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Wikileaks and Declas documents
Debunking all the Assange smears ...
I’ve found a strange story that appears to originate from the notoriously Fake – YourNewsWire.
It’s an August 2016 story based on a Wikileaks cable:

Here´s a Reddit thread on this story:

The interesting thing is that it is based on a “real” Wikileaks cable that is completely fake!
Just look at the following excerpts. No goverment official would write something like this in an official cable.

Quote:The widely held belief is that the goal is to help Karim Wade and his associates gain control of the shares as a massive money-laundering scheme.
2. (S) On May 2, Sogue Diarisso (strictly protect), a senior official at the Ministry of Finance and a close confidante to Finance Minister Abdoulaye Diop, presented Econ Counselor with the outline of a secret and corrupt plan for the sale of the GOS's approximately 28 percent stake in Sonatel, Senegal's largest telecommunications company (now majority owned by France Telecom/Orange). Much of what Diarisso reported was confirmed in EconCouns's subsequent meeting with IMF Resident Representative Alex Segura (also strictly protect).
5. (S) According to Diarisso, with the DGMP's waiver, the government can now conclude an exclusive deal with the investment bank Rothschild (which was also noted in the press articles) to act as the advisor and sole agent for the sale, including "deciding" who gets the opportunity to buy the shares. The widely held belief in Dakar is that the main beneficiary will be President Wade's son (and Special Economic Advisor) Karim who, along with his cronies (close business partners in Kuwait) and whatever shell companies they may have now or will establish, would be granted an insider opportunity to buy the shares.
As Diarisso noted, "the country can accept Karim's frequent efforts to launder CFA one billion or 5 billion (USD 2-10 million), but this is beyond acceptable."
7. (SBU) Adding to the fiscal irresponsibility of this scheme, the arrangement with Rothschild's reportedly includes paying the bank a 1.5 percent commission on the value of the shares, for a cool and corrupt USD 15 million.
(archived here:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
Wikileaks examples, revelations and influence

Vault 7

Thousands of WikiLeaks documents labelled ‘Vault 7’ have exposed CIA hacking tools to access information on people through Internet-connected devices including the Apple iPhone, Google’s Android, and Samsung TVs. Amazon’s electronic book pad, Kindle, is mentioned in relation to ‘code templates’ and Amazon’s Alexa AI ‘personal assistant’ will listen to your conversations and ‘take notes’. 

We are also told that ‘Alexa AI can now whisper sweet nothings and express emotions like a human’ and ‘add emphasis to words and even be programmed to say regional-specific phrases’. This is all about the mental and emotional fusion between humans and AI on the road to complete assimilation. 

LG Electronics Inc, a South Korean multinational, is Amazon’s partner in the Alexa project. David VanderWaal, LG’s vice-president of marketing, announced plans to add ‘advanced Wi-Fi connectivity’ (5G) to all of its home appliances and eventually have ‘tens of millions of smart connected devices’ in homes. The CIA has been exposed for hacking into Wi-Fi routers on a massive scale and can access everything on your computer or any other Wi-Fi-connected device. 

Surveillance is only part of the plan behind the Internet of Things. Former CIA Director Petraeus obviously did not mention that the most important target has all along been the human mind and going beyond the Internet of Things to what is being called the Internet of Everything with humans included.

Electronic communication means that nothing you do is private any longer as revelations by WikiLeaks and former insiders like Edward Snowden have shown, and even then this is only part of the picture.

Archimedes system

Documents made public through WikiLeaks reveal how the CIA uses a system it calls ‘Archimedes’ to redirect traffic from computers to an ‘exploitation server’ controlled by the CIA. Deeply untrustworthy former FBI Chief James Comey told a cybersecurity conference there is no such thing as privacy in America and people should accept that their conversations and communications may not remain private. 

‘There is no place outside of judicial reach’, he said. 

The term ‘judicial’ is thoroughly disingenuous in an attempt to indicate some judicial oversight when in fact these agencies do what they like. The Director of US National Intelligence reported that in 2016 alone 151 million phone records were traced and that is only what they are admitting to.

Comey’s speech was an example of an ongoing campaign to normalise Big Brother as just part of life and the way things are and have to be. Children are being conditioned to accept all this as normal by the cameras, fingerprint and iris scanning technology used in schools which increasingly resemble the prisons that they are.

