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Fracking Hell
Three year old report on Fracking Risks quietly published after Cuadrila Permit Awarded

Oil drilling must be halted in Surrey after mysterious swarm of earthquakes, scientists say
UK government drops fracking question from public attitude tracker
Study shows fracking is depleting US drinking water sources at a catastrophic rate -

A Duke University study says the fracking industry is sucking up the nation's drinkable water and replacing it with toxic waste ....
Fracking chemicals dumped in the Allegheny River a decade ago are still showing up in mussels -

"This means it's entering the food chain."
How slick water and black shale in fracking combine to produce radioactive waste -

Radioactivity in fracking wastewater comes from the interaction between a chemical slurry and ancient shale during the hydraulic fracturing process, according to Dartmouth College research.
The study, detailed in twin papers appearing in Chemical Geology, is the first research that characterizes the phenomenon of radium transfer in the widely-used method to extract oil and gas. The findings add to what is already generally known about the mechanisms of radium release and could help the search for solutions to challenges in the fracking industry .....
Hundreds expected at Thursday’s rally to ban fracking in WA -

The rally comes as the State Government continues to refuse to release the findings of a 12- month long investigation into fracking completed nearly a month ago.......
Ten earthquakes have now happened near a UK fracking site -
Public Support for Fracking Nosedives -

A government tsar is ‘trying to manipulate the media’ over fracking
Fracking boom in U.S. and Canada largely to blame for global methane spike

 - study finds
Tories accused of 'election ploy' after admitting fracking 'ban' is temporary -

The UK's Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom said the suspension would only remain in place "until the science changes"

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