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Just a few comments on flat Earth
A friend of mine who is a pilot said to me once, do you know why jets don't fly as the crow flies, to a destination.? My reply was no, he then said they follow the earths curve, as it is quicker than going directly over the top. In my country Australia, we have miles of dead flat land, in fact we have the longest section of railway track without a bend (797 kilometers). The observation I have seen which gives me a pretty big hint that the world is curved, is looking ahead whilst driving for hours on a highway, at the giant electricity towers along side the road, and watching them disappear over the horizon, also doing the same in the rear view mirror. My understanding is that, on the ocean you can only see about 20 kilometers to the horizon, after that the earth curves, or I guess you go over the edge of the earth I suppose (the pillars of Hercules).
Not to mention the Luna eclipses where we can see the earths circular shadow pass over the moon, a fact that was not lost on the ancient Greeks, who believe the earth was round. We that live down under, have night when you guys in the north have daylight, in the far north sometimes 24 hours of it. Then there's the equator and the equinox (equal day and night). The flat earth idea was a creation of the Catholic church (not a Christian church by the way) during the Dark ages. They said heaven was above and hell below,which is not a Christian teaching that's another story in it's self. Today the flat earth story is coming from Islam and the truther industrial complex as Richie says.
If we Aussies fall off the other side of the earth and disappear into space, who will the Barmy army sing about at the cricket, if there's no convict colony, and no gravity it seems. Just an observation, I personally don't believe every thing I see on You Tube, by the way.

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