Democrats and Democons

The Democratic Party has a group, the Democons (Neocon equivalent) and this has included the Rothschild’s George Soros, the Clintons and former Jimmy Carter National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Democons controlled Barack Obama in his eight years as president and the party apparatus ensure, as WikiLeaks documents show, that Hillary Clinton won the nomination to run for president in 2016 and not the more popular Bernie Sanders. 

Major elite assets move between the two parties as presidential ‘advisors’ as can be seen with ‘Republican’ Secretary of State and ultra-Zionist Henry Kissinger who has been an advisor to George Bush (Republican), Barack Obama (Democrat) and Donald Trump (Republican). 

Now here is what people crucially need to know: Take one step further back into the shadows and both Neocons and Democons are controlled by the same hidden force via Sabbatean Frankists and other elite assets in both groups. 

No matter who is in the White House or what party they claim to represent that same force is always in power.

Obama Appointments 

WikiLeaks released an email sent in 2008 by Zionist banker Michael Froman, an executive at Citigroup, to John Podesta, co-chair of the transition team for President-elect Barack Obama. Froman suggested names to be appointed to Obama’s government and almost all of them duly were. 

The three names he listed for Treasury Secretary were Robert Rubin (Zionist), Larry Summers (Zionist), and Timothy Geithner (Zionist-owned). All three had served in the Bill Clinton administration. Obama appointed Geithner as Treasury Secretary and made Summers Director of the National Economic Council, a job now held by Zionist Gary Cohn. 

Zionist control of the American economy under successive administrations and parties is shocking and utterly undeniable purely by listing all these names and positions. Now it continues under Trump.

The Ukraine

WikiLeaks documents reveal that Poroshenko was a US asset in Ukraine long before he came to power and he was handed the presidency by Victoria Nuland, the Zionist US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs who is married to Robert Kagan ... co-founder of PNAC - The Project for the New American Century. Nuland was exposed in a leaked phone recording telling the US Ambassador to Ukraine who she wanted in the government and was also exposed by Macedonian Intelligence for political manipulation there. 

Ukraine’s second fake ‘revolution’ was triggered by protests in Maidan Nezalezhnosti / Independence Square in Kiev in November 2013, after the government of President Viktor Yanukovych chose to reject the signing of an association agreement with the European Union, and instead looked towards Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union. Protesters became known as the Maidan Movement. 

Anywhere that Soros goes the US State Department and Israel goes with him. Everything was now in place with ‘The Responsibility to Protect’ the elite and their pathetic media to dub US/UK attacks and coups in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria, as the ‘Arab Spring’ and demand regime-change in the very countries named in September 2000 by the Zionist Project for the New American Century, PNAC.

Syria, Libya and Iraq

What happened in Syria was a repeat of the technique used in Libya when West-supported terrorists promoted as ‘moderate rebels’ were used to remove Gaddafi. 

Bush (Republican) and Blair (Labour Party) fronted up the lies to sell the invasion of Iraq, but by the time America, Britain, France and NATO were bombing the innocent in Libya to save them from violence in 2011 the political leaders in the US and UK were from the ‘other sides’ with ‘Democrats’ Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton teaming up with David Cameron, the Conservative Party Prime Minister. ‘Outsider’ Trump then comes in and kicks off about Iran and North Korea which are two others on the original PNAC hit-list. 

‘Different’ leaders and ‘different’ parties, but the same PNAC list of countries continued to be targeted. This is how it works in the one-party state with the Hidden Hand directing policy whoever is officially in power. By the time Gaddafi was gone in Libya the same technique was underway in Syria and many of the ‘Libyan rebels’ (terrorists and mercenaries) then headed to Syria to do the same to Assad, thanks to weapons and funding from the US, UK and their satellite states in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Weapons used against Gaddafi were also transferred from Libya to ‘rebels’ in Syria. 

An email released by WikiLeaks sent by Clinton’s State Department in 2012 said:

Washington should start by expressing its willingness to work with regional allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to organize, train and arm Syrian rebel forces. The announcement of such a decision would, by itself, likely cause substantial defections from the Syrian military. Then, using territory in Turkey and possibly Jordan, US diplomats and Pentagon officials can start strengthening the opposition ... Arming the Syrian rebels and using Western air power to ground Syrian helicopters and airplanes is a low-cost high payoff approach.
I know I’m terrible I don’t believe in the mainstream media, and think that the alternative media are possibly even worse!
I also doubt the adverse health effects of 5G...

In general, the information I found from the German Der Spiegel on spying technology is much better than what comes from Wikileaks.

