norwood-Ravenswood Services Ltd) (director & trustee: Tamara Finkelstein [sister of Daniel Finkelstein, friend of the late Lord Janner]; supporters include Sir Philip Green [who has also been a director], Fergie, Simon Cowell, Elton John)
20.  The Scout Association
21.  World Wide Fund for Nature
22.  Silver Star
23.  Madeleine McCann Fund
24. Uri Geller Charitable Foundation
25.  Common Purpose
26.  National Council for Civil Liberties / "Liberty"
27.  British False Memory Society
28.  More in Common
29.  Jo Cox Foundation
30.  King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes
31.  Wessex Health Living Centre
32.  Rothschild Foundation
33.  Mind, the mental health charity
34.  Tavistock Centre
35.  Anna Freud Centre
36.  Crimestoppers / Crimestoppers Trust
37.  Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform (FAIR)
38.  Phab ('Physically Handicapped & Able-Bodied' - Phab grew out of the National Association of Youth Clubs: Sir Jimmy SavileSir Cliff Richard, Rolf Harris)
39.  Outward Bound Global/Outward Bound Trust, including the Ullswater Camp (Sir Jimmy Savile, Lynn Rothschild, Lady Ffion Hague, Prince Philip, Prince Andrew)
40.  The Butrint Foundation/The Butrint Foundation Limited (founders & trustees Lord Jacob Rothschild & Lord John Sainsbury; jointly funded by the Linbury Trust [trustee: John Sainsbury's daughter, Sarah Butler-Sloss)
41.  Index on Censorship/Writers & Scholars Educational Trust (founders included David Astor; chair of trustees & director David Aaranovitch; directors have included Lord Michael Grade, Mark Stephens, Jonathan Freedland; past trustees, Evelyn de Rothschild, Lord Sainsbury)
42.  Street Child UK/Street Child of Sierra Leone (supporter: Ross Gow, who is spokesman for G Maxwell; founder patron: Fergie, linked to G Maxwell & J Epstein; chair: Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, head of Stowe School)
43.  Children in Crisis - now part of Street Child (directors Lee Amaitis of Cantor Fitzgerald [support also comes from Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick] & Dr Anthony Wallersteiner head of Stowe School [Wallersteiner is also a trustee]; founder: Fergie, linked to G Maxwell & J Epstein)
44. The Gatsby (Charitable) Foundation, an offshoot of the Sainsbury Foundation (inc. the Gatsby Project) (founder Lord David Sainsbury; £1m payment to opaque 'charity' linked to Tony Blair; The Gatsby Project: Janet Mattinson of the Tavistock Centre/Institute of Human Relations; Mary Joynson, director of Barnados 1973-84; the late Rev Nicolas David Stacey)
45. The Woodward Charitable Trust, one of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts (trustees: Shaun Woodward & Camilla Woodward; one of its focus is on vulnerable children & youth)
46. Missing People - formerly the Missing People's Helpline (Paul Gambaccini's former PA Christian Dray - a convicted paedophile - helped set it up; patrons Richard Branson & Stephen Fry; ambassador Dr Kate McCann; supporter Bob Geldof & his tech firm Groupcall Ltd; Simon Cowell supported its 2013 campaign)
47. The Honeypot Children's Charity (In the New Forest; local resident Esther Rantzen is key supporter. In 2004, Cantor Fitzgerald/BGC Partners executive Lee Amaitis wrote: "Once I settled in Britain, I was approached to help with the [children's] charity Honeypot...". Dictionary definitions of "honeypot" include: 1. Female genitals; 2. Espionage using sexual bait, which can include making photos or video for use in blackmail).
