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The occult and satanic rituals
I’ve been doing lots of research into the Powers That Be, and one thing that crops up time and again is the occult, and satanic rituals. I’ve seen it so many times that it’s not something I can ignore, but I haven’t viewed a lot of evidence that convinces me it’s as prevalent as it’s made out to be.

So here are some general questions I have, if anyone would like to give any thoughts. If you have some evidence you could link which clears things up, that would be even better. I’ve seen the odd photograph, video and anecdote, but not enough to convince me completely.

1) Do the PTB really widely take part in Satanism, or is this another parody of themselves they put forward to make their existence seem silly to people?

Assuming the answer to the above is "yes":

2) When and how did this all start?

3) Do they believe there is anything achieved by the rituals further than the enjoyment that they give? For example, do they think they’re gaining favour with some mystical being, or absorbing power from their victims?

4) Is there actually anything further being achieved? I’ve always found religions lacking in supporting evidence to be anything other than psychological tricks, but I’m open minded, and it does seem suspiciously like something "beyond human" may be at the centre of it all. My first guess would be some other more advanced race, manipulating us from a distance.

Many thanks!
By far the best source I found on the Satanism of the elite is the little known Nicholas de Vere, who died of a reported suicide...

It’s a difficult read, and that he doesn’t list reference list, while calling himself a “Prince” doesn’t help his credibility.
Most of the information he has given, checks out though.

Here’s the draft version of his book:

Here’s a PDF of the definite version of Nicholas de Vere’s book (13.4 MB):

It all starts more than 5,000 years ago in Scythia, with the Royal Aryans (not the blonde ideal of the Nazis!) – note the overlap with Khazaria.
[Image: e159813aad8fb4774d69e2d26d32aea3.jpg]

In the 8th century Charles “Carolus” Martel founded the Carolingian dynasty that deposed the Merovingians as Kings of the Franks.
All of the major European aristocratic families of Europe descend from 2 of Martel’s grandchildren - Guillaume de Toulouse de Gellone (a.k.a. William of Orange) and Ida Redburga.
See Charles Martel in relation to the Merovingians.
[Image: 6722171.jpg]

Here’s my thread on Satanism, Scythians (Dragons), Carolingians, St George, the Order of the Garter, the French Revolution and more:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
Thank you very much, I appreciate it! I shall have a good read of all that Smile

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