Der Spiegel obtained documents on NSA’s division Advanced Network Technology (ANT) from 2008 (since then great progress has been made). Here are some of the programs.
IRONCHEF is installed on Proliant servers by Hewlett-Packard.
ANGRYNEIGHBOR can track objects in rooms, listen in, and see what's displayed on monitors.
SURLYSPAWN logs keystrokes even when offline; using radio frequency.
TAWDRYYARD intercepts the traffic from a computer video card's VGA output to a monitor.
Candygram can mimic a GSM cell tower network to catch phone data.
NIGHTSTAND can attack Windows computers by an 802.11 wireless exploit.
IRATEMONK is implanted on target PCs, and can send data when a computer is turned on.
HOWLERMONKEY hides within computer hardware, like an Ethernet port to slurp bytes coming through the physical connection, and send the information to base via a radio link:

Steve Wrote:Thousands of WikiLeaks documents labelled ‘Vault 7’ have exposed CIA hacking tools to access information on people through Internet-connected devices including the Apple iPhone, Google’s Android, and Samsung TVs.
The only interesting information that I found in the whole Vault 7 dump is - Weeping Angel.
It’s designed to hack into Samsung F8000-Series “smart” televisions. Even when the telescreen is switched off, they can use the TV's microphone and webcam to spy:

Another problem with the Wikileaks information about spying is that there’s nothing “new”.

The NSA's broad data collection programs were originally authorized by President Bush Jr. on October 4, 2001. In March 2004 a Justice Department review declared the bulk Internet metadata program was illegal. President Bush signed an order re-authorising it anyway. By 2007, all aspects of the program were re-authorised by court orders from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). By definition, the FISC decides what it is legal for the NSA.
The NSA records metadata about almost all calls made in the USA, including telephone numbers and call duration. This was revealed through a leaked secret court order, which instructed Verizon to turn over all such information on a daily basis.

Phone company records reveal where you are at the time a call is made.
The NSA intercepts and stores billions of communication records per day. Including emails, social media posts, visited web sites, addresses typed into Google Maps and files sent.
The NSA records the audio contents of “some” phone calls. I haven’t seen any real restriction on this.
Watching a specific person is called “targeting”; Targeted Individuals are even watched more closely.
Facebook revealed that in the last six months of 2012, they handed over the private data of between 18,000 and 19,000 users to law enforcement of all types - including local and federal police.

According to a leaked report the NSA intercepted content from 37,664 telephone numbers and email addresses from October 2001 to January 2007. Of these, 8% were domestic (2612 US phone numbers and 406 US email addresses).
The NSA has been prohibited from recording domestic communication since the passage of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). But because the NSA can’t be expected to distinguish between foreign and domestic communication, that’s an empty restriction. Analysts need only “51% confidence” that someone is a non-US person before tapping (this means they can tap if they don’t know).

There are no restrictions whatsoever on spying abroad. Likewise the British GCHQ can tap US citizens, and then share it with the NSA:

Another problem with Wikileaks is that as far as I can tell, it still hasn’t exposed that Big Brother knows all about us, because idiots walk around with their surveillance equipment (mobile phones) all day long...

The PRISM leaks show that the NSA has pre-encryption stage access to Microsoft’s email products, which makes encryption useless, if you want to keep things secret from the government.

Cell towers track where your phone is at any moment; so the government can track your location.
Starting in 2014, all new cars will include “black boxes” that can track your location. A 2003 lawsuit showed that the FBI can turn on the built-in microphones in cars by General Motors’ OnStar.

Not so long ago there was some controversy in the Netherlands that a new law showed that the government can spy on us using “smart” home appliances. This type of technology is also used in the rest of the world.

Google – or the NSA – can remotely turn on your phone’s camera and recorder at any time.
In 2013 there was some controversy when it became known that Facebook can use the video and microphone at any time of an Android with the Facebook app installed.
Facebook confirmed that they can use the app to spy on the gullible people, but won’t do that:

More information on spying technology in the following thread (I don’t “believe” in Linux either):
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
Wikileaks revelations regarding GMO 

Monsanto and Big Biotech control of government agencies has allowed the introduction of genetically-modified crops and food without the need to prove their safety (they can’t because they’re cumulatively lethal). Big Biotech has had it a bit tougher in Europe with GMO because of public protests, but they are working to open the door there, too, or rather the floodgates. 

