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Bronfman, NXIVM, Epstein, Zionism and paedophilia
Conspiracy; MEGA = Chabad-Lubavitch

Our wonderful media are really pushing hard to get “conspiracy theories” on Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide” going. Arguably the most ridiculous conspiracy story in the media is that there will be a real investigation (instead of cover-up) on the crimes and suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, as we alll know that the reported “suicide” will remain a “suicide” and Prince Andrew, Alexander Acosta and Donald Trump won’t be charged with anything...

The office of Barbara Sampson, completed an autopsy of Epstein’s body on Sunday, but listed the cause of his death as inconclusive:

Even weirder...
Epstein´s team of lawyers has hired Jewish “autopsy expert” Michael Baden (born 1934) to oversee the autopsy of their “dead client”.
Baden has been involved in autopsies of many high profile deaths, including in the trials of O.J. Simpson and Phil Spector.

In 1976, Dr Baden became head of the “Forensic Pathology Panel” that “investigated” the corpse of President John F. Kennedy to conclude that the “lone gunman” official story isn’t preposterous:

In another strange coincidence, Trump’s, Cohn’s and Epstein’s friend Barbara Walters was once in a relationship with Alan Greenberg (who as Bear Sterns CEO famously hired the completely inexperienced Epstein):

The Daily Fail recently reported that Ghislaine Maxwell is “hiding” in a mansion near Boston.
Maxwell is in a relationship with CEO Scott Borgerson, who´s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations:

In reality Ghislaine Maxwell isn’t holed up in her British manor or summering on the Massachusetts coast.
On Monday, she was photographed eating a burger, fries and shake at an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles:

See Ghislaine Maxwell with Trump-appointed CEO of Blackstone, Bonesman Stephen Schwarzman at the New Yorkers For Children Spring Gala, 16 April 2008.
[Image: 5d5fc061c25e5c3c3a5ca94a1f20fc0b19d18d63]

The MEGA Group sure is interesting. It looks to me that the same Zionist Chabad-Lubavitch cult that is oh so close to presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump (the Kushner family are Lubavitchers).

See some pictures of Vladimir Putin with his Chabad buddies:
[Image: 6ea6c3a2e8f2b797245e92881dd3414e281461e8.jpg]

The good friend of Jeffrey Epstein, who reportedly had sex with child sex slave Virginia Roberts Giuffre, Trump-supporter Alan Dershowitz is a member of Chabad-Lubavitch:

In 1973, Alan M. Dershowitz separated from his first wife Sue Barlach, after fourteen years of marriage, and she soon filed for divorce. The case went to court in early 1976.

Sue had been given provisional custody of the children, but Dershowitz was seeking sole custody. He brought in a psychiatrist Pierre Johannet for an expert witness, who advised that Dershowitz should be given sole custudy after Dershowitz let him listen to tapes of phone conversations with Barlach. On the phone, Sue “called him names over the telephone while the children listened”.
Judge Haskell Freedman noted that Sue interfered with Dershowitz’s visits with the children and harshly insulted Dershowitz’s new girlfriend, Jeanne Baker. Freedman relied on the testimony from a number of witnesses, including Sue’s sister Marilyn, who was married to Dershowitz’s brother...

In Judge Freedman’s lengthy findings of fact, he wrote that Dershowitz’s behaviour toward Sue “negatively affected the plaintiff’s health to the extent that she required medical treatment and briefly some psychiatric therapy”.
On New Year’s Eve 1983, Sue Barlach reportedly committed suicide by jumping from the Brooklyn Bridge:

According to Jack Leavitt, Dershowitz found out that Sue Barlach was having an affair with another woman. In the resulting fight, Alan Dershowitz beat his wife up so badly that she had to be hospitalised.
Dershowitz used all of his influence to keep the story out of the media:

The late mother of member of MEGA, propaganda master Steven Spielberg, Leah Adler proudly boasted on being a Lubavitcher:

Mega Group member Ronald S. Lauder replaced long-time president of the World Jewish Congress, Edgar Bronfman Sr., in 2007.

Rabbi Chaskel Besser was a leader of the of the American Agudath Israel and partnered with Ron Lauder to found the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation in Poland.
Lauder had recently met Chabad-Lubavitch emissary Rabbi Yaakov Biderman, who had just opened a school in Vienna, Austria, where Lauder served as US ambassador.

See Ronald Lauder holding a Torah scroll that he received from Rabbi Biderman, chairman of Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters in Austria.
[Image: 45bb9fb41c29fbc6a78744050c8628f1402feb13.jpg]

Ronald Lauder greets students at the Lauder Chabad school in Vienna:
(archived here:

When I think about racists, I picture neo-Nazi skinheads, wearing a miltary outfit decorated with Swastikas. Maybe I´ve misunderstood, but to me the following video from December 1988 shows that the Chabad is about as racist as the KKK.

Rabbi Swine Rebbe explains to Ron Lauder that “at the first encounter of two Jews, they SHOULD do something for a third Jew” (watch it before it´s gone):
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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