48. Sir Cliff Richard Tennis Foundation, aka The Cliff Richard Tennis Development Trust ("The Foundation is now part of the Lawn Tennis Association". Supporters have included Iain Dale, Jimmy Tarbuck, Earl Spencer, Sarah Ferguson, Cherie Blair, Lord & Lady Hague, Lord Ashcroft, Mike Read)
49. The Liberal Jewish Synagogue (Dame Esther Rantzen, Evelyn & Lynn Rothschild, Jessica Rothschild, Keir Starmer's family, Simon & Santa Sebag Montefiore)
50. West London Synagogue (Julia Neuberger is snr rabbi & Jewish Leadership Council vice-pres; her brother, frmr Supreme Court pres Lord David Neuberger, advocated censorship of social media to suppress references to VIP paedophiles. WLS members have included Esther Rantzen [she has 2 synagogues] & alleged W'mnster City Council paedophiles Alan Bradley & Sir Simon Milton, both now dead. WLS rabbi David Mitchell was suspended after joking & laughing about seeing kids' genitalia - his husband Ian Kirsh appears to be employed by John Caudwell of Caudwell Children. WLS was founded by, among others, Rantzen's g-g grandfather, Montague Leverson. WLS held Thanksgiving Service for Leon Brittan)
51. Clan Sinclair Trust (directors/trustees include Viscount John Thurso [frmr director Cliveden House Ltd 1987-92 & founded the hotel; VJT is also frmr executive director Champneys Group/Fitness & Leisure Holdings 1995-2001. VJT's cousin, Isaiah William Sinclair, was friends with Nat Rothschild & George Osborne & died in strange circumstances]. Frmr directors of CST include the late Niven James Sinclair [convicted child abuser; reportedly the Sinclairs are freemasons]
52. World Monument Fund & WMF Britain (frmr non-exec dir Dame Theresa Sackler & frmr trustee Jacqueline Sackler. TS was on board of Purdue Pharma, as was JS's husband, Mortimer Sackler Jr. TS & MS Jr are defendants in lawsuits against PP "for aggressively marketing OxyContin despite it having known addictive qualities"; hon trustee: Ronald Lauder, who gave Epstein an Austrian passport with a fake name when Lauder was US Amb to Austria. RL was also "driving force" behing privatising Twin Towers so Larry Silverstein could get 99-year lease ahead of 9/11. Frmr non-exec dirs: James Hervey-Bathurst [JHB is husband of Lucy Manners, the cousin of Harvey Proctor's benefactor David Rutland 11th Duke of Rutland] & Dame Vivian Duffield. Recipients of WMF's annual award include: Brooke Astor, David Rockefeller & DR Jr, Jacob Rothschild, The Sainsburys [Tim, John & Simon], & Ronald & Jo Carole Lauder)
53. UK Lawyers for Israel, UKLFI (Lord Carlisle QC, The Lord Pannick QC, Lord Howard QC)
54. Burma Campaign UK (patrons: the late Sir John Mortimer QC of Turville whose wife Penny reportedly holidayed with Derek Laud & Camilla Parker Bowles, Michael Howard, Helena Kennedy & Lord Steel. Supporters: Esther Rantzen & Joanna Lumley. Non-exec director: the late Jo Cox MP)
55.  Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) (Co-founders: Arpad Busson [Black Book] & Ian Wace-husband of Saffron Aldridge [Black Book]; Trustee, director & frmr Chair: Lord Fink [Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies]. ARK event attendees: Kevin Spacey, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Ferguson, Geordie & Katherine Greig, Matthew & Elizabeth Freud, India Hicks, Elizabeth Hurley, Sophie Dahl, Mariella Frostrup, Nicholas Candy, the Blairs [in Black Book]; also Nat Rothschild, Lord Levy, Bob Geldof, Joanna Lumley, Simon Cowell)

