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A Hundred Million Thanks From Me To You
Comment on A Hundred Million Thanks From Me To You. Post away!
A good morning to you, Richie Allen!

I hope that you will spend some time investigating Cannabis and Hemp, as they are offering solutions to real problems. The industrial applications of this plant challenge big oil, big pharma, big banks et. al. and can be a most useful tool in the fight for whatever we are fighting for.

Thank You, Richie Allen
Keep fighting, Brother.
Richie thanks so much for your thanks....I am PROUD to support your show and the valuable alternative information you provide through your analysis and your guests. It is so very professional the quality mate. It really is a pleasure to listen. Thanks for that from me. All the best for the future. As long as you are willing to broadcast, your loyal subscribers will support you.
Hi Richie

Glad you are better now. Really enjoy your show, even the 5% of the time when I don't share your opinion. You have on very interesting guests and cover some topics rarely heard even on the independent media. And I enjoy your monologues too.

One thing I'd like to be able to do is comment on your shows but I don't tweet, no longer use my Facebook account and no longer have a Google account and I'm sure there are other people who are the same. You said you would like to stop using Twitter and I wonder if there is some way you could use this site for people to comment on instead of Twitter.

Anyway if you should happen to see this I appreciate, as I know do many others, all the hard work you put into your shows. YouTube is useless, it persecutes or gets rid of excellent content creators like yourself but allows some really rubbish sites to flourish. I really wish that you would also post on Bitchute as I'd like to be able to watch all the independent media I like on there but unfortunately it's not quite possible yet.
“I sincerely want to thank you and your foundation for your amazing generosity..because of it, my daughter A was blessed to have a wonderful 6th birthday yesterday. I cannot thank you enough..I feel that thank you isn’t really enough to express how grateful and overjoyed you’ve made us. Bless you all!!”


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