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Jimmy Savile & Eve Saville,
targeted psychosexual abuse

  • Did the Tavistock Clinic and its partners conduct clinical experiments on patients into the effects of psychosexual abuse?
  • Was Jimmy Savile as a boy targeted with psychosexual abuse/torture to control and shape his personality? So that JS could fill a specific role for the elite in adulthood? 
  • [b]Was a member of JS's family complicit in consenting for JS to be used?[/b]
  • Was JS's life of predations one decades-long science project, designed, set up and monitored by psychologists linked to the Tavistock or its partners?

Britain's front organisations and secret societies are often permeated with Friends of Israel - that is, radical Zionists pursuing the political aim of a Greater Israel.

Also represented disproportionately among the rosters of patrons, trustees and directors of top institutions are people with links to domestic and foreign Intelligence (especially MI5 and Mossad), and Britain's parliamentary, civil service, Third Sector, medical, social care, teaching, policing, law, journalism and media Establishments.

What else connects Britain's spooky organisations, such as the examples below?

  1. The Tavistock Centre, including its Gender Identity Development Service
  2. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
  3. The British False Memory Society
  4. The London School of Economics (including its Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science) 
  5. The Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science (e.g. its interests in forensic psychology, developmental psychology and applied psychology)
  6. Freud Communications (Public Relations)
  7. Clarence Mitchell Communications Ltd (Public Relations)
  8. Mind, the mental health charity
  9. Common Purpose (its emphasis on Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP)
  10. News Corp UK and Ireland; Daily Mail and General Trust

The answer is that all possess an acute interest in, and understanding of, human PSYCHOLOGY, or how the human mind works: how our perceptions, thoughts and behaviours are acquired and develop, and how they can be manipulated.
By applying this powerful knowledge in practical ways, organisations like those above strive to influence or alter people’s perceptions, thoughts and behaviours.

The target could be an individual, a particular group of people, or an entire society. Most front organisations and secret societies (link) have interests in one or more of the following strands of psychological inquiry:

  1. The stages of human cognitive, emotional and personality development, and the influences thereon;
  2. How sexual and gender identity, sexual orientation and sexuality are formed, and the influences thereon;
  3. Sexual, emotional and physical abuse and its impact on the psyche;
  4. How mental health disorders, including Dissociative Disorders and deviant sexual personalities develop, or can be developed;
  5. Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and Applied Behaviour Analysis as tools for shaping or altering thoughts, personality and behaviour;
  6. Principles of social conditioning; 
  7. Opinion formation and Public Relations theory, including strategies and techniques of persuasion, and how consent can be manufactured
  8. The role for psychological disciplines in contributing to mass cultural and political transformation

Front organisations and secret societies typically peddle harmful social doctrines, destructive symbolism and disinformation, in the pursuit of certain socio-political ends.

Some specialise in developing Dissociative Identity Disorder in targets using techniques such as trauma-based mind control.
In the first instance, the disorientation and fracturing of the individual is a goal. Demoralised, confused and fearful individuals may stop acting logically, reasonably, or even in some cases, morally. Many cannot resist the programming which then follows.

Individuals at the receiving end of the most intense efforts to fracture and splinter the Mind typically can become psychotic, schizophrenic, suicidal, or otherwise dangerously unbalanced, depending on the type, severity and duration of the programming applied.

Guises and roles into which mind-controlled subjects are pushed may include: sex slave; sexual deviant , exhibitionist, or hyper-promiscuous sex addict; patsy (in the style of a maniacal terrorist or other cold-blooded murderer); ideological extremist/propagandist; impulsive, volatile and capricious person; manic depressive; or some combination of these.

Researcher Jason Horsley suggests that Jimmy Savile had a specific role at Broadmoor psychiatric hospital and possibly at other NHS facilities, too, such as Stoke Mandeville hospital.

He strongly suspects that Savile was part of sexual and social research and experimentation being conducted on patients, probably orchestrated by the Tavistock or one of its affiliates.
Horsley notes the findings of the independent Lampard Review into Savile’s activities within more than 40 NHS hospitals.