Media & PR
1.    Crimewatch
2.    Syco
3.   Private Eye
4.    News Corp UK & Ireland Limited
5.    Daily Mail & General Trust
6.    Northern & Shell / Express Newspapers
7.   The Guardian - editor's, foreign & opinion desks (Freedland, Harding, Kettle, Muir [RAINS list], Wintour)
8.   The Telegraph Media Group (Dominic Lawson; Evelyn Rothschild; Max Hastings [Dr Joan Coleman's RAINS list]; Conrad Black [J Epstein's 'black book']; Lord Peter Carrington [Bilderberg])
9.   BBC News & Current Affairs
10.  Evening Standard (Alexander and Evgeny Lebedev; editor George Osborne; former editors include Geordie Greig & Max Hastings)
11.  The Economist Group (Virginia Bottomley; Sir Dominic Cadbury, brother of the late Jocelyn Cadbury [Elm Guest House]; Evelyn & Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild; Eli Goldstein [also a director of Bronfman E.L. Rothschild LP]; Lady Heywood, wife of Jeremy Heywood [Chilcot Inquiry cover-up]; Susan "Zanny" Beddoes [Bilderberg]; Richard John Micklethwait ;Bilderberg])
12.  Louis Theroux television productions
13.  Nick Ross Ltd
14.  Perfect Timing Productions Ltd (Sarah Caplin)
15.  The Jewish Chronicle
16.  Global Media & Entertainment Limited / Global Radio Services Limited / Global Charities [LBC radio]
17.  Biteback Publishing / Iain Dale Limited
18.  Clarence Mitchell Communications Limited
19.  Freud Communications
20.  Silvergate Media
21.  Peters Fraser & Dunlop / The Rights House
22.  Acuity Reputation (CEO Brian Basham & employee Ross Gow; Acuity represent Ghislaine Maxwell)
23.  Georgina Capel Associates Ltd (Ms Capel was formerly in partnership with Michael Grade's half sister Anita Land, & Land was on board of GC Associates. Ms Capel's clients: Dame Stella Rimington, Charles Spencer, frmr Rothschild employee Liam Byrne, Simon Sebag Montefiore & Tristram Hunt; Georgina Capel, Anita Land, Simon Sebag Montefiore & Tristram Hunt are also together on the Cliveden Literary Festival Cttee, which also includes Natalie Livingstone, Hannah Rothschild & George Osborne's wife, Frances)
24.  Anita Land Ltd (Ms Land's clients: her half-brother Michael Grade, Louis Theroux, Emma Barnett. Ms Land was formerly in partnership with Georgina Capel. Ms Land's husband, lawyer Brook Land, was formerly on board of Sequent alongside Leopold de Rothschild & NM Rothschild Ltd [& frmrly Amschel Rothschild, Leopold David de Rothschild & Edmund Leopold de Rothschild])
25.  Cliveden Literary Festival (cttee members: Anita Land, Georgina Capel, Hannah Rothschild, Frances Osborne, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Tristram Hunt, Natalie Livingstone)

Clubs and Societies
1.    The Freemasons
2.   Stowe Lodge 9902 ("the Masonic Lodge for Old Stoics")
3.   Mercurius Lodge 7507 ("set up by GCHQ"; linked to Keith Harding)
4.   Alfred Robbins Loge 5083 (London-based journalists, including political journalists)
5.   The Gallery Lodge 1928 (established for the political press corps. "The core of its membership are journalists accredited to Parliament")
6.   New Welcome Lodge 5139 (open exclusively "to men working in the Palace of Westminster"; its membership reportedly includes "former MPs, parliamentary staff or police officers")
7.   Old Pauline Lodge No 3969 (the lodge, which marked its centenary in 2019, meets at the notorious St Paul's School in Barnes)
8.   Mulberry Lodge 9834 ("the Lodge of the Royal Household: for staff, residents, military & police personnel, present & former")
