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'Pervert copper gets off the hook', Scallywag issue 26, 1994
Pervert copper gets off the hook

Scallywag issue 26, 1994

In the last edition we reported that a solicitor was considering issuing criminal libel proceedings against the editor of Scallywag. Something originally suggested by the notorious Carter-Ruck. The editor in turn is suing the solicitor for libel. The solicitor, Barton Taylor, merely by talking of such proceedings, has implied Scallywag's editor is a criminal. He did not mince his words, either.

Barton Taylor represents the Police Federation which is presently hammering anyone and everyone who questions police tactics.One such client is former police Inspector Gordon Anglesea, of North Wales, who allegedly took part in paedophile activities at the now notorious Bryn Estyn children's home in Clwyd.

Some two dozen cases of serious child abuse, mainly male children being buggered, have been reported and investigated. So far none has been taken up by the CPO, despite lengthy police investigations.

Barton Taylor claims that, as Anglesea has already been investigated and "exonerated" (i.e. not prosecuted), the allegations must be false and therefore libellous. Anglesea is suing the Observer, and three others. Barton Taylor's meter is running at full tilt.

In turn, the solicitors Stephens Innocent, of London, are representing six previous inmates of Bryn Estyn who claim in huge detail that they were savagely raped by the warders, by a constant stream of visitors, including Anglesea, and even hired out to known paedophile rings, some as far away as London or Brighton. These influential rings included top politicians, civil servants, policemen, and powerful people buried deep in Conservative Central Office.

Paedophile lodge

Most of the players in this hideous game also hide another secret. They are Freemasons. It has seriously been mooted to us, but presently cannot be proved, that there is actually a paedophile Lodge in London. There are certainly Lodges which are predominantly homosexual, and involve some of the most distinguished names in the country. But paedophiles are a different matter.

We, and most of the other people being sued, and Stephens Innocent, and the police, all have extensive files and statements made by former inmates. Some of them are very harrowing indeed, and all describe in brutal detail widespread abuse which has so far gone unchecked. Not a single prosecution has yet come out of some ten years of investigation.

Anglesea and the others named claim all this evidence must be discounted because all the statements are made by long-time homosexuals, often with drink and drug problems, and all of them have undergone some kind of psychiatric treatment. This is mainly true, but is it surprising that after such truly horrendous experiences as children they should come out of it all not unscathed? Is it little wonder that during an early life when all the adults they knew put them through physical and mental torture, sometimes from the age of six or seven, that they should emerge with deep-rooted psychological problems? This surely must be taken into the strongest possible account when assessing their testimony.

The 'average' paedophile, who will go to any lengths to satiate his lusts and then cover up his sordid secrets, is very adept at using these arguments, and anyone who does ever give evidence often faces the most arduous grilling from the defence. Many victims are made to feel it is they who are on trial. The protective authorities trade viciously on the inherent sense of guilt such a sustained ordeal is bound to cause.

Policeman's lies

Anglesea in particular claims he only went to the home to give cautions to erring inmates. Yet one of the statements delivered originally to the CPO was of another Inspector on the same force, [Ian] Kelman, who attested it was most certainly not police practise to give cautions anywhere but in the police station itself.

"I must have given in excess of 1,000 cautions up until my retirement," Kelman says in his signed statements, "and I can count on one hand the number of times it was necessary to give cautions outside a police station. In terms of police practise, it is most unusual to give cautions outside a police station. Children residing in community homes would also usually be cautioned at a police station."

The full evidence concerning Anglesea would fill a tea chest. But we print here excerpts from two victims who have made extensive signed statements which formed part of the evidence submitted to the CPO. We maintain that, even if these youths may have drink and psychological problems, it was the duty of the CPO to test their evidence before a proper court of law. They failed to do so and the suspicion MUST be raised that they did not do so because of Masonic interference.

The statements were in the form of affidavits and may be used in our defence should the criminal libel charge ever be pressed (along with a great deal more). At this stage we have not named the youths because we don't want to cause them further stress. But read on and make your own mind up on whether the CPO was remiss or not:

Case No. One:

"I remember that Anglesea appeared off to me; this may have been because of the extremely noticeable red scar he had on his left cheek and neck or something else. He told me he was a police officer which was obvious to me anyway. Anglesea first approached me in the grounds of Bryn Estyn. He was not in uniform. He started to talk to me generally as we walked along towards the exit. We passed the cadet hut. There was no way around. He said words to the effect of 'come with me for a minute'. He had his hands clasped around the back of my neck and he pushed me forward to the floor as I entered the building. It was very dark in there and initially I could not see. I remember there were cloth sacks in there. Anglesea stripped himself from the waist down. I was on the floor but I turned round and was looking up and I could see what Anglesea was doing now as my eyes had adjusted to the light. He was quite forceful and grabbed hold of me, making me kneel down. I thought to myself, 'another one'. I thought all sexual assaults by the police had stopped in my cadet days. I don't remember whether he told me to strip off my bottom half, but oral sex then took place. Anglesea's penis was erect.