European Union bureaucrats are definitely in the Monsanto camp and they will be waiting for their opportunity to drop the current limits on GMO activity. 

The former British Environment Secretary Owen Paterson campaigns for GMO crops to be grown in the UK using provable lies and misrepresentation. 

The European Food Safety (Control) Authority has already produced ‘guidance’ on assessing the environmental risks of GMO which is paving the way for Monsanto to move in on Europe with its Frankenstein food. 

WikiLeaks released American diplomatic cables revealing how the US Government, a Monsanto subsidiary, was seeking ways to retaliate against Europe for refusing to use GMO seeds. This included launching trade wars against countries that would not comply with Monsanto’s demands. Cables from 2007 reveal that Craig Stapleton, the US ambassador to France and a business partner of then US President George Bush, wrote under his cover-name ‘Country team Paris’ to outline plans to pressure Europe to accept Monsanto GMO. 

Other US State Department cables expose US diplomats as working directly for Monsanto and Big Biotech. One said: ‘In response to recent urgent requests by [Spanish rural affairs ministry] state secretary Josep Puxeu and Monsanto, post requests renewed US government support of Spain’s science-based agricultural biotechnology position through high-level US government intervention.’ 

The cables show how the US and Spain have worked together to block the strengthening of biotech laws within the EU. A cable from the US Embassy in Madrid said: ‘If Spain falls, the rest of Europe will follow.’ Other cables revealed how American diplomats requested funding to send lobbyists for the biotech industry to meet politicians and agricultural officials in ‘target countries’. These included countries in Africa, Latin America and Europe. 

In a cable sent from the US Slovakian consulate in 2005, the State Department is told that the local post ‘will continue its efforts to dispel myths about GMOs and advocate on behalf of Monsanto’. But even this scale of bias and corruption is not enough for Monsanto, which has been called the most evil corporation in the world.

Monsanto sought to make additions to the 2012 Farm Bill and the 2013 Agriculture Appropriations Bill to prevent the government from stopping GMO or enforcing checks on its safety. Mike Adams, who does a great job exposing the food and health conspiracy at, said: ‘America’s agricultural future could literally end up being controlled entirely by the biotech industry, which will have full immunity from the law.’

Clearly Monsanto, Big Biotech, Big Government and Big Media have no interest in telling the public the truth about GMO and the consequences for every man, woman, child, animal, insect and plant on the planet when they know that the truth is horrific. The 2011 Global Citizens’ report, The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes, revealed the following:

Contrary to the claim of feeding the world, genetic engineering has not increased the yield of a single crop. 

Herbicide tolerant (Roundup Ready) crops were supposed to control weeds while crops with the biological herbicide Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt) were intended to control pests ... but GMO crops have led to the emergence of superweeds and super pests ... herbicide resistant crops such as Roundup Ready cotton can create the risk of herbicide resistant ‘superweeds’ by transferring the herbicide resistance to the weeds.

Despite claims that genetically modified organisms will lower the levels of chemicals (pesticides and herbicides) used, quite the opposite has occurred, with 1.6 billion pounds of glyphosate (the active in ingredient in Roundup) being applied to American soil in 2007 alone. This is of great concern both because of the negative impacts of these chemicals on ecosystems and humans, and because there is the danger that increased chemical use will cause pests and weeds to develop resistance, requiring even more chemicals in order to manage them.

Monsanto has been claiming that through genetic engineering it can breed crops for drought tolerance and other climate-resilient traits. This is a false promise. 

Among the false claims made by Monsanto and the Biotechnology industry is that GMO foods are safe. However, there are enough independent studies to show that GMO foods can cause severe health damage.
The Truth About Assange -
Should Assange and Snowden Pardon the US Government?

President Trump is saying that he might issue a pardon to Edward Snowden. For some reason, he hasn’t said the same thing about Julian Assange.

But a pardon suggests that the person being pardoned has done something wrong. Neither Snowden and Assange has done anything wrong — at least not in a moral sense. It is the US government — and specifically the national-security state branch of the federal government — that has engaged in terrible wrongdoing — wrongdoing that Snowden and Assange revealed to the American people and the people of the world.

Therefore, the real question is: Should Snowden and Assange pardon the US for having destroyed a large part of their lives and liberty?

Oh, sure, the two of them technically violated the federal government’s national-security laws, rules, and regulations against revealing the dark-side, sordid policies and practices of the national-security establishment. Big deal. Those laws, rules, and regulations are illegitimate, at least in a moral sense. Why should the dark-side, sordid policies and practices of a government be immune from disclosure?

