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From Marx, to the Bolsheviks, Hitler and Castro
Isn’t it amazing that the same (descendants of the) relatively small group of psychopaths have orchestrated just about all of the most important world events since they let Napoleon terrorise Europe?!?

Karl Marx – Rothschild
Karl Marx’s third cousins actually included the Rothschilds!
On 5 May 1818, Karl Heinrich Marx (Chaim Hirschel Mordechai) was born in the Kingdom of Prussia, of the Ashkenazi “Jewish” parents Hirschel Mordechai and Henriette Pressburg.
Hirschel Mordechai´s ancestors included rabbis to Trier since 1723, the last one his grandfather.
In 1813, Marx's father (Mordechai) joined the Freemason Lodge L'Ètoile anséatique.

Marx's maternal grandmother was Nanette Salomon-Cohen. Nanette Cohen was the daughter of wealthy Amsterdam diamond dealer Salomon Barent Cohen, brother of the filthy rich financier Levy Barent Cohen in England.
Levy Barent Cohen´s children (Nanette´s cousins) intermarried with the leading Jewish families in England. Hannah married Nathan Mayer Rothschild, Judith married Moses Montefiore, Jessy married Meyer Davidson (also close to Rothschild) and his other children married into the Goldsmith, Samuel and Lucas families.

Hannah Cohen-Rothschild bore Lionel Nathan Rothschild (MP for the City of London in 1847-1874), Marx’s third cousin.
The Rothschilds at the time handled large sums of money for the British crown, Amschel Mayer Rothschild financed Bismarck and supplied Prussia with intelligence data.

His father (Mordechai) introduced Marx to Baron Ludwig von Westphalen, who had connections to the elite of Great Britain and Scotland.
Ludwig’s daughter, Jenny, became the wife of Karl Marx.
Marx later dedicated his doctoral thesis to Ludwig von Westphalen.

In 1751, Ludwig’s father, Philipp von Westphalen, had become secretary of the Prussian Lieutenant General and Freemason Ferdinand von Braunschweig, brother-in-law of the Prussian King and Freemason Friedrich II. Friedrich II´s grandfather King Friedrich had become a Knight of the Garter in 1690, and his grandson, Friedrich Wilhelm III, became a Knight of the Garter in 1814.
Philip von Westphalen also got a nice knighthood from British King George III. Philip married a noblewoman with Scottish ancestors.

Ferdinand von Braunschweig was also a member of the Illuminati, that included Landgrave Karl von Hessen-Kassel. The Hessen-Kassel family was closely related to the British Royals, and counts at least 2 Knights of the Garter (Friedrich II, KG in 1741 and Wilhelm IX KG in 1786).
See a portrait of Friedrich II von Hessen-Kassel, with the Garter emblem.
[Image: 5c5ac98b26402efdcb923ae761e0c4e01ecf3cb2.jpg]

Karl Marx got his first real job as unofficial editor-in-chief at the Rheinische Zeitung for an impressive 600 Taler per year.
The Rheinische Zeitung was controlled opposition watched by the Prussian authorities. Oppenheim from the famous banking family, linked to Rothschild, was on its board.
In one of those strange coincidences, in 1818 Oppenheim and Bankhaus Mendelssohn from Berlin commissioned the French war compensations for Prussia.

Marx and Friedrich Engels moved from city to city in Germany. In 1849, Marx settled in London.
Because he was a big spender “needing” luxury and expensive balls, even though he had made a lot of money, he had to ask his friends like Engels for more money.
Engels made contact with British entrepreneur Robert Owen, who gave lectures to the US Congress, and whose factory became a “model business”; visited by politicians, Tsar Nicholas I, and Austrian princes Johann and Maximilian:

Rothschild - Stalin
Joseph Stalin himself in 1901 started working for Rothschild at Batumi, where an oil pipeline was built. There is also a fake story that Stalin’s father was actually Edmond de Rothschild or Maurice Ephrussi (married to a Rothschild)...
Rothschild helped him to become popular by staging an event that included firing 389 workers:

Antony Sutton – controlled opposition
I once thought that Antony Sutton is for “real”. In investigating the secret backers of Adolf Hitler, I learned that Sutton left out the most important information, like for example:
That the Dutch BHS bank that financed Hitler with the New York UBC bank, was partly owned by the Royal Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij, controlled by Dutch Queen Wilhelmina.
That Royal Dutch Shell (in which Wilhelmina was a major shareholder) was one of the early financers of Hitler. Sutton even claims that he “investigated” this but couldn’t find evidence at all!
The important missing piece of information ignored by Sutton is the major role of Hitler’s chief economic adviser Hjalmar Schacht, who wasn’t only the first member of the Pan-Europa Union (founded by Knight of Malta, prince Otto von Habsburg, who later founded the Mont Pelerin Society) but also a close friend of the Governor of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman.

Even though, Sutton obviously leaves the most important information out of his (censored) books, they still contain shocking information (for those who believe in the propaganda they taught us in history falsification in school).

In his 1974 book, Sutton shows that Morgan banking executives played an important role in illegal financing the Communist “revolution” (that got the Tsar and his family lynched).
Leading businessmen, true champions for the “free” market, were secretly financing Communism.
Wall Street helped to free the Marxist “revolutionary” Leon Trotsky.
Major corporations were already trying to reach the Russian market 15 years before the US recognized the Soviet regime.

Antony C. Sutton – Wall Street & The Bolshevik Revolution (1974):

In his 1986 book, Sutton shows that the Soviet military is heavily dependent on the US and other Western gifts, trade and exchange programs.
The Western countries have sold, traded, or given the Communists everything from copper wiring and military trucks to tank technology, missile guidance technology, computers, and even the Space Shuttle. This made the wars in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan a possibility.
Ironically the US spent $300 billion a year to fight a Communist threat that was at the same time supported by the US and its allies.

In the 1950s, the Soviet Union produced artillery tractors that were copies of Caterpillar tractors. They had trucks from the Henry Ford-Gorki plant.
The North Korean Air Force had 180 Yak planes built in plants with US Lend-Lease equipment. These Yaks were later replaced by MiG-15s powered by Russian copies of Rolls-Royce jet engines sold to the Soviet Union in 1947.
All the main diesel and steam-turbine propulsion systems of 96 Soviet ships used in Vietnam were originally designed or constructed outside the USSR. If the State and Commerce Departments, in the 1950s and 1960s, had consistently enforced the legislation passed by Congress in 1949, the Soviets would not have had the ability to supply the Vietnamese War.
Soviet tractor plants were established in the early 1930s with major U.S. technical and equipment assistance.

Antony C. Sutton – The Best Enemy Money Can Buy (1986):

Parvus, Lenin, Trotsky – Hjalmar Schacht
One of the younger Benthamites, David Urquhart, would become the handler for British agent Karl Marx.
In 1881, Tsar Alexander II, the ally of Lincoln, was assassinated by the terrorist Narodnaya Volya (People's Will) group. Their plot against the Tsar was facilitated by the leaders of the Tsar's own security service, who then created the secret society, the Holy Brotherhood, to “protect” the monarch.
The Holy Brotherhood would spawn the Okhrana secret police agency, which would be very important in staging the Russian Revolution.

Sergei Zubatov launched his own legal "mass movement", to recruit targets to be brainwashed and teach workers to distrust social democrats. By 1902, Zubatov had organised Zionist unions and "police unions", and had orchestrated attacks against some of the leading Russian manufacturers of the Witte faction.
Father Georgi Gapon organised some of Zubatov’s police unions. It was Gapon who led the march on the Tsar's Winter Palace on 9 January 1905, "Bloody Sunday".
Jabotinsky's activities were also funded directly by Maxim Gorky, an Okhrana operative and conduit of Zubatov payouts.

In 1909, Hjalmar Schacht (Hitler’s chief economic adviser) visited Salonika and Constantinople, hosted by the Macedonia Lodge, and met the Young Turk leadership.
Parvus got the funds for the Russian "regime change" from Hugo Stinnes, a leading German coal magnate close to Schacht. Stinnes gave Parvus control over the shipping and sale of German coal to Denmark, from which Parvus made millions of gold marks per month.