"He said something to the effect that I must be enjoying this so it seemed he had been talking to the others. Anglesea forcefully pushed my heard and mouth over his erect penis, ordering me to suck. I don't think he ejaculated in my mouth. He then tried to have oral sex with me. It was a waste of time as I was not erect at all. He gave up.

"He then told me to get back on my knees and he had anal sex with me. He was quite rough. I cannot remember whether he ejaculated though I suspect he did. He told me to get dressed. It was cold in there. He said, 'that wasn't too bad was it?'

"I think he gave me some money. He then told me, 'just remember who I am'. He told me not to say anything to anyone. He made it quite clear he was the law. I cannot remember whether he had locked the door but he said these things int he outroom where there were no windows. It was dark when we came out of the building and I ran off to the main building where I ran upstairs to have a bath (without permission).

"The second time I saw him outside the main building: he was often around the football area, but I cannot remember exactly where I saw him on this occasion.

"When he approached me I didn't run off. Where was I going to run to? If it hadn't been Anglesea it would have been the others. There were always a lot of them hanging round the swimming pool area. There was a whole list of people who would abuse me sexually, some 'introducing' me to others.

"Anglesea implied I should go with him and he gripped my arm tightly and took me back to the cadet hut where he had a key. It was quite dark. It was oral sex that took place for the first time in the cadet hut. It was not a question of me having a decision on the matter, you just had to do what they wanted you to do. We were their guinea pigs and sex objects. Anglesea was not too rough this time. I think he came in my mouth and I spat it out. He didn't try to suck me off. I just got dressed and the mess was not cleared up. His trousers were down but I can't remember if they were uniform trousers or not. He kept reminding me he was a policeman and the authority. Soon after I ran back to the main building.

"I was sexually abused by Anglesea on a regular basis after that. On one occasion it was only oral sex, on another anal sex. I was never abused in the cadet hut by anyone else but Anglesea. Later, in Holt Road, he pulled up in his car and shouted for me to get in. He later stopped the car in a lane and oral sex took place in the car. He touched my penis and gave me some money. He picked me up again soon after and I can remember this occasion very well because, after oral sex, he became violent and aggressive and was hurting me, so I broke free and bolted across the fields. There may have been many more times. As a defence mechanism I tended to try and block out sexual assaults. There were so many of them and I knew it had been going on for 20 years at Bryn Estyn. In order to try and make sense of what was happening to me, and to survive, I would try and justify the assaults by blaming myself and that I had deserved it. I was the one who was bad. I would also torture myself for not being able to stop the abuse. Many victims like myself start to feel guilty. There is immense confusion and victims actually start to believe they are virtually consenting to what took place.

"This has had immense psychological consequences for me."

Case No. Two:

"The corridors in Clwyd House (part of Bryn Estyn) were shiny (wood) and you could tell what people were wearing. Anglesea always used to wear hard-wearing boots. I could clearly hear this person coming but at first did not know who it was, though I knew it was not our night watchman. I was quite spooked by the ruffling of a rain coat. The next thing I knew, the door was open and Anglesea was there. It happened very quickly. He was just there. He had his coat open and he looked very big. He didn't do anything. I had my pyjamas on and he came up and grabbed hold of my dick. I was shocked that someone else was doing this to me after what had happened to Howarth (the man in charge of the home and also a convicted paedophile who would 'hand over' his boys to Anglesea and others). I couldn't believe it. It was like a nightmare. Anglesea filled the room. I was shivering with fear. The next thing I knew he had left the room. I was in a daze and did not know what to say.

"The next time I was lying in bed and suddenly there was someone in my room. The bed I was lying on was quite low down. He came up to me and gripped me by my hands and put them behind my back. I was on my belly. Anglesea was mumbling something. I was wearing both the top and bottom of my pyjamas which were elasticated, not cords tied. He pulled my pyjama bottoms down. Oddly I think he then spat on my arse. He had a big white shirt on and he then buggered me. I had been buggered many times before by Howarth, but it was still very painful. It did not last long and I do not know whether he came or not. When it was over he just got up and went. I can't recall him saying anything. I said nothing - I was far too frightened. The sexual abuse continued until I left Bryn Estyn, but only those two times with Anglesea."

Cover up

These statements also have chapter and verse of continual sexual abuse at the home and are only two of many others. They were taken by police who were genuinely disgusted about what had gone on for such a long period. But as one senior policeman told a concerned solicitor advising one of the former victims: "We know it went on and we know all the facts and who was involved. But all investigations keep meeting brick walls and, after that, we can never get it through the CPO. Some of these people are very powerful indeed, and when they feel the heat they unite and will pull anything to cover up. Investigating Bryn Estyn has been a police nightmare."

The 'Howarth' mentioned was the 'headmaster' of Bryn Estyn for the relevant period and all the victims claim they were first raped by him. Then by Anglesea or others. On leaving the home many of the former inmates found their way to the paedophile network in London. Desperately confused and insecure, they were easy prey to the "Pimlico Set" which often included top politicians named in previous issues.

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