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Bronfman, NXIVM, Epstein, Zionism and paedophilia
One of the prosecutors on the Ghislaine Maxwell case is Assistant US attorney Maureen Comey of the SDNY’s Public Corruption Unit.
Maureen Comey is of course the daughter of former FBI director James Comey, who was fired by President Donald in May 2017.

According to legal “expert” Elie Honig:
Quote:A case like this ordinarily would not be staffed out of Public Corruption. It would ordinarily be staffed out of what’s now known as the Violent and Organized Crime Unit.
The involvement of the SDNY’s Public Corruption Unit suggests that some high government officials are making sure that not the whole scandal will be exposed.

Maureen Comey was earlier involved in prosecuting Jeffrey Epstein before he died under suspicious circumstances:

I’ve earlier posted on the Bronfman/Rothschild/Lauder-affiliated and 1970s mentor of Donald Trump, the member of B’nai B’rith, gay paedophile Roy Cohn:

Here’s another interesting story on the child abuse of child victim Richard Kerr, who for some reason doesn’t get much media attention…

In August 1975, 14-year-old Richard Kerr was transferred to Kincora Boys’ home in Northern Ireland, where lots of boys were abused with the knowledge and assistance of British intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6.
In 1977, Joe Mains and Raymond Semple (respectively warden and staff member of Kincora) brought Richard Kerr to the Whip and Saddle bar at the Europa Hotel in Belfast, where he was introduced to the Americans Roy Cohn, Fred Ferguson and Daniel Sutton. Ferguson had multi-million stakes in oil and gas in Scotland and the US, while Sutton’s dad owned a company that supplied parts to the oil industry.
According to Kerr, “nothing happened with [Cohn] at the Europa hotel”.

Kerr was then taken by a group of men - Ferguson, Sutton, Mike Anderson and Stephen Jackson – to Venice. Anderson and Jackson were British enforcers to make sure Kerr wouldn’t cause any trouble.
Roy Cohn was waiting for Kerr in Venice at the Gritti Palace Hotel. According to Kerr, Cohn “didn’t talk too much [and] just took me up to the room and we had an encounter.
I believe that I was there three or four days
Kerr was repeatedly raped by Cohn and Ferguson.

At the end of the visit, Cohn said to Kerr “I’d be open to seeing you again”.
See Fred Ferguson in Venice when Richard Kerr was there to be raped in 1977.
[Image: 8e7b64e859028f9f104894539bef4c3b735cec1c.jpg]

In the 1980s, after Kerr had left Kincora, Ferguson set Kerr up in a flat in London at 44 Baker Street.
After that, Richard Kerr went to the US with the help of Ferguson. Roy Cohn advised Ferguson to enlist the law office of Richard S Goldstein.

After Kerr had moved to Texas, Ferguson bought him a house and put money into his bank account.
There are some financial statements presented for “evidence”, but I’m afraid that I don’t understand what these prove...
[Image: 1f0311e851fc57074dbf9e594b2fd3eb1bc97f74.jpg]

I don’t know how reliable the Irish Village Magazine is. The amount of detail presented makes the story convincing to me.
The Kincora Boys’ home is an admitted spot of serial child abuse by the British elite.

Richard Kerr filed a lawsuit to find out that evidence had been destroyed (at least that was the story we were told):

Here’s a video in which Richard Kerr talks about the abuse.
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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