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Venezuela - sorting fact from fiction -
PDVSA, Rodl, Wilbur Ross, Ali Sadr, SCL

It’s childishly simple to find information on how Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela has been targeted by the World Bank.
If Maduro was “real” opposition I wouldn’t expect to find this kind of Maduro-supporting propaganda so easily:

An important part in the destruction of Venezuela has been played by the Venezuelan Jew, Martín Rodil (president of the Washington based Venezuelan American Leadership Council, a group that brings "freedom and democracy" to Venezuela).

Rodil arrived in Washington in 2000 and was quickly hired by the IMF.
In 2003, he met former Israeli army commando Tal Hanan. In 2006 (?), Hanan called him to help bring Venezuela to its knees by accusing it of violating the sanctions imposed on Iran.
Rodil officially quit the IMF and went into partnership with Hanan. He was also hired as a consultant for Roger Noriega, assistant Secretary of State under George W. Bush.

Rodil had been an intern at PDVSA, and used his connections to negotiate deals with rich Venezuelans to become informer to US law enforcement to destroy Venezuela. Rodil has helped to bring more than two dozen Venezuelans to the USA. In some cases, Rodil blackmails Venezuelans (helped by the US cops) by threatening with legal trouble in the USA.
For these services, he gets a nice hourly rate or is kept on retainer by the rich Venezuelans.

In April 2016, Diosdado Cabello, one of Venezuela’s most influential figures, used his TV show to describe Rodil as a traitor to his country, who gets rich by helping corrupt Venezuelans escape to the USA, by giving secrets to the enemy.

Hundreds of millions of dollars from the Venezuelan PDVSA state oil company was funelled to Iran in violation with US sanctions.
The money was transferred using Swiss bank accounts through JP Morgan Chase, violating US laws, but this “respectable” bank is not under investigation…
Trump’s victory has turbocharged Rodil’s practice:

For some reason it´s actually quite difficult to find the following information on some of the actors in this charade who profit from the suffering of Venezuela...

Longtime Rothschild banker and Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross first invested in Navigator Holdings in 2011. In the summer of 2012, WL Ross took control of Navigator by buying a further $110 million stake from the collapsed Lehman Brothers bank. Navigator Holdings earns millions a year transporting oil and gas for the Russian Sibur.
Putin’s son-in-law Shamalov holds a large stake in Sibur and is its deputy chairman.

In 2016, 31.5% was still held by entities in which Ross has a stake (WLR). In 2017, the WLR stake in Navigator was worth about $179 million, but it is not clear how much is (still) held by Ross personally.

Navigator vessels also carried out extensive business with the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, records show, at a time when Venezuela’s government was cracking down on opposition. Trump imposed sanctions on PDVSA in August:

Sibur is NOT under Russian sanctions which gives it a competitive edge over companies that are:

Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered because she threatened to expose the links between Henley & Partners, SCL Group, British Royals, and passports for sale in Malta. There is actually a link to Venezuela.

Joseph Muscat became PM of Malta in March 2013. Within months Muscat announced that Henley and Partners would run a citizenship by investment (CBI) program for Malta, which provided citizenship in the EU. Passports would cost €650,000, with another €150,000 to be invested in government bonds for 5 years.

Chairman of Henley & Partners, Christian Kälin, introduced Muscat to the Iranian born Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad.
In 2003, Ali Sadr won asylum in the US based on claims he'd been tortured in Iran. In 2009, he lost his staying permit.
Sadr then took a job with his father, Mohammad Sadr Hashemi Nejad (reportedly Iran's richest man). The job involved the family's Stratus Group construction business and a $475 million project in Venezuela.

In 2009, Ali Sadr obtained a St Kitts and Nevis passport by paying $250,000 to the citizenship-by-investment program that was run by Henley and Partners.
In 2010, Sadr used his St Kitts passport to set up companies in Dubai, Turkey and Switzerland, with Swiss bank accounts, and laundered $115 million in Venezuelan payments through them:

For more information on the SCL Group that´s controlled by the British Royals and orchestrated Brexit and gave us President Trump:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
Sanctions of Mass Destruction: America’s War on Venezuela -

American economic sanctions have been the worst crime against humanity since World War Two...
(09-17-2019, 03:55 PM)Firestarter Wrote: I was prepared to give Hugo Chavez the benefit of the doubt. But maybe he was as dirty as Nicolas Maduro...

The CIA has strongly denied any involvement in the 2002 coup (either staging it or helping Hugo Chavez).
Then on 24 November 2004, State Department Spokesman Adam Ereli referred to a 2002 report of the Office of Inspector General that in the run-up to the coup, the US Government had warned Chavez’s Government of Venezuela of the coming coup and an assassination threat.
Quote:QUESTION: Yes. It's about Venezuela. What do you think of the terrorist attack in Caracas that killed the prosecutor Danilo Anderson, who was investigating opposition members for the coup against Chavez in 2002? And the suspect of the attack was killed by the Venezuelan police yesterday. I don't know if you have something.
MR. ERELI: I hadn't seen that. We spoke to this matter last week. We condemned this. We condemn the killing of the prosecutor. We called it a terrorist act and we called for a swift and full investigation and said we viewed it as a terrible crime.