With the help of his friend Schacht, Stinnes made a killing after the 1923 collapse of the German mark so he could buy bankrupt Germany industries and coal mines at a fraction of their worth.
In the 1920s, Stinnes would become a major player in the revival of the German military industry, and continued his business with Parvus (until he died). Stinnes was also in business with Volpi and the Banca Commerciale Italiana.

Founder of the Pan-Europa Union, Count Coudenhove-Kalergi was bankrolled by Max Warburg of the original Venetian Del Banco clan. Warburg had earlier also financed Parvus and Leon Trotsky:
(archived here:

The Jew Parvus (Alexander Helphand) mentored a number of the most important Communists, including Vladimir Lenin and the Jew Leon Trotsky (born Leiba Bronstein).
Trotsky was tutored by Parvus for close to 2 years in Munich before they returned to Russia in 1905 to participate in the St Petersburg Soviet. Trotsky became arguably the most important Communist propagandist.

See Parvus, Trotsky and their associate Lev Deutsch after being arrested in 1905.
[Image: download3.jpg?w=1100]

In the Ottoman Empire the Jew Parvus became an agent for the Vickers firearms company and the big arms dealer Basil Zahraoff. Parvus would become a billionaire if corrected for inflation by selling arms.
In Constantinople, Parvus made a deal with the Young Turks to overthrow Sultan Abdul Hamid II. From 1908 – 1915, Parvus was a key adviser to the Young Turks, becoming editor of their official newspaper Turk Yulcu in 1912.

In 1917, Parvus left the Ottoman Empire to stage the Bolshevik Revolution to undermine Russia. Parvus even met Kaiser Wilhelm II and Vladimir Lenin, whose group of Revolutionaries was smuggled into Russia in the German “sealed” train.

In 1924 Parvus died as one of the richest men in Germany:

Castro armed by the CIA
Jacob Rubenstein is better known as Jack Ruby.
Ruby had been working for Al Capone in the late 1920s. He was a mob hit man since 1939.
In 1959, Ruby became an FBI informant. Jack Ruby first worked with the CIA in the late 1950s, when he was smuggling guns from Florida and Texas to get Fidel Castro to take over Cuba from Batista.
In June 1958, Thomas Eli Davis III was sentenced to 5 years probation for robbing a bank. He went to work for the CIA, training “anti-Castro” units. Davis also worked with Ruby.


Jerry Milton Brooks testified that Maurice Brooks Gatlin Sr for Permindex transported $100,000 to France to finance the assassination attempt. Jack Ruby was a close associate of Gatlin for more than 10 years (they delivered army jeeps to Fidel Castro). Gatlin worked directly under Guy Banister:

Cold War hoax
John Pilger described in his 1998 book Hidden agendas (1998):
Firestarter Wrote:Gore Vidal described the Cold War with the Soviet Union as “an American fiction”, with an effective agreement on “spheres of influence”. The United States had no intention to rescue the Hungarians when Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest in 1956 or the Czechoslovaks when they were invaded in 1968. The Soviet Union had no desire to help the Vietnamese to expel the American invader, or to fight in Latin America.
Secret British planning documents, dismiss the “Soviet threat” as non-existent, even in the Middle East.
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
Stanley Monteith - Brotherhood of Darkness

This post is about a relatively short book, only 69 pages, 4 chapters with good information on how Communists were installed by Capitalist in the US and Britain. I’m not sure if this is the complete book though...

Jacob Schiff financed the Bolshevik Revolution with $20 million. Other New York banks also contributed. It’s claimed that they did this because after the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were published in Russia in 1905, Russian Jews were persecuted. Because the Tsar refused to intervene, Jacob Schiff began plotting to depose him.
The Tsar ordered the Duma to disband but when it refused, he abdicated after which Alexander Kerensky was chosen to lead Russia until new elections. Kerensky intended to continue the Great War (WW I), that’s why the German High Command offered money and transportation to Lenin and Trotsky so they could overthrow Kerensky. After the Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin continued the war, so now they had to get money and supplies from elsewhere.