The Review found: 

“Savile’s status and influence ... was enhanced by the endorsement and encouragement he received from politicians, senior civil servants and NHS managers. His access within NHS hospitals gave Savile the opportunity to commit sexual abuses on a grand scale for nearly 50 years."

Liz Dux, a lawyer representing 44 of Savile’s victims, responded to the report:

"It beggars belief that a report which has revealed Savile was widely known as a sex pest at Stoke Mandeville can find no evidence of management responsibility." 

"Ten victims had reported their assaults to nursing staff on the ward, including one complaint being made to management, yet still his deviant and sickening behaviour continued."

The revelation in the report that three other doctors had committed serious sexual offences at the hospital in the past four decades suggested “something seriously amiss."

Cyril Burt was a member of the London School of Differential Psychology and the British Eugenics Society. Amy Strachey was the wife of John Strachey (junior), a journalist whose father, John Strachey (senior), was a Labour politician with possible links to British intelligence

Jimmy Savile was born in 1926. That same year, Cyril Burt and John Strachey junior appealed to the Commonwealth Fund for (i) funding to start training psychiatric social workers at the London School of Economics; and (ii) and support for child guidance.

Funds were duly granted, so that in 1929 the London School of Economics was able to establish Britain’s first course for training PSWs.

The Association of Psychiatry Social Work was established that same year.

Also in 1929, just three years after the birth of Jimmy Savile, the Jewish Health Organisation established the London Child Guidance Clinic.

It was Britain’s first children’s psychiatric facility, and it also provided training to educational psychologists, social workers and social workers.

The London Child Guidance Clinic later became the Tavistock Clinic.

Eve Savile

The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Delinquency (ISTD) was established in 1933 as the clinical arm of the Portman Clinic.

The Portman Clinic has long had close ties to the Tavistock Clinic and in 1994 joined with it to become the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

The General Secretary of the ITSD was a woman called Eve Saville, MBE.

"Whether she was related to Jimmy, OBE, I do not know," writes Horsley. "The names Savile and Saville seem to be more or less interchangeable, and one easy way for Sir Jimmy (who called his mum 'the Duchess') to cover any possible aristocratic ancestral tracks might have been to remove one of the l's".

Horsley adds:

" found a most unexpected affiliation between Eve Saville and Victor Neuburg, Crowley’s ill-fated homosexual partner and disciple … 

Neuberg was one of the founding members of the ISTD."

More coincidences?

