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Not sure if I'm posting this the correct category?

Would appreciate any help/info on this occurrence as it's freaking me and my husband out.

I parked the car in the driveway at the front of the house around 8.45pm last night, we have sensors lights that would have come on, didn't notice anything strange but this morning there were several marks on the tarmac the photo below being the most noticeable, it's imprinted into the tarmac the most, my husband noticed the marks in front of the car this morning but when I reversed back this one was underneath it, we didn't have any machinery in and these marks weren't there yesterday or last night when I parked, also we have electric gates that were closed after I parked.

My husband told me of a dream when he woke up this morning, a notification on my phone around 5am woke him up from the dream which he wasn't too pleased about as he said he was just about to find out something, he had dreamed about strange orange swirling stars in the sky one of which was approaching him, it was getting bigger, he had just asked what it was and I think he said he started to hear a voice but that's when the notification on my phone woke him up.  The shapes on the tarmac are similar to the shapes of the stars in his dream, we don't know what to think anyone have anything similar happen? 


[Image: QyT3sFCxepC04UEJCG5eL3Q0w0Jv4qL4ZCoCbz_c...87-h775-no]

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