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Bronfman, NXIVM, Epstein, Zionism and paedophilia
Last will, Ghislaine, Terramar, Mandelson, Calvo-Platero

I’m shocked, after all the news to push “conspiracy theories” on his death, chief medical examinar Barbara Sampson ruled that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself by hanging after all:

On 8 august, only 2 days before Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell, he signed his Last Will and Testament, while putting all of his assets in the new “1953 Trust”. It was filed at the court in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.
[Image: 0fc9b3d0325f4d16dca856fa1ef1973e816f972c.jpg]

In the document Epstein´s net worth is put at almost $578 million. This will likely surpass $600 million once Epstein's other assets (including art) are added.
Epstein´s longtime lawyer Darren Indyke and friend Richard Kahn act as executors of his estate. They will receive $250,000 apiece for their work on the estate, in addition to “reasonable’’ expenses.

On Monday, Manhattan federal prosecutors asked the judge to officially toss the criminal case because of his death (case closed!):

The last will lists his brother Mark Epstein as his lone heir, but because of his last will everything will go to The 1953 Trust and its trustees, whose names haven´t been disclosed.

Law professor Bridget J. Crawford states that only Mark Epstein could challenge the validity of the will.
Quote:He created some sort of trust very shortly before he died to receive all his property, and the reason people do that is to keep private from the public who is the beneficiary. The will is public, but the trust itself is not.
Mark could come forward and say, ‘This is not a valid will, it was executed when he was not of right mind.’ There [could] be multiple possible grounds for doing so—fraud, undue influence, duress for example. That would be a way Mark could overturn the will and take the entire estate.

Boris Nikolic is listed as an alternate executor, who was the chief scientific adviser to Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his foundation, and said “I have no intent to fulfill these duties, whatsoever”:

Finally Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book has emerged UNREDACTED.
Bill Clinton is NOT in the little black book by the way (although associates of Clinton, including the Trump family, are).
Survivors Wrote:
(archived here:

Buckingham Palace finally broke their deafening silence and released the following statement:
Quote:The Duke of York has been appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged crimes.
His Royal Highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion he would condone, participate in or encourage any such behaviour is abhorrent.

In 2010, Prince Andrew (the Duke of York) was photographed with Jeffrey Epstein in New York's Central Park after he was released from his “sweetheart deal” prison sentence.
Because of the bad publicity, Andrew had to quit as UK trade envoy (and not meet the paedophile Epstein in public places again).

The previous statement was released, shortly after a video emerged of Andrew’s 2010 visit to Epstein’s home.
The most interesting from the video is that Andrew waves goodbye at the door when the following brunette leaves Epstein’s home (she isn’t underage) on 6 December 2010:
[Image: 5a50ee99094ab779d7c7f800a38137cab741d675.jpg]

So Andrew is “appalled” by the recent reports, but simply denies having sex with the 17-year-old Virginia Roberts?
What about the pool party with underage girls that Juan Alessi described (his affidavit is still completely missing).
All of this hasn’t stopped Andrew or his ex-wife Fergie (Sarah Ferguson) from continuing their relationship with Epstein’t co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell, who has also recruited young women for sex for “Randy Andy” Prince Andrew close at home.

Speaking of Ghislaine...
See from left to right: Candace Bushnell (in Epstein’s little black book), Ghislaine Maxwell, Gigi Mortimer (also in Epstein’s little black book), and Princess Alexandria of Greece, 18 October 2016.
[Image: ade3736e09f1385b97cbcc488c5189bdcafec07e.JPG]

Here’s some additional information on the TerraMar “charity” of Ghislaine Maxwell.

None other than Maxwell’s friends Peter Mandelson and Richard Branson support TerraMar:

I have reasons to believe that NXIVM´s Sara Bronfman visited Branson on his private island in the British Virgin Islands, that´s only some 35 miles from Epstein´s private island, at least once.
Firestarter Wrote:See “Sir” Richard Branson with Sara Bronfman at Branson’s private Island.
[Image: nintchdbpict000396226038.jpg]

Peter Mandelson wasn´t only in Jeffrey Epstein´s “little black book” but also took a holiday on Epstein´s private island in the British Virgin Islands with his boyfriend.

Richard Branson claimed that he was surprised to be in Epstein´s “little black book” as he had only met him once for about 5 minutes:

See from left to right at Deripaska’s smelter in Siberia, celebrating the £250 million deal between RUSAL and ALCOA, January 2005: unknown, Peter Munk (the associate of Nat Rothschild and the Bronfman family), Lord Peter Mandelson, Oleg Deripaska, and Nathaniel Rothschild.
[Image: article-2099254-11AC1088000005DC-357_634x461.jpg]

Between 2012 and 2017, Maxwell funded TerraMar with $283,429, while it only paid out a total of $874 in grants.
In 2017, it received only $583 in total contributions and had expenses of $18,462.
TerraMar also owes Ghislaine Maxwell $549,093 in loan repayments.

Members of TerraMar’s board included UN official Amir Dossal, “Dead Poets Society” producer Steven Haft, and Ariadne Calvo-Platero (Maxwell’s best friend from Oxford):

Ariadne Calvo-Platero was born on 22 April 1963 as Ariadne Grace Beaumont. Her husband is Mario Calvo-Platero, who has worked at the United Nations and as a reporter.
He is also a member of various associations including the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London and is the president of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation USA:

Ariadne Grace Beaumont is the daughter of the late Timothy “Tim” Wentworth Beaumont, Baron Beaumont of Whitley. A life peer since 1967.
Tim Beaumont studied at Oxford (where else?), where he ran the infamous Bullingdon club and founded the Wagers club:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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