Colonel Edward Mandell House controlled President Woodrow Wilson and wrote about how he conspired to help the Bolsheviks:
Quote:I had a heart to heart talk with Clemenceau about Bolshevism in Russia and its westward march. I made him confess that military intervention was impossible... Later in the afternoon when Orlando called, I gave him very much the same kind of talk, and he too, agreed with my conclusions. I am trying, and have partially succeeded, to frighten not only the President, but the English, French and Italians regarding what might be termed the Russian peril. Personally, I really do not believe there is as much danger as I make it to them...
I would not confess that military intervention was an impossibility because I believe that it could be successfully accomplished if gone about properly. A voluntary and a mercenary army of very small proportions, equipped with artillery and tanks, would in my opinion do the work.
Later Colonel House controlled President Roosevelt, and much of the social legislation of the Roosevelt Administration came from Colonel House.

General Wrangel led the White Russian army in southern Russia to victory against the Bolsheviks, until British agents ordered him to withdraw his army to the Black Sea and leave Russia. If he refused, they would cut off his supplies, and his men would perish.
English agents destroyed the airplanes he had purchased, and eventually General Wrangel was forced to abandon his fight against the Bolsheviks.

Herbert Hoover catalogued the food and medical supplies sent to Russia from the USA:
To areas controlled by the Russian government - 27,588 tons in food and supplies; $332,508 charity.
To areas controlled by the Bolsheviks - 740,571 tons in food and supplies; $55,994,588 charity.

The Bolsheviks started a central bank that was funded from England and controlled by British and American bankers. Its board of directors featured former tsarist bankers and representatives from German, Swedish, and US banks, while the director of the Foreign Exchange division of the Bolshevik bank was Max May (vice president of the Guaranty Trust Company of J.P. Morgan).

In 1936, US ambassador to Germany William E. Dodd wrote a letter to Colonel House in which he asked why American corporations were building weapons for the Nazis when they couldn't get their profits out of Germany because of the exchange controls.

Britain did everything to delay the invasion of Europe; including opposing an invasion of southern France, and invading Italy instead.
This made it possible for the Red Army to conquer Eastern Europe.

Henry Ford supposedly financed Adolf Hitler because the Nazis would fight against those horrible Jews and Communists. The problem with this “conspiracy theory” is that Henry Ford also built a factory in the Soviet Union to help the same Communists!
The Ford Foundation has also funded Communist front organisations.
In 2000, the Ford Motor Company has 7 factories in Communist China, and plans to build more. Henry Ford helped the Bolsheviks in the 1930s, and today his company is helping the Chinese communists. Why?

Most people have been fooled to believe that the Communists simply beat the Nationalist Chinese. They couldn’t have without the support of US President Harry Truman.
General Chiang Kai-shek's armies were winning the civil war until the US State Department installed an arms embargo which prevented them from buying weapons or supplies anywhere in the world. Even the weapons they had already purchased on Okinawa and other Pacific islands were blocked. The US State Department intentionally brought Chairman Mao to power:
Quote:When the Chinese government did not effect coalition, by the summer of 1946 United States military assistance to China was brought to an end. Not only did the United States stop sending military supplies to the Chinese Government; the shipment of war materials actually purchased by the Chinese also was halted… The Chinese also had purchased surplus equipment that remained on Okinawa and other Pacific islands. Even the shipment of this was banned…
A complete embargo took effect in the summer of 1946. It was maintained at least until May 1947. General Chennault testified that the first shipment arrived in Shanghai in December 1948… Chennault further stated that the war material sent to China after the embargo did not arrive in time to aid the Chinese Nationalists in the field…
Admiral Cooke … testified that the Chinese had a number of divisions equipped with American arms... When the flow of American ammunition was stopped, these divisions lost their fire power and were defeated. Even after the Eightieth Congress appropriated $125,000,000 for aid to the Chinese, shipments were delayed and when the guns finally reached the Chinese general in north China they were without bolts and therefore useless.