The American people have now become so accustomed to living under a national-security state form of governmental structure that many of them tend toward deferring to the laws, rules, and regulations that come with a national-security state. Thus, when the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA refer to Snowden and Assange as “enemies of the state” or “traitors,” the tendency of many Americans is to blindly accept their assessment.

Of course, it works that way under every national-security state. Look at China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, They too are all national-security states. Like the US national-security state, they all engage in dark-side, sordid policies and practices. And like the US national-security state, they go after anyone who discloses such policies and practices with a vengeance. And most of their citizens blindly and loyally go along with it all.

The real question, however, is not whether Snowden and Assange should pardon the US government. In fact, the real question isn’t even whether it should be a crime for people to disclose the dark-side, sordid policies and practices of a national-security state.

The real question — one that unfortunately will not be discussed in the presidential race — is whether it’s time to end America’s 75-year experiment as a national-security state.

A national-security state is a totalitarian form of governmental structure, one that empowers a government to engage, either secretly or openly, in dark-side, sordid policies and practices, such as torture, assassination, coups, murder, regime-change operations, invasions, bribery, kidnappings, indefinite detention, denial of due process, denial of trial by jury, and denial of speedy trial.

Keep in mind that the United States was founded as a limited-government republic, not a national-security state. In fact, if the Constitution had proposed a national-security state, there is no possibility that the American people would have approved the Constitution. That would have meant that the nation would have continued operating under the Articles of Confederation, a third type of governmental system under which the federal government’s powers were so weak and limited that it didn’t even have the power to tax people.

It wasn’t until the end of World War II that the federal government was converted into a national-security state. The rationale was that in order to prevent the communists, especially those that governed the Soviet Union (which, ironically, had been America’s wartime ally and Nazi Germany’s enemy) from from taking over the United States, it would be necessary to become a national-security state, just like the communist regimes were. A limited-government republic, it was said, would be insufficient to defeat a foreign regime that wielded omnipotent dark-side, sordid powers.

I challenge that notion. The best way to have opposed communism would have been to remain a free society and a limited-government republic, not by adopting the governmental structure and dark-side, sordid policies and practices of the communists.

Nonetheless, one thing is crystal clear: The Cold War ended in 1989 and so did the justification for converting the federal government into a national-security state in the first place.

By disclosing the dark-side, sordid policies and practices of the US national-security state, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have performed an invaluable service to the American people. They have helped remind us that this is not what America is supposed to be all about.

Assange and Snowden deserve the praise and thanks of every American. The best way we can honor them is by dismantling America’s Cold War legacy of a national-security state and restoring America’s founding system of a limited-government republic.

Reprinted with permission from Future of Freedom Foundation.
Index of /file/
Julian Assange cannot be extradited to US, British judge rules

Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the US to face charges of espionage and of hacking government computers, a British judge has decided.
Lawyer for US authorities are to appeal against the ruling, which was delivered at the central criminal court by the district judge, Vanessa Baraitser.
Delivering her ruling the judge said said the WikiLeaks founder was likely to be held in conditions of isolation in a so-called supermax prison in the US and procedures described by US authorities would not prevent him from potentially finding a way to take his own life.
“I find that the mental condition of Mr Assange is such that it would be oppressive to extradite him to the United States of America,” she said. 
Assange has been taken back to Belmarsh prison ahead of an application on Wednesday for his release on bail, which will refer to conditions at the high-security prison in south London against the backdrop of the worsening Covid-19 pandemic. 
The judge’s decision, focusing on Assange’s health, came after she knocked down one argument after another made last year by Assange’s lawyers. Sending him to the US would not breach a bar on extradition for “political offences” she said, and she had no reason to doubt that “the usual constitutional and procedural protections” would be applied to a trial he might face in the US.
But she accepted the evidence of prominent medical experts, including details of how Assange had suffered from depression while in prison in London. “The overall impression is of a depressed and sometimes despairing man who is genuinely depressed about his future,” said Baraitser.
The case against the 49-year-old relates to WikiLeaks’s publication of hundreds of thousands of leaked documents about the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, as well as diplomatic cables, in 2010 and 2011.
Prosecutors say Assange helped the US defence analyst Chelsea Manning breach the US Espionage Act, was complicit in hacking by others and published classified information that endangered informants.

Read more: Julian Assange cannot be extradited to US, British judge rules
FISA Abuse Investigation -






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