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Bronfman, NXIVM, Epstein, Zionism and paedophilia
Roy Cohn, J. Edgar Hoover, Franklin – gay paedophiles

When THE paedophile network cannot be denied anymore, they simply find a scapegoat (like in these 2 connected cases Keith Raniere and Jeffrey Epstein), and tell us that this solves the problem.
While the elite keep abusing children...
Donald Trump (like Bush and Clinton) are connected with a complete network of child abuse.

One of the first “notable dates” of Jeffrey Epstein was with one Nikki Haskell:

Nikki Haskell was one of the closest friends of Ivana and Donald Trump.
Haskell was also close to the Clintons:

Nikki Haskell actually first met Donald Trump through a party thrown by the gay paedophile Roy Cohn (Donald´s mentor):
(original here:

I’ve earlier posted on the Franklin scandal that went all the way to the Reagan/Bush White House:

In the 1980s there was a massive child abuse ring which involved George H.W. Bush. The Franklin affair started in 1988 with some 40 million dollars embezzled by the Franklin Credit Union. During the investigation a large amount of child pornography was found, involving some high officials. At the end of the 1980s some 80 young people testified they had been sexually abused, most of them withdrew their testimonies. This includes information on sex abuse at the Bohemian Grove and Colonel Michael Aquino.
The best information I found on the Franklin scandal is from former FBI agent, the late Ted L. Gunderson:

This affair was described in a number of books, notably “The Franklin cover-up” of John DeCamp (please note that DeCamp is part of the cover-up):

John DeCamp’s book includes information on Donald Trump’s reported mentor Roy Cohn setting people up with “young boys”, so that they could be blackmailed:
Quote:Gray's associate Wilson was apparently continuing the work of a reported collaborator of Gray from the 1950s-McCarthy committee counsel Roy Cohn, now dead of AIDs.
According to the former head of the vice squad for one of America's biggest cities, "Cohn's job was to run the little boys. Say you had an admiral, a general, a congressman, who did not want to go along with the program. Cohn's job was to set them up, then they would go along. Cohn told me that himself."

Quote:WAYNE BARRETT: I knew Roy Cohn. I knew him very well. And you just cannot understand how Donald could have been this close. I write in the book that they talked 15 times a day. One of the two stories here—I can’t remember which one—said it was five times a day. It’s probably somewhere in between. Roy himself told me they talked 15 times a day. But there’s no question that next to Fred Trump, Roy Cohn was the single greatest influence in Donald’s life. And Roy is incandescent evil.
He was a chicken hawk after little boys, and yet he was the most virulently anti-gay guy you could imagine. And so, that was Donald’s mentor and constant sidekick, who represented all five of the organized crime families in the City of New York.

Lewis S. Rosenstiel’s fourth wife, Susan, told about an orgy at the Plaza Hotel where her husband, Roy Cohn and J. Edgar Hoover were engaged in sexual activities with young boys:

Quote:Susan described what happened at this meeting. Cohn warned her that she should pretend not to recognize Hoover, who was in “full drag.” As she recalled, the legendary crime fighter, anti-Communist, and crusader against sexual perversion

was wearing a fluffy black dress, very fluffy, with flounces, and lace stockings, and high heels, and a black curly wig. He had make-up on, and false eyelashes. It was a very short skirt, and he was sitting there in the living room of the suite with his legs crossed. Roy introduced him to me as “Mary” and he replied, “Good evening,” brusque, like the first time I’d met him. It was obvious he wasn’t a woman, you could see where he’d shaved. It was Hoover. You’ve never seen anything like it. I couldn’t believe it, that I should see the head of the FBI dressed as a woman.

Two blonde boys then entered the “tremendous bedroom, with a bed like in Caesar’s time,” and the orgy began. Hoover removed his dress and underpants, revealing a garter belt, and the boys “work[ed] on him with their hands,” one wearing rubber gloves. Her husband, Lewis, then “got into the act” while Hoover and Cohn watched; finally, Cohn had “full sex” with each boy. Operating as a figure of power, not desire, Hoover demanded sexual pleasure but did not give it to others. Susan recalled that he “only had [the boys], you know, playing with him.” A year later the Rosenstiels returned to the Plaza. This time the boys were “dressed in leather,” and Hoover wore a red dress and a black feather boa. He had one boy read from the Bible while the other fondled him, again wearing gloves. Hoover soon “grabbed the Bible, threw it down, and told the second boy to join in the sex.”

Lewis Rosenstiel was a business partner of Meyer Lansky; the mob business partner of the Bronfman family.
[Image: 6f881adf23ef816fd7afb40dc64526411e7d1340.png]

Lewis Rosenstiel´s daughter, Cathy, married James Finkelstein (a client of Cohn):

James Finkelstein is the brother of the good friend of Donald Trump, Andrew Stein (who had shortened his surname), who attended his wedding to Lynn Forester, another friend of Jeffrey Epstein (these days married to the economic adviser to Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild).

In 1985, Donald Trump circumvented the state’s contribution limits by disbursing his $50,000 contribution to Andrew Stein to become New York´s City Council President, through 18 subsidiary companies.
Trump first guaranteed the $50,000 campaign loan to Stein and then repaid it himself in 1988 after Stein had become New York´s City Council President:

Firestarter Wrote:See Lynn Forester, Andrew Stein (who Lynn married), and Donald Trump.
[Image: 032b9226ad1b3d684ae3399364543bc73f00cbcb.png]

According to a book, mafia bosses Frank Costello and Meyer Lansky obtained hard proof of Hoover's homosexuality in the form of photographs of the FBI director having sex with his longtime aide, Clyde Tolson.

Luisa Stuart, once a celebrated model, told that after one New Year's Eve in the late 1930s at the Stork Club in the limousine, she saw Hoover and Clyde Tolson holding hands.

Former Washington police inspector, Joseph Shimon, recalled a taxi driver reporting that Hoover and Tolson had been "kissing and ass-grabbing" during a cab journey.

Harry Hay remembered that on vacation in California, in "a circle in which they didn't have people who weren't gay… They were nodded together as lovers":

For more information on Roy Cohn´s connection to the John F. Kennedy assassination, PERMINDEX and Bronfman:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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