Following the communist takeover of China in 1950, the US Senate appointed a special committee led by Congressman B. Carroll Reece to investigate why the State Department placed an arms embargo on the Nationalist Chinese to bring Chairman Mao to power.
The Reece Committee discovered that tax-exempt foundations were working with the Rhodes Trust, and Rhodes Scholars were assigned to strategic positions in US government. For example Dean Rusk, after returning from Oxford, worked for the Rockefeller Foundation until he was appointed Undersecretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs, where he could help the Communists in China. Later he returned to the Rockefeller Foundation where he stayed until President Kennedy appointed him Secretary of State, where he was largely responsible for starting the Vietnam War. In 1968, he became president of the Rockefeller Foundation.
Here are 4 important conclusions of the Reece Committee:
1. In 1915 the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace launched a propaganda program to force the United States into World War I.
2. Many of the large US foundations were promoting communism and socialism.
3. Foundations influenced State Department policy and were largely responsible for bringing communism to China.
4. Foundations were working to undermine our constitutional form of government.

Once again the US State Department brought the communist Fidel Castro to power.
This is detailed in the Senate Report on the fall of Cuba.

The American Communist Party was partly financed by J.P. Morgan. Senior partner in J.P. Morgan Tom Lamont, his wife Flora, and his son Corliss were sponsors and financers to a score of extreme Left organizations, including the Communist Party itself.
Member of the Central Committee of the American Communist Party before World War II, Bella Dodd, became disillusioned with Communism after a Soviet diplomat told her to contact 3 men at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel if she needed the current Communist Party line. All 3 were well-known “capitalist” financiers. When she learned they were authorised to speak for the Soviet Union, she realized that Moscow was working with Wall Street.
KGB agent Thomas Schuman also found out that Western financiers were working closely with the Soviet leaders.

Andrew Carnegie was a wealthy socialist, who believed in monopoly capitalism and envisioned socialism to be used to create a ruling class. Under socialism everyone is controlled by the government, the government is controlled by politicians, and politicians are bought by wealthy men and corporations.
After selling Carnegie Steel (U.S. Steel) to J.P. Morgan, Carnegie funded several foundations to transform society and promote world government.

By 1917, J.P. Morgan and co controlled 25 of the most influential American newspapers. They published completely fake stories on the supposed atrocities committed by the Germans.
On 9 February 1917, US Congressman Oscar Callaway inserted in the Congressional Record:
Quote:In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests … and their subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press of the United States. These 12 men worked the problem out by selecting 179 newspapers, and then began, by an elimination process, to retain only those necessary for the purpose of controlling the general policy of the daily press throughout the country.
They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. The 25 papers were agreed upon; emissaries were sent to purchase the policy, national and international, of these papers; an agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers. This contract is in existence at the present time, and it accounts for the news columns of the daily press of the country being filled with all sorts of preparedness arguments.

In 1884, the Fabian Socialist Society was organised which included George Bernard Shaw.
Shaw explained Socialism as follows:
Quote:I also made it quite clear that socialism means equality of income or nothing, and that under Socialism you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not.
If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live you would have to live well... As far as I know I was the first Socialist writer to whom it occurred to state this explicitly as a necessary postulate of permanent civilization.

Cecil Rhodes wrote in 1877 about his plan to bring the world under British rule and recolonise the United States:
Quote:The idea gleaming and dancing before ones eyes like a will-o-the-wisp at last frames itself into a plan. Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire, for the bringing of the whole uncivilized world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for the making [of] the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire.
In February 1891, Cecil Rhodes’ first 3 recruits were William T. Stead, Lord Alfred Milner, and a man now known as Lord Esher. Rhodes and his fellow conspirators orchestrated the Boer War.
According to A. Goulevitch, Knight of the Garter Lord Alfred Milner financed the March 1917 revolution.

H.G. Wells wrote that in the Coefficients dinner club there were 2 factions: 1) Fabian Socialists Bertrand Russell, George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, and Sidney Webb; and 2) British aristocracy Lord Milner, Leopold Amery, Lord Brand, Sir Edward Grey, and Lord Cecil. Milner, Lord Brand, and Leo Amery were also members of Rhodes' secret society, and Sir Edward Grey was closely aligned with it.
After WW I ended, Great Britain was bankrupt, and Lord Milner's men asked Frederic Howe to arrange a meeting with the US delegation to ask if they would take the leadership of their program. Colonel House as head of the American delegation, agreed. Subsequently, the Royal Institutes of International Affairs were established in 5 Commonwealth nations, and the Council on Foreign Relations in the US.

