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White Helmets
The White Helmets Hoax 

The ‘White Helmets’, is an American, British and EU-funded ‘humanitarian’ organisation operating only in terrorist-held areas of Syria. Abu Jaber, leader of Tahrir al-Sham (al-Qaeda in Syria), said in a video in March 2017 that the White Helmets were the ‘hidden soldiers of the revolution’. 

White Helmets were established in 2013 by James Le Mesurier, a British military intelligence officer who graduated from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. He has reportedly been involved in similar ‘humanitarian groups’ in war zones including Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo and has connections to the US Blackwater operation (now called Academi) which is a corporate arm of the CIA and US Intelligence in general. 

White Helmets have been exposed many times for staging non-existent attacks against civilians that they blame on Syria and Russia. Footage of these ‘attacks’ are provided by them and distributed to the media. They are not even good at it, but people are so gullible, especially ‘journalists’. 

We have had ‘corpses’ open their eyes and footage has emerged of ‘victims’ being moved into place. One video shows a young girl ‘pulled from the rubble’ from behind a lump of stone so you can’t see what is going on and then she emerges without a speck of dust on her while holding an absolutely pristine-clean rag doll. 

When Swedish doctors studied a White Helmets’ video claiming to show them resuscitating children, this was the response from Dr Leif Elinder, a Swedish medical doctor and specialist in paediatrics: ‘After examination of the video material, I found that the measures inflicted upon those children, some of them lifeless, are bizarre, non-medical, non-lifesaving, and even counterproductive in terms of life-saving purposes of children.’ 

YouTube (Google) have no problem with such fakery putting the White Helmets in a good light while videos exposing them have been taken down for ‘violating terms and conditions’, which would appear to include telling the truth. 

White Helmet personnel have been filmed working with the most brutal terrorists, and a video was circulated in the summer of 2017 of a White Helmet helping anti-Assad militants to dispose of beheaded Syrian Army troops. Assad was right when he said: ‘Our impression is that the West, mainly the United States, is hand-in-glove with the terrorists. They fabricated the whole story in order to have a pretext for the attack.’ 

Pictures were released of the ‘heroic’ White Helmets treating children and others caught in the alleged Assad sarin attack, but they were not wearing the right protective clothing and if the pictures were genuine they would all have been dead. Read the safety protocol for dealing with sarin which includes ‘exposure to even small doses of sarin can be lethal [and] damage can occur within one minute of exposure’ and you’ll see that what we are told is happening in the pictures is simply impossible. 

Professor Theodore Postol at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology wrote a preliminary review of the US government claims of ‘Assad is to blame’ and he said this of the White Helmets:

If there were any sarin present at this location when this photograph was taken everybody in the photograph would have received a lethal or debilitating dose of sarin. The fact that these people were dressed so inadequately either suggests a complete ignorance of the basic measures needed to protect an individual from sarin poisoning, or that they knew that the site was not seriously contaminated.

This is par for the course for the White Helmets hoax, and supports claims on Syrian television by terrorist Walid Hendi, who said that while working with the White Helmets he helped to fabricate a chemical weapons attack in the city of Aleppo filmed by a Turkish TV station and blamed on Assad’s army. Hendi said it was financed by Arab Gulf countries. He described how they were filmed by two people, whom he named, while White Helmets brought stretchers to carry supposedly (but not) injured people. 

The United States and the West protect their own lies from public exposure by controlling any investigation into its claims. This happened with the chemical attack and with the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 which was blamed by the West on pro-Russian separatists over Eastern Ukraine in 2014. MH17 was ‘investigated’ by a team based in the Netherlands that was never going to produce findings that didn’t suit the official narrative. 

Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov asked the again Netherlands-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to explain how the White Helmets could not be harmed when dealing with alleged sarin. ‘If it is true that sarin was used in Khan Shaykhun’, he said, ‘how can the OPCW then account for the fact the charlatans from the White Helmets organisation were hustling and bustling inside sarin clouds with no protective gear on?’ 

No matter about such laughable flaws the West-controlled OPCW duly announced that sarin was used in the attack without saying by whom. Their conclusions about the sarin came from samples produced by the West-controlled White Helmets and other terrorist-supporting groups. This was enough for Buffoon Boris, the White Helmets-funding former UK Foreign Secretary, to demand ‘international action’ against Assad. 

This is the demonise-Assad-so-we-can-bomb-him strategy that is so transparent it’s pathetic: 

  1. West blames Assad for sarin attack. 
  2. West produces no evidence. 
  3. Western organisation investigates.
  4. Organisation does not visit site but takes ‘samples’ from West-controlled terrorists and Assad-hating groups. 
  5. ‘Investigators’ say sarin was used without saying by whom.
  6. Western politicians and media say this proves Assad was to blame.
A short film celebrating the White Helmets predictably won an Oscar in 2017 to generate more anti-Assad sentiment. The Oscars are often used to promote the El-lite agenda as they were when Al Gore’s ridiculous global warming propaganda film, An Inconvenient Truth, won an Oscar. 

The Nobel Peace prize is used in the same way and Gore won that, too, along with the mass-bombing, mass-killing Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger and many other war criminals. How fitting that peace prize founder Alfred Nobel made his fortune from inventing dynamite and producing armaments. 

Aljazeera, the propaganda arm of the Qatar fake ‘royals’, reported: ‘The eponymously titled White Helmets, a 40-minute Netflix film, gives a window into the lives of the group’s volunteers as they scramble to pull people from the rubble of buildings flattened in bombing raids.’ This was straight from the song sheet and as such it is absolute crap. 

Civilians rescued from Aleppo after Syria and Russia liberated the city from Western-backed terrorists confirmed the fraudulent nature of White Helmet activities. One of the sickest examples of White Helmet propaganda was a film broadcast by Britain’s Channel Four exploiting the horrific fire at a London tower block in June 2017 in which the White Helmets claimed ‘solidarity’ with those who died and compared themselves with the firefighters who risked life and limb to save as many people as possible. 

How insulting to those firefighters to compare them with the White Helmets and how insulting to the dead and injured to exploit them for blatant propaganda to promote a Western-funded front for terrorism. 

Another major source of anti-Assad and Syria ‘information’ constantly quoted by the mainstream media is the one-man Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which is run by the Assad-hating Rami Abdulrahman (fat T-shirt seller) who lives in the well-known Syrian enclave of Coventry in the English Midlands. 

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The White Helmets are a terrorist affiliate of ISIS and al-Nusra front and not paramedics. A British secret service agent created these pseudo paramedics terrorists with the financial support of Western countries...

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