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Sandy Hook
I listened to Richie's interview with James Fetzer and I respect Richie's nuanced view and his opinion. I actually listen to him on Podomatic but sometimes I go onto YouTube to read the comments particularly when it's a controversial topic and I have to say that I thought some of the comments on there re this interview were a bit rude. There are ways of saying things.

I absolutely believed that Sandy Hook was real and was very upset by it. I even put up a tribute on my YouTube channel before I got closed down by YouTube for copyright due to the change of owner of some of the material I'd used on my channel. When I first saw people saying Sandy Hook was fake I thought they were crazy but after 3 years when they were still saying it I decided to look into it.

I have done a lot of research into it over the last three years and I too have come to believe it was fake which is the opposite of what I thought would happen. I won't go into chapter and verse as I'm sure anyone looking at this will probably have done their own research and come to their own conclusions. But I really wish the journalist had asked Dr Carver what he meant when he said he hoped it wouldn't all come crashing down on their heads. All what on whose heads?
Completely agree! I looked into it too, like most of these ‘false flags’ you can’t believe ‘they’ would do that but when you realise how corrupt & cold ‘they’ really are & the how easy it is to fool people it becomes quite believable.

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