In 1923, Alice Bailey organised the Lucis Trust to publish and distribute her and Madame Blavatsky's writings, which are the foundation of New Age thought.
Robert Muller belongs to the Lucis Trust. He was Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, and his World Core Curriculum is being used in schools to introduce students to the occult.

In Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike explained that the lower “blue” level freemason are deceived:
Quote:The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations.
It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry.

Dr. Dennis Cuddy has stated that:
Quote:The huge investment banking firm of Goldman Sachs has included dozens of [Rhodes] scholars over the past half century, but never as many as in the 1990s, when at any given moment at least a half dozen have been partners.

Six of the last 9 US presidents were members of the CFR, and at least 5 of the last 11 presidents were Masons. A sixth president, William Jefferson Clinton, was a Rhodes Scholar and a member of the boys' club for Masons, de Molays.
President Harry Truman was a 33rd Degree Mason. Truman stacked the US Supreme Court with Masons, gave China and Eastern Europe to the communists, created the United Nations, got the US in a no-win war in Korea, and fired General MacArthur when he tried to win that war.

Henry Ford was also a 33rd Degree Mason.
Winston Churchill was both a Mason and a Druid.

In 2000, Maurice Strong was senior advisor to both Secretary-General of the UN Kofi Annan and president of the World Bank James Wolfensohn. Some “conspiracy theorists” have concluded that Maurice Strong actually runs the UN. From 1971 to 1978, Strong was a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation.
Strong was the chairman of both the Earth Council and the World Resources institute, co-chairman of the Council of the World Economic Forum and a member of Toyota's International Advisory Board. He has also been president of the World Federation of the UN Association, a trustee of the Aspen institute, director of the World Future Society, and a director of finance of the Lindisfarne Association. In 1972, Strong was the Secretary-General of the First Earth Summit in 1992 also of the Second Earth Summit, and of the Earth Summit Plus Five in 1997.

Both Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong are associated with the Club of Rome, and they co-authored the Earth Charter, a plan for control over us – the slaves – in the future.
Isn’t it strange that Communists and capitalists apparently share the same ideal of complete control over the masses?

Stanley Monteith – Brotherhood of Darkness (2000):

One of the references in the Monteith book is Bruce Lockhart’s 1932 memoirs.
In February 1917, Lord Alfred Milner visited Russia shortly before the Tsar was deposed. After the Bolshevik Revolution had started, Milner sent Lockhart to Saint Petersburg and board member of the Federal Reserve Bank William Boyce Thompson sent Raymond Robins to Russia to monitor the Bolshevik Revolution.

Bruce Lockhart described an incident that shows how an Englishman and American had access to leader of the Communists, Vladimir Lenin:
Quote:Another new acquaintance of these first days in Bolshevised St. Petersburg was Raymond Robins, the head of the American Red Cross Mission... Although a rich man himself, he was an anti-capitalist...
Hitherto, his two heroes had been Roosevelt and Cecil Rhodes. Now Lenin had captured his imagination... Robins was the only man whom Lenin was always willing to see, and who ever succeeded in imposing his own personality on the unemotional Bolshevik leader...
I returned from my interview to our flat only to find an urgent message from Robins requesting me to come to see him at once. I found him in a state of great agitation. He had been in conflict with Saalkind, a nephew of Trotsky and then Assistant Commissar for Foreign Affairs. Saalkind had been rude, and the American, who had a promise from Lenin that, whatever happened, a train would always be ready for him at an hour's notice, was determined to exact an apology or to leave the country. When I arrived he had just finished telephoning to Lenin. He had delivered his ultimatum, and Lenin had promised to give a reply within ten minutes. I waited, while Robins fumed.
Then the telephone rang and Robins picked up the receiver. Lenin had capitulated. Saalkind was dismissed from his post. He was an old member of the Party. Would Robins have any objection if Lenin sent him as a Bolshevik emissary to Berne? Robins smiled grimly. 'Thank you, Mr. Lenin,' he said. 'As I can't send the [expletive deleted] to hell, burn is the next best thing you can do with him.'

