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INDEX to the Child Abuse investigations by SCALLYWAG
INDEX to the Child Abuse investigations

by SCALLYWAG magazine

( in order of original publication date )


1. 'The Paedophile File', Scallywag issue 14, 1993
Quote:References to: Cabinet ministers; Labour front bench
2. 'Paedophiles in the cabinet', Scallywag issue 17, 1993
Quote:References to: John Major; Cabinet ministers
3. 'Tory gay bomb shell set to blow', Scallywag issue 21, 1994
Quote:References to: David Amess; Alan Beck (Sister Latex); Michael Brown; Simon Chandler; Alistair Cooke (Lord Lexden); Maurice Cowling; Carolyn Eadie (Mrs Portillo); Justin Fashanu; Ian Greer; Edward Heath; Tony Hutt; Derek Laud; Edward Leigh; John Major; Stephen Milligan; David Nicholson; Michael Portillo; Tim Sainsbury; Margaret Thatcher
3b. 'Paedophile material from within the royal family', Scallywag issue 21, 1994
Quote:References to: Justin Fashanu; Stephen Milligan; James Rusbridger; the Royal Family
4. 'Lord McAlpine and the paedophile ring', Scallywag issue 22, 1994
Quote:References to: John Allen (Mr X); Prince Andrew; Supt Gordon Anglesea; Jeffrey Archer; Alan Beck (Sister Latex); Michael Brown; Prince Charles; Chris Chataway; Alistair Cooke (Lord Lexden); Gary Cooke (aka Mark Grainger); Carolyn Eadie (Mrs Portillo); Justin Fashanu; Tony Hutt; Lord Kenyon; Alan Langshaw; Derek Laud; Peter Lilley; Adam Mars-Jones; Justice William Mars-Jones; Lord Alistair McAlpine; Sgt Geraint Morgan; Steven Norris; Michael Portillo; DC Gary Probert; Sgt Mike Roach; Wyn Roberts; PC David Rodgers; PC Peter Sharman; David Steel
5. 'Shame and scandal in the family', Scallywag issue 22, 1994
Quote:References to: Peter Bottomley; Maurice Cowling; William Hague; Peter Lilley; Michael Portillo
6. 'The beast of the valleys: Scandal of the children's homes', Scallywag issue 23, 1994
Quote:References to: Derek Laud; Timothy 'Tim' Lloyd-George; Lord Alistair McAlpine; Joseph Nefyn Dodd; Lord Tenby (aka William Lloyd-George)
7. 'Horsewhip Harry', Scallywag issue 23, 1994
Quote:References to: Harry Greenway; Michael Portillo
8. 'Tory gay love nest exposed', Scallywag issue 24, 1994
Quote:References to: Robert Banks; Michael Brown; Alistair Cooke (Lord Lexden); Ian Fipps [sic]; Derek Laud; Edward Leigh; Anthony Lillis; Peter Lilley; David Nicholson; Michael Portillo; Tim Sainsbury
9. '(David) Russell Walters and Nigel Griffiths', Scallywag issue 24, 1994
Quote:References to: Nigel Griffiths; (David) Russell Walters
10. 'Pervert copper gets off the hook', Scallywag issue 26, 1994
Quote:References to: Gordon Anglesea; Peter Howarth
11. 'Did McAlpine launder money under Thatcher's nose?', Scallywag issue 26, 1994
Quote:References to: Michael Heseltine; Lord Alistair McAlpine; Margaret Thatcher; Mark Thatcher
12. 'Tony Blair vulnerable to blackmail', Scallywag issue 26, 1994
Quote:References to: Tony Blair; Max Clifford; Alistair Cooke (Lord Lexden); Maurice Cowling; Edward Leigh; Julian Lewis; Michael Portillo
13. 'Why McAlpine could never be thrown to the wolves', Scallywag issue 27, 1995
Quote:References to: Michael Heseltine; Lord Alistair McAlpine; Margaret Thatcher
14. 'Dolphin Square and the Westminster City Council connection', Scallywag issue 29b, May 1995
Quote:References to: Gail Ansell (Mrs Lilley); Robert Atkins; David Avery; Alan Bradley; Robert Davis; Carolyn Eadie (Mrs Portillo); Tony Kerpel; Derek Laud; Julian Lewis; Peter Lilley; Peter Martindale; Simon Milton; Robert Mortland; Owen Oyston; Tom Pendry; Dame Shirley Porter; Michael Portillo; Alex Segal; David Steel; Miles Young
15. 'Carl Gissing, Portillo, Laud and the paedophile parties', Spiked issue 6, 1996
Quote:References to: Prince Andrew; Michael Brown; John Bryan; Prince Charles; Princess Diana; Justin Fashanu; Carl Gissing; Derek Laud; Peter Lilley; Lord David Pitt; Michael Portillo
16. 'Letter to the Rt Hon Frank Dobson MP', dated 11 November 1996
Quote:References to: Mohammed Al-Fayed; Brian Basham; Peter Diamond; Frank Dobson; Ian Greer; Mark Griffiths; Angus James; Julian Lewis; Peter Lilley; Lord Alistair McAlpine; Asil Nadir; Owen Oyston; Michael Portillo; Simon Regan; Simon Stander
17. 'Inside The Disks', Scallywag issue 32b, February 1997
Quote:References to: Clemency Ames; Michael Brown; Maurice Cowling; Ian Greer; Derek Laud; Peter Lilley; Simon Marquis; Michael Portillo; Charles Welby; John Whittingdale
18. 'Whitewash: Ian Greer and Alistair McAlpine', Scallywag issue 33, March-April 1997
Quote:References to: Lynn Barber (journalist); Michael Brown; Ian Greer; Neil Hamilton; Michael Heseltine; Julian Lewis; John Major; Lord Alistair McAlpine; Matthew Parris
19. 'Abuse: the Waterhouse Report', dated 20 February 2000
Quote:References to: Gordon Anglesea; Ian Greer; Julian Lewis; Sir Ronald Waterhouse

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