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Bronfman, NXIVM, Epstein, Zionism and paedophilia
Court documents unsealed

On Wednesday, a federal appeals court ordered the release of court documents from the defamation lawsuit of Virginia Roberts Giuffre against Virginia Maxwell (who ran the child sex ring with Jeffrey Epstein) that was filed in September 2015, and settled (reportedly for millions) in May 2017, just before the start of the trial.
The appellate court ordered the immediate disclosure of the summary judgment record and also to disclose the 167 documents filed in the case (these have to be reviewed before they are released to the public).

See the conclusion from the court’s decision:
Quote:To summarize, we hold as follows:
(1) Materials submitted in connection with a motion for summary judgment are subject to a strong presumption of public access.
(2) The summary judgment record at issue will be unsealed upon issuance of our mandate, subject to minimal redactions.
(3) Materials submitted in connection with, and relevant to, discovery motions, motions in limine, and other non‐dispositive motions are subject to a lesser—but still substantial— presumption of public access.
(4) The District Court is directed to review the remaining sealed materials individually and unseal those materials as appropriate.
(5) District courts should exercise the full range of their substantial powers to ensure their files do not become vehicles for defamation.

For the foregoing reasons, we VACATE the orders of the District Court entered on November 2, 2016, May 3, 2017, and August 27, 2018, ORDER the unsealing of the summary judgment record as described herein, and REMAND the cause to the District Court for particularized review of the remaining materials.
In undertaking this task, the District Court may be well‐served by ordering the parties to submit to the Court unredacted, electronic copies of the remaining sealed materials, as well as specific, proposed redactions. The District Court may also order the parties to identify and notify additional parties whose privacy interests would likely be implicated by disclosure of these materials.
In the interests of judicial economy, any future appeal in this matter shall be referred to this panel.

In a strange twist, on Saturday Jeffrey Epstein was suddenly arrested and charged with sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005. He could potentially be locked up for a maximum of 45 years.
On Monday, Epstein will appear in court in New York.

Attorney for Epstein victims Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Sarah Ransome, David Boies, said:
Quote:It’s been a long time coming—it’s been too long coming. It is an important step towards getting justice for the many victims of Mr. Epstein’s sex trafficking enterprise.
We hope that prosecutors will not stop with Mr. Epstein because there were many other people who participated with him and made the sex trafficking possible.

Michelle Licata, who was molested by Epstein when she was 16 years old responded to this news: “Oh my God. Finally, finally, finally! Justice!

Ghislaine Maxwell, Fergie’s friend, who ran the paedophile ring with Epstein, still hasn’t been charged:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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