R.H. Bruce Lockhart - Memoirs of a British Agent (1932):
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
I’m amazed at how much information I have collected on the collaboration between Communists and Anglo-American intelligence agencies.
In this post some more…

If you’re interested in “conspiracy books” on a variety of subjecrs; I found the PDF of the Monteith book (and the Griffin and Rodney Stich book) at the following Dutch site with a huge collection of “conspiracy books” (most books are in English):

See the following (transcript) of an 1984 interview with Norman Dodd, who worked on the Reece Committee…
President of the tax-free Ford Foundation Rowan Gaither explained their objective:
Quote:Mr. Dodd, we are here to operate in response to similar directives, the substance of which is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States, that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.

Norman Dodd explained that:
Quote:Carnegie Endowment for International Peace story, and the Ford Foundation, and the Guggenheim, and the Rockefeller Foundation -- all working in harmony toward the control of education in the United States.
So they approach the Rockefeller Foundation with a suggestion: that portion of education which could be considered domestic should be handled by the Rockefeller Foundation, and that portion which is international should be handled by the Carnegie Endowment.

Firestarter Wrote:Karl Marx, Trotsky, Bolsheviks
In 1904, Jacob Schiff (head of the New York investment firm of Kuhn, Loeb, and Company), had raised capital for large war loans to Japan so they could fight against Russia.

This 1911 cartoon by Robert Minor shows Karl Marx surrounded by delighted Wall Street financiers: Morgan partner George Perkins; J.P. Morgan; John Ryan of National City Bank; John D. Rockefeller; and Andrew Carnegie. Behind Marx stand Teddy Roosevelt…
[Image: Robert-Minor-Dee-Lighted-1911.png]

In January of 1916, Leon Trotsky was expelled from France and came to the US at the invitation of Schiff. His travel expenses were paid by Schiff.
On 23 March 1917, the abdication of Tsar Nicholas was celebrated at Carnegie Hall. When Trotsky returned to Petrograd in May 1917, he carried $10,000 for travel expenses, again from Kuhn, Loeb.

Contrary to believe, Lenin, Trotsky, and their Bolsheviks did not overthrow the monarchy but overthrew the first democratic society in Russian history, set up through the March 1917 revolution. Lenin and Trotsky weren’t sent to Russia to overthrow the Tsar but to make an end to the (real?) revolution.
After the October 1917 Revolution, all the banks in Russia were "nationalised" by the Bolsheviks except for the Petrograd branch of Rockefeller's National City Bank.

Arsene de Goulevitch mentioned that Knight of the Garter Alfred Milner (head of the Round Table) financed the Bolshevik Revolution with over 21 million roubles and that another of its financers was British Ambassador to Russia Sir George Buchanan.
At the same time that Morgan was funding pro-Bolshevik groups, he also founded the extreme anti-Bolshevik “United Americans” that was trying to frighten Americans into believing that a Red mob was ready to take New York. In a strange twist the officers of “United Americans” were Allen Walker of the Guarantee Trust Company (the Soviet's fiscal agent in the U.S. at the time); Daniel Willard president of the Baltimore & Ohio Railway (that was developing Soviet railways); H.H. Westinghouse of Westinghouse Air Brake Company (which operated a major plant in Russia); and Otto H. Kahn of Kuhn, Loeb & Company (arguable THE principal financial backer of the Soviet regime).
Morgan and a consortium of British financiers, including Alfred Milner, also financed the army of Admiral Kolchak, who was fighting against the Bolsheviks in Siberia.