9.   Worshipful Company of Fishmongers, inc. the Fishmongers' Hall property (11/2019 false flag; "the Rothschilds have traditionally been members of The Fishmongers' Company, including Lionel de Rothschild, Nathaniel, 1st Lord Rothschild, Nathaniel Charles Rothschild, & Edmund de Rothschild. In 2016 the Univ Buckingham held an Honorary Graduation Ceremony in Fishmongers' Hall - honorary degrees were awarded to Lord Bramall & Baroness Manningham-Buller, ex head of MI5)
10.  The Athenaeum Club
11.  The Carlton Club
12.  The Garrick Club (Sir Michael Havers, Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC, Kenneth Clarke QC, Sir William Mars-Jones, George Carmen QC, Peter Carter-Ruck, Stephen Fry, Melvyn Bragg)
13.  The Groucho Club (Stephen Fry, Matthew Freud, Harvey Weinstein, Gary Glitter, Kevin Spacey, Bob Geldof, Pixie Geldof, Melvyn Bragg, Nigella Lawson)
14.  The Royal Over-seas League
15.  The Magic Circle
16.  The Bullingdon Club - Univ. Oxford (Ghislaine Maxwell, 7th Marquess of Bath [alleged ritual abuser], Count Gottfried von Bismarck, Nigella Lawson, James Sainsbury, Nat Rothschild, Boris Johnson, Jo Johnson, George Osborne, David Cameron, Rev Tim Beaumont [father of GM's best friend, Ariadne Calvo-Platero], Henry Mount [The Oldie], Charles Spencer)
17.  The Piers Gaveston Society - Univ. Oxford (Count Gottfried von Bismarck, Nigella Lawson, Nat Rothschild, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, George Osborne, Toby Young, Elizabeth Hurley)
18.  The Travellers Club
19.  The National Liberal Club
20.  The Speculative Society
21.  The Royal Black Institution
22.  The Eccentric Club (UK)
23.  The Honourable Fraternity of the Amici, a/k/a Society of (the) Amici
24.  The Cambridge Apostles


1.    30 St Mary Axe
2.    Butlins
3.    Champneys
4.    Cunard
5.    Mark Warner Limited
6.    Rothschild & Co, including The New Court property near London Bridge
7.   RIT Capital Partners, & its management company J. Rothschild Capital Management (Lord Jacob Rothschild & formerly Nat Rothschild)
8.   E.L. Rothschild holding company
9.   R Chocolate London
10.  Pilkington Group Limited
11.  Stanhope Capital LLP
12.  Stemcor
13.  Sabrewatch Limited
14.  The Old Vic Trust (Kevin Spacey, Matthew Freud, Lord Peter Mandelson, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Sir Elton John)
15.  Tony Blair Associates
16.  Unilever UK & Ireland
17.  21 Publishing Limited (founders included Sir Tim Sainsbury; the late David Bowie; and writer/editor Karen Jocelyn Wright, business partner of Daphne Astor [wife of the late Michael Astor MP])
18.  Carter-Ruck
19.  Kingsley Napley LLP (Greville Janner; Harvey Proctor; Sir Peter Hayman; Rolf Harris; Cmdr Michael Trestrail [on EGH list]; Michael Fawcett; the McCanns; Matthew Kelly; Luke Akehurst ['We Believe in Israel'/BICOM])
20.  Mishcon de Reya LLP
21.  Chris Saltrese Solicitors
22.  Simkins LLP (Sir Cliff Richard, Islington Borough Council, Sheldon AdelsonNaomi Campbell [Jeffrey Epstein's associate])
23.  Doughty Street Chambers (clients Harvey Proctor, Myra Hindley, Julian Assange; lawyers Geoffrey Robertson QC, Helena Kennedy QC, Adam Wagner, Amal Clooney [Sonning resident whose husband is linked to Ghislaine Maxwell], formerly Ben Emmerson QC) 
24.  The Althrop estate