  • The TAVISTOCK CLINIC'S founding father was CLEMENT FREUD'S GRANDFATHER, Sigmund Freud. CLEMENT FREUD (who is related to self-confessed former Mossad spy Uri Geller) was a prolific paedophile.
  • Nick Ross' father, Hans, had a sister named Dina. Dina become a child psychotherapist at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC (Nick Ross is linked to alleged Savile accomplice and Mossad asset Esther Rantzen. The familial and social circle around Nick Ross also includes his wife Sarah Caplin, Dr Alan Farthing and Sir Cliff Richard, all of whom are alleged collaborators).
  • ROLF HARRIS approached the TAVISTOCK CLINIC and the NSPCC in the 1980s with his idea about making a film on child sexual abuse. Esther Rantzen's Childwatch donated £15,000 for the film, [b]'Kids Can Say No', which was filmed on Hampstead Heath. An NSPCC committee reviewed and approved the film. After 'Kids Can Say No' the TAVISTOCK CLINIC also helped produce a ROLF HARRIS sequel to it.[/b]
  • Esther Rantzen went on to develop Childwatch into the Childline charity. In 2006 Dr Carole Easton, who was Childline's chief executive at the time, persuaded the NSPCC to absorb Childline into the larger charity. Dr Easton trained as a child and adolescent psychotherapist at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC.
  • The late MP LEO ABSE has been investigated by police in connection with child sexual abuse allegations. His surviving niece, SUSANNA ABSE previously worked for the TAVISTOCK CLINIC as the CEO of Tavistock Relationships.
  • The TAVISTOCK CLINIC was originally established in TAVISTOCK SQUARE, the location of the slaughter of 13 bus passengers on 7/7 2005. Margaret Hodge, at the heart of the Islington Child Abuse Scandal, has said that her SISTER was working in TAVISTOCK SQUARE at the time of the explosion.
  • CLIFF RICHARD abused children at the Elm Guest House and elsewhere, it has been reported. Sir Cliff once owned a company called Blacknight Limited, an unusual moniker with distinctly occult connotations. Blacknight was registered to an address in TAVISTOCK SQUARE.
  • In another extraordinary coincidence, CLIFF RICHARD's lawyer, Gideon Benaim, has his office in TAVISTOCK SQUARE. Benaim previously represented the notorious convicted paedophile, Roman Polanski.
  • EXARO NEWS, the investigative news website that specialised in reporting on establishment paedophilia, was liquidated by the accountants Menzies LLP (insolvency practitioners Freddy Khalastchi and Jonathan David Bass). Menzies LLP is located in TAVISTOCK SQUARE.
  • TAVISTOCK SQUARE was so-named because the estate on which it sits was owned by the Dukes of Bedford from TAVISTOCK, DEVON. In another coincidence, [b]Exaro News' former owner, DR JEROME BOOTH, grew up in TAVISTOCK, DEVON.[/b]
  • [b]In an astonishing coincidence, another famous resident of Tavistock Devon is the late Michael Jackson's bodyguard, Matt Fiddes. Michael Jackson's circle of friends included the late serial child rapist GREVILLE JANNER, as well as the self-confessed former Mossad spy, Uri Geller, who is related to the late paedophile MP, Clement Freud.[/b]
  • [b]Another famous resident of Tavistock Devon is the Marchioness of Tavistock, Henrietta Russell, who once co-authored a book with spooky Daily Mail journalist and friend of Louis Theroux's mother, ANGELA LEVIN. Intriguingly, Angela Levin once also wrote a "fawning" biography on serial paedophile MAX CLIFFORD and  books about Camilla Parker-Bowles and the family of Princess Diana. Moreover, Levin was warned about Jimmy Savile attacking young disabled children, but said nothing.[/b]
  • [b]Adjoining Tavistock Square is TAVISTOCK PLACE, site of the National Institute of Social Work. The Institute's former Director of Education was the notorious convicted paedophile PETER RIGHTON of the PAEDOPHILE INFORMATION EXCHANGE, who in 1979 sat on a steering committee with Janet Mattinson of the TAVISTOCK CENTRE. [b][b]Righton was a friend of PIE treasurer Charles Napier; the pair have been linked to the national abuse network.[/b][/b][/b]
  • PRINCE CHARLES and Princess Diana both received psychiatric services from TAVISTOCK CLINIC trained psychiatrist Dr Alan McGashan. Laurens Van der Post has been identified as the paedophile who introduced Prince Charles to Dr McGashan. Quite incredibly, the prince was treated for 14 years by the Tavistock-trained doctor, according to one historian.
  • Cicely Meehan, one of the two sisters who helped raise alleged Dolphin Square child trafficker and child rapist DEREK LAUD, was a CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST. Was Cicely Meehan trained by, working for, or in any way connected to the TAVISTOCK CLINIC? Did Cicely Meehan use trauma-based mind control, and/or other methods, to create in Derek Laud a disturbed personality (Dissociative Identity Disorder?) as part of a Tavistock clinical experiment, sponsored by British and Israeli Intelligence, with links to the alleged Savile-Currie-Freuds-Hodges-Vaz-Rantzen-royalty network of VIP child traffickers and paedophiles?
  • Dr Valerie Sinason, founder of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, was Consultant Child Psychotherapist at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC from 1987 to 1999; Consultant Psychotherapist at both the Anna Freud and Portman Clinics from 1994 to 1997; and from 1994 to 2006 a Consultant Research Psychotherapist/Psychoanalyst at St George's Hospital Medical School. Strangely enough, Dr Sinason sits on the Advisory Council of Norwood, the prominent British-Jewish charity to which Jimmy Savile donated his time and talents. Decades treating survivors of child abuse at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC and affiliated institutions has left Dr Sinason in no doubt that children across the UK were sexually abused by a network of VIP paedophiles - the Zionist fixer Jimmy Savile prominent among them - with ritual abuse a not uncommon feature of many of the episodesDr Sinason does not appear to realise, however, that a faction within her own former institution, the Tavistock Clinic, is itself heavily involved in the design and practice of projects to effect psycho-sexual trauma. (And what does Dr Sinason make of the late Jimmy Savile's association with her own 'Norwood' Jewish charity?)