QUESTION: Also on Venezuela, too. There are newly released CIA documents that show that the CIA knew of an imminent plot to oust Chavez in the weeks prior to the coup of April 2002. Why did the U.S. kept quiet on this plot to oust him?
MR. ERELI: Well, I'm not aware that we did. In fact, my information is that, based on an Inspector General's report of U.S. policy toward Venezuela dated July 2002, that we alerted President Chavez to coup plots and warned him of an assassination threat that was deemed to be credible.

And then in one of those strange coincidences...
Just when in April 2002, a coup was staged in Venezuela, in support of Hugo Chavez´s government, conveniently Irish filmmakers Kim Bartley and Donnacha Ó Briain where present.
They made it into a real propaganda piece, even insinuating CIA involvement.

Bizarrely they called the documentary “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” (a.k.a Chávez: Inside the Coup) (2003):

The CIA also helped bring Col. Hugo Chavez to power in Venezuela in 1992 through the coup d’ètat.

Hugo Chavez told that it was suspicious that so many Latin American leaders critical of the USA were diagnosed with cancer: Argentina's Cristina Fernandez, Paraguay's Fernando and former Brazilian president Lula da Silva.
What Chavez forgot to mention is that, like himself, all of them visited the Cuba of his “friend” Fidel Castro.

According to Carlos Alberto Montaner, 19 years ago, a young Cuban biologist “David” fled from Cuba after coming from Bulgaria, to ask political asylum in Spain. David told Spanish police and Montaner that in Sofia (Bulgaria) he was trained to use technology to induce cancer in adversaries Fidel Castro wanted dead, “the Bulgarian treatment”.
The simplest way was to plant a radioactive isotope in the chair or jacket of the target. In a few months, cancer might grow with fatal results (helped by treatment by doctors).

According to some Cubans, most (if not all) of the following were murdered on the orders of Castro:
Writer Virgilio Piñera, who allegedly died of a “heart attack”;
American reporter Lisa Howard, who died of an “overdose”;
Writer Luis Rogelio (Wichy) Nogueras, who reportedly died of “AIDS”;
Jorge Más Canosa, Chair of the Cuban American National Foundation, who died in 1997 at age 58 from “lung cancer”;
Rafael del Pino Siero, who allegedly died of a “heart attack” or “hanged himself” in Castro’s jail according to another version of the story;

Raúl Chirino, who reportedly committed “suicide” while being interrogated by Castro;
Beatriz and Laura Allende, daughter and sister of Chile’s Salvador Allende, who allegedly “committed suicide” in Cuba;
Onelio Pino, found dead in his garage under mysterious circumstances;
General José Abrahantes, Castro’s ex-Interior Minister and fellow drug smuggler, who reportedly died of a “heart attack” in a Cuban jail.

Che’s daughter, Hilda Guevara, in 1995 suddenly died of “cancer” at the age of only 39.
Was this because one of her teenaged sons was too critical of Castro and his government:

If Chávez was murdered, he didn´t have cancer, but was poisoned and the Cuban doctors, that gave him radiation, chemotherapy and surgery no less than 4 times, were complicit to murder.

[Image: b0cca85b7469bcbe21b92117d968db6d29656a3d.jpg]
Eva Golinger suspects a bodyguard of Chávez, Leamsy Villafana Salazar (in the red circle), who after Chavez’s death was granted asylum and federal protection in the USA:

After Hugo Chávez in 1999 seized power in Venezuela he nationalized the oil industry, because it would be unfair if oil was running out of Venezuela without benefit for the population. In May 2007, he closed the door on the IMF and World Bank. In 2009, Chávez had to beg for a loan from the IMF, which obligated him to devalue the Venezuelan bolivar (causing inflation).
Chávez died in March 2013 and was probably killed by the CIA with the help of Fidel Castro (that was made dictator of Cuba with the help of the CIA):

If Hugo Chávez was murdered this actually makes it all the more probable that they installed a big oil stooge – Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela, one of the largest oil exporters in the world, for many years has been a country that exports more than it imports for (which should have made this country wealthy). In Venezuela there was/is a shortage of products in the supermarkets and power cuts.
[Image: 547a0d75b9c09b4e3ea51dd94ca2aa16452f8762.jpg]

Since 2013, Nicolás Maduro effectively hampers the industry so that it produces less and less, then sells the imported goods so cheap that these are exported (back) abroad at a profit, so hyperinflation broke out:

Because the underpriced products are exported to other countries, the crisis can spread across South America.

The next master stroke of Maduro: selling oil and gold reserves. If Venezuela exports oil, it should already be about as rich as Saudi Arabia.
[Image: ab2277baf796048ecf0b3b64f4cea3b5e034d2dd.jpg]

Selling the gold (e.g. to Citibank and Goldman Sachs) means that Venezuela roadrunner email becomes poorer and poorer (it aren´t the poor Venezuelans who profit!):
Nice read. Bookmarked

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