25.  The Arundel Castle estate (Catholic Union has hosted gatherings here for decades including in 2017. CU President Sir Edward Leigh is an alleged Dolphin Square abuser. CU's former Chair was Miles Fitzalan-Howard 17th Duke of Norfolk [RAINS], whose daughter, Lady Carina, was wife of alleged ritual abuser Sir David Frost [who once filmed at the Castle]. In 2014 Michael Portillo filmed at Arundel Castle for BBC. Sir Tim Rice, friends with Cliff Richard plus late paedophile & PIE member Alan Doggett, is a Trustee of Arundel Castle Cricket Fndn)
26. The Beaulieu estate
27. The Belvoir estate
28. The Longleat estate
29. Cliveden House (now run as a hotel founded by Viscount John Thurso. Lease is owned by brothers Ian & Richard Livingstone, whose early developments "were financed by Jacob Rothschild's merchant bank, Dawnay Day". The brothers redeveloped Marks & Spencer's former HQ at 55 Baker St. Ian's wife, Natalie, writes for Tatler/Condé Nast UK [Nicholas Coleridge, Geordie Greig]. In 2011 Ian & Natalie bought home previously owned by Matthew Freud & Elisabeth Murdoch)
30. The Elveden estate. (Used for scenes in Eyes Wide Shut. Owner Lady Clare Iveagh, née Clare Hazel, procured UK girls for G Maxwell according to Maria Farmer. Edward Guinness 4th Earl of Iveagh, was on the founding board of New City Initiative, a think-tank co-founded by DEREK LAUD)
31. Cantor Fitzgerald Europe (Lee Amaitis of Can.Fitz./BGC Partners is a director of Sarah Ferguson's Children in Crisis - now part of Street Child [linked to Stowe School & Ghislaine Maxwell]; Can.Fitz. CEO Howard Lutnick supports Children in Crisis - now part of Street Child; Lutnick was Jeffrey Epstein's next-door-neighbour in NYC & is Ferguson's friend)
32. The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund (attached to Cantor Fitzgerald: distributes funds to Sarah Ferguson's 'Children in Crisis' charity - now part of Street Child [see above] - as well as Centrepoint)
33. Groupcall (co-founded by Bob Geldof, Groupcall supplies the technology to Missing Persons [of which Geldof is a Supporter] for Child Rescue Alert. a partnership between Missing People, Groupcall & the NCA)
34. L Brands International (Approx. 29 Victoria's Secret & Victoria's Secret Pink stores in the United Kingdom. L Brands Inc. CEO: Leslie Wexner. LW is a member of the Mega GroupLW & his wife were close personal friends of Jeffrey Epstein & also his clientsL Brands International CEO/President: Martin Waters)
35. The Estée Lauder Companies UK & Ireland (Approx. 100 stores and 29 brands in the United Kingdom. The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. Exec. Chair: William Lauder, the nephew of Ronald Laudner. RL is a member of the Mega Group & is linked to Jeffrey Epstein & Mossad. UK & Ireland General Manager: Su Fox)
36. Genie Energy UK Limited - part of US headquartered Genie Energy (frmr NM Governor Bill Richardson [linked to Jeffrey Epstein], Jacob Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney)
37. Willbury Limited (Lord Mandelson, Reinaldo da Silva)
38. JC Bamford (JCB) Excavators Ltd (Lord Anthony Bamford, Alice Bamford)
39. GardaWorld, previously Aegis Defence Services Limited (GardaWorld acquired Aegis in 2015. GardaWorld Member of the Int'l Advisory Board & frmr Chairman of Aegis: Sir Nicholas Soames, whose mother knew Jimmy Savile & who is friends with Prince Charles. Soames warned Princess Diana in the months before she died to stop interfering over landmines & that "accidents happen". Subsequently, Soames demanded a retraction of "lies" about serial paedophile Leon Brittan. Aegis non-exec. director 2009-12Lord Boateng.)

