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'Mysterious' 7 Pilgrim Street?
'Mysterious' 7 PILGRIM STREET ?

LUDGATE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED was established in 1991 by TIM TROTTER. Registered address: Acre House 11-15 William Road London NW1 3ER. (Leon Brittan's company 'Life Sciences International Limited', as well as Gerald Ronson's company 'Heron Group International', have been registered at the same address). Ludgate Communications Limited was at the heart of Scallywag's investigations into the VIP/Westminster Paedophile Network, specifically the tentacle that received boys and child pornography at Dolphin Square, Grafton Close/Elm Guest House, and other addresses, supplied from John Allen's empire. Another Ludgate Communications director was LOUISE BEAN – see below.

LUDGATE LAUD LIMITED was the lobbying arm of Ludgate Communications established the following year, 1992. Registered address: 21-23 Mead Street London W1F 0EY. On Ludgate Laud's Board of Directors sat TIM TROTTER (see above); MICHAEL COLVIN MP (friend of Prince Charles who campaigned for Peter Lilley, and later perished in a fire, the very same fate that befell several of John Allen's sex trafficking victims); DEREK LAUD (Monday Club member); and JOHN REMFREY PINNIGER (Monday Club member who had worked for Harvey Proctor and alongside John Bercow as a Lambeth Councillor).

Mysterious 7 Pilgrim Street, London EC4V 6LB has been the registered address for:

1.      Fagre Benson Hobson Audley Limited (Solicitors)
2.      Audley Investments Limited (presumably a related division of the above)
Lawyer and company co-founder GERALD AUBREY HOBSON has been a director of the above law firm AS WELL AS a director of a company called CMGRP UK Limited, where he sat on the board alongside Company Secretary LOUISE BEAN... who was also Company Secretary for Ludgate Laud Limited and Ludgate Communications Limited.

3.      Tavistock Investments Plc (*Previously known as SocialGO Plc.) Past Directors of Tavistock Investments Plc include: LORD WILLIAM ASTOR, whom Derek Laud is quoted discussing in 'Call Me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography of David Cameron'. And IAN LIVINGSTONE CBE, the author of games with occult themes. Lord Astor also sits on the Board of Directors of Silvergate Media with Lord Waheed Alli - 'Silvergate' is a term from the poem Ambergris penned by the occultist Aleister Crowley.
4.      Black Dragon Management Limited. This occult-sounding company has a famous director in PAUL BURRELL (more below).
5.      Ludgate Secretarial Limited and Ludgate Nominees Limited. These related companies are listed as directors of Black Dragon Management Limited alongside Paul Burrell. Burrell was the confidante of Princess Diana, the royal whose targeted murder benefited Derek Laud's friend Camilla Parker Bowles, and Jimmy Savile's friend Prince Charles, and quite possibly Jimmy Savile himself.
6.      Ludgate Investments Limited *at this address until 2001, several addresses since then. Linked to Ludgate Nominees and Ludgate Secretarial, Ludgate Investments Limited was co-founded by Nick Pople. On its Board of Directors sit CHARLES SEBAG-MONTEFIORE (historian whose ancestor worked for the Rothschilds) and JAMES STOURTON (a former chairman of Sotheby’s).
7.      Dozens of murky companies called ‘Ludgate [***] Limited’. Examples include Ludgate 213 Limited, Ludgate 253 Limited, Ludgate 294 Limited, Ludgate 309 Limited, Ludgate 310 Limited, Ludgate 311 Limited, Ludgate 314 Limited, Ludgate 315 Limited, Ludgate 329 Limited, Ludgate 332 Limited, Ludgate 342 Limited, Ludgate 343 Limited, Ludgate 361 Limited, Ludgate 373 Limited. What these companies exist to do is anybody’s guess.


Why do so many companies operating out of 7 Pilgrim Street either employ the term 'Ludgate', or have a connection to the person of Derek Laud, or have a connection to other individual(s) in Derek Laud's circle who have links to the VIP/Westminster Paedophile Network?

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