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Bronfman, NXIVM, Epstein, Zionism and paedophilia
Maxwell, Bear Stearns, Woody Allen

Firestarter Wrote:After the War, unofficially, Maxwell interrogated prisoners at Spandau Prison in Germany, including Hitler’s chief economic adviser Hjalmar Schacht and Friedrich Flick.
While Schacht didn´t get a prison sentence, Flick later became the richest man in West Germany after being imprisoned for 7 years for war crimes.
From an interview with German intelligence officer Herman Giskes, Maxwell correctly deduced that British intelligence had:
Quote:fed the Free French false information about D-Day and then deliberately parachuted French volunteers into German hands to be tortured.
This was reason enough for British Intelligence to recruit him (if he wasn’t already):

The following book is listed as the source for the previous information. It’s an interesting collection of information, but the idea supported by the authors that there is a “conspiracy” against Zionist Jews is completely ridiculous. This is effectively the opposite point of view taken by Victor Ostrovsky, who is often chosen as THE (unreliable) source that Robert Maxwell was really a Mossad agent.

The main argument used that Western intelligence is really against the Zionist Jews, is that Adolf Hitler was supported, financed from Britain and the US. This is true, but wait...
The book admits that none other than Rockefeller, who is a Jew, was one of the main Nazi supporters! The writers even admit that Zionists Jews collaborated with the German Nazis!
They argue sort of like, because the Zionists are always on the good side, we cannot hold it against them that they are involved in dirty business...

You may be surprised that I advise to read the book.
Not mainly because it can teach you how Zionist propaganda works, but because there is some genuine good information in it that you won’t learn if you stick to the mainstream history propaganda that we’ve been brainwashed with.

Chapter 9 details a biography on Robert Maxwell (born Lev Hoch) that isn’t flawless but at least better than most of the stories on Maxwell that can be found on the internet.
In March 1946, Maxwell was recruited by British Intelligence
Maxwell used his position in interrogating Nazis, to get access to and then published Nazi scientific papers in London in exclusive, and very profitable, editions.
In 1948, Robert Maxwell provided Israel with the needed arms from Communist Czechoslavakia. This makes him a genuine hero in the eyes of Zionist writers Loftus and Aarons.

John Loftus and Mark Aarons – The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People (1994), 21.4 MB:

For better information on the secret backers of Adolf Hitler, see the following thread:

Alan "Ace" Greenberg as Chairman of Bear Stearns hired Jeffrey Epstein, after he was fired (?) as teacher at the Dalton School.
The business relationship between Epstein and Bear Stearns continued for many years.

Greenberg also bank-rolled the Donald Trump myth with hundreds of millions for years.
Here´s a $352 million mortgage-backed bond to finance Donald´s first casino.
[Image: 488a4a0416ef1113543cb8edfae8000e5f033f79]

In 1986, Bear Stearns arranged a cool $250 million bond sale to buy the Plaza.
[Image: 0c90a1e7a44a76686ce95ff3bd9becdbfb7a9182]

Trump even had 2 anonymous, numbered accounts at Bear Stearns to hide his identity.
[Image: 698433c0bda97abcffd348e04da66298fdbee5ff]

The Jeffrey Epstein story gets stranger and stranger...
Babi Christina Engelhardt was once a personal assistant to Jeffrey Epstein. She has also partied with Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

What makes this so strange is that when she was a sixteen-year-old model, Christina Engelhardt gave 41-year-old Woody Allen her phone number in Elaine’s restaurant in New York City.
Allen soon called her to invite her to his Fifth Avenue penthouse. Within weeks, they'd become physically intimate at his place.
Engelhardt didn’t tell him his age but she did tell she was still in high school living with her family, while she pursued her modelling career.

Engelhardt said that her sexual relationship with Allen continued for 8 years and included regular threesomes with other women, including Mia Farrow.

Actress Stacey Nelkin had an affair with the 42-year-old Woody Allen, when she was a 17-year-old student at Stuyvesant High School (1977). Nelkin actually spoke in Allen’s defence after he was (again) accused of molesting Mia Farrow’s daughter Dylan:

Because Jeffrey Epstein was connected to many of the most famous names in the entertainment industry, I once decided to investigate paedophilia in Hollywood:

Besides Woody Allen also the gay paedophile Kevin Spacey was in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book (Kevin Spacey actually flew on the Epstein’s private jet together with his friend Bill Clinton).
See Woody Allen with his stepdaughter and wife Soon-Yi with Jeffrey Epstein, in New York, 2014.
[Image: 623e5f5055bd15c0c651018143731e374c352eea]
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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