Education & Academia
1.   The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
2.   The London School of Economics
3.   The University of Buckingham (Patron: Eranda Foundation [Sir Evelyn de Rothschold]; Partnership with GM's friend Nicholas Coleridge of Conde Nast Britain; Visiting Prof of Humanities: Simon Sebag Montefiore; UoB awarded honorary degrees to Lady Manningham-Buller & Lord Bramall at Fishmongers' Hall; UoB is alma mater of barrister Graeme Molloy who prosecuted an ex-head of Stowe school; Frmr lecturer: the murdered Stowe School teacher Peter Farquhar; frmr Director of BUCSIS/Islamophobic propagandist: Prof Anthony Glees; MP John Bercow is regular visitor)
4.   The Jill Dando Institute of Security & Crime Science
5.   Oxford Centre for Hebrew & Jewish Studies (Emeritus Governor: Felix Posner [in Ghislaine Maxwell's 'Black Book']; trustee: Martin Paisner; frmr chair of governors & Emeritus Governor: Sir Richard Greenbury [who until 1995 was married to Lady Gabrielle Greenbury, trustee of J Saville S'Mandeville Hospital Trust]; frmr non-exec directors: Dame Shirley Porter [Dolphin Square]; funding from Gerald Ronson Foundation)
6.   Eton College
7.   Fettes College
8.   Marlborough College (Anthony Blunt, Sally Bercow, Ghislaine Maxwell, Ian Maxwell, Kevin Maxwell, Duchess of Cambridge)
9.   Gordonstoun School
10. The Gordonstoun Association
11. Queen Victoria School
12. Stowe School
13. University College School, Hampstead (facilitated paedophile ring linked to the late Lord Janner [regular UCS visitor], Janner's friend Michael 'Mike' Densham, Tony Ford [Densham & Ford were UCS teachers at the time], & former UCS pupil Basil Moss; UCS alumni include Daniel Janner QC, son of Lord Janner - Daniel Finkelstein, who went on to become a pivotal Lord Janner supporter - & Jonathan Freedland "one of the UK's most effective propagandists for Israel" & associate of Lord Janner's daughter, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner)
14. Hall School, Hampstead (frmr non-exec director: Daniel Janner QC. Alumni: Clement Freud, Lucian Freud's lover Stephen Spender, Lord David Neuberger, Sir Oliver Letwin [NM Rothschild], child abuse expert Alfred White Franklin, Jo Johnson [Bullingdon Club alongside Nat Rothschild, George Osborne & Henry Mount of The Oldie])
15. Arnold House School, next to Hampstead (linked to paedophile ring involving AHS coach Peter Lee; the victim has since been been befriended by Stephen FryLady Susan Carroll Sainsbury was an AHS director 1999-08 [SCS is the wife of Lord David Sainsbury of Labour Friends of Israel; she donated a large sum to satanist Derry Mainwaring-Knight & wrote foreword to a book by Chris Lambrianou who was jailed for murder as part of the Krays' gang]; AHS alumni include Hughie Green, who was sexually abused [HG's daughter, Paul Yates, died a few years after divorcing Bob Geldof: her death was investigated by sinister coroner Paul Knapman] & Matthew Chataway [son of the late Sir Chris Chataway who went on holiday with alleged Dolphin Square child procurer/rapist Derek Laud] & Jon Moss [frmr musical partner of Boy George. BG made a music video in Dolphin Square])
16. St Paul's School, Barnes (80+ complaints made against 32 St Paul's staff re abuse 1960s-90s. Some staff implicated continued to work at St Paul's until 2017. Alumni include serial paedophile Clement Freud [as well as CF's close friend & contemporary Nicholas Parsons in same period]; serial paedophile Greville Janner; Simon Milton [see Scallywag]; Matthew Gould, UK Amb to Israel 2010-15; Michael M. Sacher; Ian Livingstone who, with his brother owns the lease to Cliveden; & Ed Vaizey [went on to work for Tory MPs Kenneth Clarke & Michael Howard])
