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I'm On The Way Back. Thanks For Your Patience.
Comment on I'm On The Way Back. Thanks For Your Patience.. Post away!
Oh Richie!! What a diet you have us all on!! I am glad to know you are past the worst of it and look forward to hearing your voice soon. Take care!!
Rise Again, Richie Allen.
glad to hear you are on the mend Richie..... you have a wonderful woman in Mrs-to-be Caroline...... looking forward to your return when you are "proper reet" x
Hi Richie,
Andy Newman here, Glad your on your way back. Miss listening to the prog but, alas, I may not be able  to contribute as previously as I've been locked out of my Twitter account and, because I have no mobile phone, I cant get back in. Anyway, look forward to hearing your dulcet Irish tones over the sound system again soon.
Best Wishes to You and Caroline.


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