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Quote:"Edwin Bramall's brother was a Trust member at Dolphin Square, a block of flats in London."

The Director of the Dolphin Square Trust from 1987-2011 (and also a trustee of the Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation for the latter part of that period) was Sir Rodney Brooke.

Rodney Brooke was the Chief Executive of Westminster City Council from 1984-1989 when devoted Zionist Shirley Porter was Leader of Westminster Council.

It was in the period of Sir Rodney-and-Shirley-Porter's-leadership that Dolphin Square -- of which Westminster Council was then the ultimate landlord -- was the site of regular paedophile parties. Paedophile parties which saw boys trafficked to Dolphin Square from children's homes, then raped by Shirley Porter's Westminster City Councilmen, as well as MPs, peers, politicos and members of the Military Establishment.

Rodney Brooke was made a Deputy Lieutenant of Her Majesty the Queen in 1989.

Moreover, Sir Rodney is also a Member of the Council of the Tavistock Institute, and was the first permanent Chairman of the General Social Care Council.

Shirley Porter --- who surely cannot have known about the allegedly regular 'paedophile parties' involving children in the social care system, her Tory Councillors, her Tory colleagues in Parliament, and members of the Military Establishment, repeatedly taking place on her Council's 'crown jewel' property, the notorious MI5/MI6 hub Dolphin Square --- has an influential son named John R. Porter.

Billionaire John Porter, quite coincidentally, "has strong links to the Israeli military establishment," according to investigative journalist and former Scallywag researcher, Pete Sawyer:

Quote:"[A] key plank in John Porter's empire is the fortune he has made out of a mysterious US computer company called Telos, based in Virginia, which has close ties to the Pentagon ...

"One of [Telos's directors], Fred Ikle, served as Ronald Reagan's under-secretary of defence for policy. He ... is on the board of the US National Commission on Terrorism and has connections to the Israeli government ...

"Another Telos board member, Stephen Bryen, served as Reagan's deputy under-secretary for trade security policy. He also set up the US Department of Defence's defence technology security administration, whose job it is to monitor arms sales. During the late Seventies, while working for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bryen was suspected of passing Pentagon Secrets to the Israelis ...

"[Bryen] quietly left the Senate Committee and set up as a lobbyist, founding, along with his wife, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs - a hard-line lobbying group which allegedly has ties to Israel's arms industry ...

"The US government does not usually allow foreign nationals [such as John R. Porter] to have direct control over such strategically important companies."


Good grief.

What could Field Marshall Bramall possibly know about Dolphin Square's connection via Sir Rodney Brooke, former Chairman of the Dolphin Square Trust, to the creepy Tavistock Institute with its links to Zionism and clinical obsession with the effects of sexual abuse on children's minds and personality development?

Or, indeed, Dolphin's Square connection, again via Sir Rodney Brooke, to the former regulatory body for UK social workers, the General Social Care Council?

And what might Field Marshall Bramall know about Dolphin Square's apparent link, via Zionist Tory operative Shirley Porter and her influential Zionist offspring, to the "national security" of Israel... and indeed to the Secret Security Agencies of Israel, the U.S., and the U.K.?


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