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Vaccine Shedding,Viral Shedding
Me and several members of my Family have recently contracted two serious and debilitating respiratory viruses from the youngest member of our family who attends a local playgroup.
I was reliably informed by a herbal doctor that this is commonplace where vaccinated children play and mix together in close proximity,unknowingly spreading their toxic viral load amongst their peers.
These children return home to their parents and infect them and other members of the community.
we need to research "Viral and Vaccine Shedding".This would explain my current and past infections.We know that our kids are now getting 100s of percent more vaccines now than previous generations.It wouldn't surprise me if the psychopaths at the WHO and our NHS know that they are creating diseased "Vectors" through to wider Society through infecting our children.
This issue has profound implications for the health of our workforce and  to my mind is a "Public Health Emergency" !
I think the awful truth about vaccines that people don't want to accept is that, broadly, they do work. Within that, there are, of course, casualties and vaccine-damaged individuals. If you and your children are unvaccinated (and I respect that decision if it is the case), then of course you could contract the disease, as vaccines are (as I understand them) small doses of the disease that the body is supposed to be able to overcome/become resistant to without contracting a full-blown version of the illness. Someone who has the flu jab is being given flu, for example. I hope you and your children are not too affected by any illness and I wish you all the best.

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