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Industrial Hemp/Cannabis
Study: cannabis more effective than pharmaceutical drugs for age-related neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's ...
Legalizing Cannabis would pay for the NHS
Six plants other than cannabis that are high in healing cannabinoids -

Cannabis is not the only plant that contains medically beneficial cannabinoids, although it has driven the research to understand the powerful therapeutic properties of these plant compounds. In actuality, there are several plants that are also rich in cannabinoids and benefit the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for helping the body maintain internal balance, or homeostasis, which is needed for attaining optimum health .....
Colloidal silver’s antimicrobial properties and safe usage suggestions -

Colloidal silver is most known for its antimicrobial properties.  But there are many other uses for it as well, and we’ve composed this handy guide to help you understand how to get the most out of colloidal silver while using it safely to avoid argyria.

Although any website with a .gov ending is going to say colloidal silver is ineffective at everything, there is much evidence to the contrary....
Canada becomes second country to legalise cannabis use 

Cannabis Act passes, with the legislation expected to take effect in a few months ...
Australia's first medicinal cannabis clinic set to open in Melbourne -

– as it's revealed an additional nine will be launched next year
  • The first of 10 medical cannabis clinics is set to be launched in Melbourne 

  • New legislation allows for treatments to be offered to adults and children

  • The Victorian Health Minister supports the move to legalise medical cannabis

  • CannaLife founder Helen Lyon predicts the number of approved patients to grow
Can I use CBD oil for arthritis pain?

CBD, found in cannabis plant is one of the many compounds known as cannabinoids. Oils that contain concentrations of CBD are known as CBD oils. The concentration and uses of different oils vary. There has been a research on the potential therapeutic uses of CBD .....
Cannabis: a lost history -

Cannabis, better known as marijuana, has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. It's been heralded as a "cure-all," revered for its healing properties, particularly for pain but also as a potential anticancer treatment. Marijuana was a popular botanical medicine in the 19th and 20th centuries, common in U.S. pharmacies of the time ....
Well this says it all, full details in attachments but provided within the attachments - 

Is there a fee payable?  Yes, there is a fee payable for a low THC content cultivate/ possess licence. A new licence application to cultivate cannabis with a THC content of 0.2% or lower will cost £580. If you have previously grown in the season prior to your licence expiring, the ‘renewal’ fee of £326 will apply. If a compliance visit is required the fee will be £1371 but we envisage most applications will not need a visit.  This fees structure is considerably lower than a new licence application to cultivate high THC Cannabis which costs £4700 and recognises the light touch licensing regime applied. Fee levels have been calculated on a full-cost recovery basis and will be periodically reviewed. 

I live within in area in Liverpool where families are struggling to make ends meet. They have had a few plants and the police have raided and gone through their doors as if they were a threat to "national security". The nicest folk and the salt of the earth but they were vilified and criminalized. 

Well now pay the fucking government a license fee and its ok?????? The audacity!!!!

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Why is everyone around just talking about this CBD?

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