17. King's House School, Richmond-upon-Thames (linked to a paedophile ring involving frmr faculty & also linked to Outward Bound [Lynn Forester de Rothschild]. Alumni include ret'd England rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio. LD's sister Francesca Dallaglio was among 51 killed in 1989 Marchioness Horror, for which sinister coroner Paul Knapman conducted a barbarous 'Inquest' - mutilating the corpses & removing the organs. Another alumni is 'Friend of Israel' Zac Goldsmith MP whose extraordinary collaborative work with alleged paedophile John Hemming & others led to establishment of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, an apparent exercise in cover-up, misdirection, obfuscation & stalling for time)
18. Sevenoaks School (Jimmy Savile abused SS boy(s); teacher Gerd Sommerhoff abused SS boys, possibly covered up by chaplain & housemaster Peter Hullah. Alumni include Ben Summerskill, trustee of Esther Rantzen's Silver Line; Sarah Harrison, adviser to Julian Assange & Edward Snowden; & frmr MI5 chief Lord Jonathan Evans. Frmr MI6 chief Sir John Sawers has pro bono role at SS & reportedly was a school parent. Frmr SS govnr & board member, Sigrid Rausing, bankrolls Hope Not Hate. A recent school event was hosted by One Young World, linked to Bob Geldof & Unilever)
19. Immanuel College, Bushey (frmr non-exec dir's: Daniel Janner & Michael Dangoor, brother of David Dangoor; funded by Gerald Ronson Family Foundation [GR is in Ghislaine Maxwell's 'Black Book']; IC Friday Lecture series speakers have included: Lord Janner, Edward Heath & Rabbi Schmuel Boteach [linked to Michael Jackson])
Simkins LLP, a law firm based at 7-12 Tavistock Square, has been added.
Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform (FAIR) has been added.
(09-29-2018, 03:20 AM)Survivors Wrote: 1.    The Most Noble Order of the Garter
As far as I can tell the most powerful “order” in the whole world is the Order of the Garter, of which Queen Elizabeth II is the sovereign.
The top of the “noble” families all descend from the grandchildren of Charles “Carolus” Martel – Ida Redburga and Guillaume de Gellone (a.k.a. William of Orange) – founder of the Carolingian dynasty.
Nicholas de Vere describes the “Teind of Hell” where in the first stage of the ceremony of a human sacrifice, the victim is strangled with a “Witches Garter”.
If I use this for an explanation; the Order of the “Garter” represents a human sacrifice cult.

According to Margaret Murray the “garter” is a sign used by witches for rank:
At the Garter ceremony in 2002, front row, then King Juan Carlos second from left, then Queen Beatrix second from right, and King Harald V of Norway on the far right. At the right of the second row is former PM Margaret Thatcher.
In the centre of the front row: Philip, Elizabeth and Charles.
[Image: e8622cc8a74b8307036de85568d595795e7439e3.png]
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
The Economist, Stowe School, TerraMar (UK) and Acuity Reputation have been added.

All four have links to individuals whose names arise in relation to the Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell VIP paedophilia and child trafficking operation.
Missing Persons (the charity previously known as the Missing Persons Helpline) has been added.

Groupcall - Bob Geldof's technology company which is linked to the above - has also been added.
L Brands International has been added.  The international division of Leslie Wexner's L Brands, Inc. oversees Victoria's Secret and Victoria's Secret Pink stores in the UK.
The University of Buckingham has been added.
The following have been added:

  • Doughty Street Chambers
  • Arnold House School, the private prep school for boys next to Hampstead
  • St Paul's School, the selective independent school in Barnes
  • Old Pauline Lodge No 3969, which meets at St Paul's School in Barnes
  • King's House School, Richmond-upon-Thames
Yet another New Forest entity has made the list: the commercially-run Arundel Castle estate.

Arundel Castle is associated with Sir Edward Leigh; two (2) deceased alleged ritual abusers (RAINS List); and Sir Tim Rice, who has been linked to Cliff Richard as well as the late paedophile & Paeophile Information Exchange member, Alan Doggett.

Sarah Ferguson co-produced a 2009 British film called The Young Victoria, filmed at BELVOIR & ARUNDEL Castles.

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