And even MORE coincidences?

Peter Parker was a member of the Medical Research Council and the chairman of the London School of Economics (there's that university again) from 1988 to 1998

"As chairman of British Rail, it was Parker who brought in Jimmy Savile as the face of British Rail in the ad campaign.

Parker’s wife Lady Gillian Parker was a founder member of the British False Memory Syndrome Association."

One anonymous commenter on a blog wrote:

"There had been some years of group psychiatric research conducted by Tavistock Institute on all the care home resident communities in UK of Leonard Cheshire Homes. This research had been commissioned by Dept of Health. But details of its legality and purpose are still refused disclosure by Attorney General (Dominic Grieve)."

On a different blog, another person said:

"Let’s not forget that the 'talking treatments' at the Tavistock mean that those who end up there and others place tell a lot of 'secrets' which can be usefully 'shared'"

Psychosexual torture on children at Dolphin Square was Tavistock sanctioned experimentation?

The strange career of Sir Rodney Brooke.

  1. Sir Rodney is a Member of the Council of the Tavistock Institute
  2. He is Chairman of the Dolphin Square Trust
  3. He is a Trustee of the Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation
  4. He was the first permanent Chairman of the General Social Care Council
  5. He was the Chief Executive of Westminster City Council and the Association of Metropolitan Authorities. (Westminster City Council was reportedly the ultimate landlord of Dolphin Square during the period when vulnerable boys from the Bryn Alyn Community, Kincora’ boys home, and other institutions were being trafficked there to be abused by certain of Shirley Porter’s Conservative councillors, as well as by certain parliamentarians.)
  6. He was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant in 1989. 

  • Did Tavistock-designed experiments in psychosexual trauma and mind-fracturing initiated at the birth of Jimmy Savile continue throughout the DJ's sordid life?

  • Did the children and adults who suffered at the hands of JS and other paedophiles suffer because of Tavistock or its affiliates?

  • In the 1920s, as psychology and psychiatry became disciplines with their own treatment, research and teaching facilities such as the Tavistock Clinic and its affiliates, did some Zionist practitioners apply their expertise to a Zionist political agenda?
  • Have projects targeting child and adults for sexual trauma been carried out over decades because the Powers that Be have permanent requirements for - Paedophiles and demoralised victims of rape? - Aggressors and victims with personality disorders? - Mind-controlled (personality splintered) patsies to be used for dramatic, violent interventions into public life designed to generate huge socio-political impact, such as staged terror events? - Mind-controlled (personality splintered) public figures to influence the society and culture in ways tending to disorientate and demoralise the population?

All roads lead to Friends of Israel and 'ground zero' of the UK's most eminent psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists: the Tavistock Centre
Talk about your grooming gangs...The glove that covers the hand. Thanks for this presentation, it is hard to look at, but when we do, it is sadly, easy to see.
Here's a "holiday treat" few will be sad to have missed...

LOUIS THEROUX  at the TAVISTOCK - lecturing on "his view of human relationships".

Louis Theroux has made a career out of crossing professional journalistic boundaries, to engage in friendships and physical intimacies with his notorious interview subjects: paedophiles, and friends of paedophiles, such as Jimmy Savile, Uri Geller, Max Clifford, and Neil & Christine Hamilton.

The truth, should it ever emerge, about:
  • Louis Theroux's true relationship with Tavistock...
  • the real purpose of his horrid "documentaries" (ha) with serial rapists and sadists...
  • and his true connection to Britain's VIP paedophile elite...

... may be utterly horrifying.

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