In the years after the Bolsheviks took dictatorial control of the Soviet Union, lucrative contracts were issued to British and American businesses affiliated with the Round Table network.
Chicago meat packers Morris & Company, for example, got a 50 million pounds contract. Edward Morris was married to Helen Swift, sister of Harold Swift who had been a "Major" at the Red Cross Mission in Russia.
From 1921 to 1925, Standard Oil and General Electric supplied $37 million worth of machinery.
Junkers Aircraft in Germany literally created Soviet air power.
At least 3 million slave labourers perished in Siberia digging ore for Britain's Lena Goldfields, Ltd.
W. Averell Harriman — who later became US Ambassador to Russia — acquired a twenty-year monopoly over Soviet manganese production.


American banks had always been willing to make loans to the Soviet Union, except for short periods of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and other minor “business interruptions”.
The Soviets bought American goods with “loans” from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Almost all of these loans were guaranteed by the US government, which means that if these countries default, the gullible American taxpayer will once again have to pay.
America gives billions to Russia, which uses it to build and sell missiles to China. China then sells those Russian-made missiles to the oil-rich Iran.

American banks and businessmen — with taxpayers’ guarantees — have provided power-generating equipment, modern steel mills and military hardware to China.
Within a few weeks of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing, at the very time that student leaders were executed, the Bush Administration approved a $200 million, low-interest loan for delivery of 4 brand new Boeings. In 1993, 47 more Boeing jetliners were sold with another 800 Boeings over the next 15 years projected. China paid for all this through guaranteed loans and subsidies from the World Bank.

The US also provided aid to Eastern Europe, under control of the Soviet Union, which strengthened the Communist regimes.
In November 1988, the World Bank made its first loan to Poland for $17.9 million. In 1991, the Bush Administration cancelled 70% of the $3.8 billion owed to the United States, which had to be paid by American taxpayers instead.
During 1992, Yeltsin wheeled and dealed with Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, Amoco, Texaco, and Exxon.

Firestarter Wrote:In January 1976, Crittenden Air Transport (CAT) made its first flight to Beijing, China, delivering arms and bringing back a load of heroin, for which CAT received $100,000 from the Shamrock Corporation. The drugs from that flight were unloaded at Bangkok, Thailand, where Southern Air Transport, picked it up for delivery at Los Angeles.
Stephen Crittenden described that he delivered either arms or drugs, including heroin from Southeast Asia or cocaine and marijuana from Latin America for the CIA. Crittenden used the airport at Mena, Arkansas. He described that Arkansas state police was guarding the operations.
Crittenden made several flights into Moscow during the Cold War, including one flight in 1976 where M-16 rifles were off-loaded. For the return flight he brought Russian AK 47s to San Salvador in El Salvador. At San Salvador the unloading arms was coordinated by John Forsyth, who worked for James Pennington, the CIA's liaison to Anastasio Somoza, head of the Nicaraguan government.
Crittenden described one strange flight in which 40 pretty blonde women were flown to Hong Kong as "presents" from the CIA to the military leaders of Communist China. The women were never heard from again.

According to several CIA and DEA sources, the Mossad was also a major player in the CIA drug trafficking in Latin America, which included Michael "Freddy" Harari and David Kimche. The Mossad worked hand-in-hand with the CIA and drug traffickers (including the Medellin and Cali Cartels).
In December 1981, the CIA intentionally created a crisis situation, the kidnapping of drug lord Jorge Luis Ochoa's sister, Leona, as an impetus to form Colombia's Medellin Cartel.
CIA asset Trenton Parker described that the CIA paid the M-19 group 3 million dollars, $2 million in guns and $1 million in cash, to carry out the kidnapping. Parker stated:
Quote:I personally delivered two million dollars to Fidel Castro. And for those two million dollars he was to see that a shipment of arms was to go to M-19.

In January 1969, KGB agent Boris Sedov discussed a secret, back-channel relationship with the close advisor to the US president-elect – Henry Kissinger. The Kremlin wanted to deal with President (elect) Richard Nixon “on the basis of complete frankness”.
Besides Henry Kissinger’s relationship with Sedov, prior to his 1968 election, Richard Nixon also communicated with Soviet leaders through his longtime aide and personal friend Robert Ellsworth, who met with Soviet Ambassador to the US Anatoly Dobrynin and other Soviet leaders:
(archived here:

See Richard Nixon, Anatoly Dobrynin, and Kissinger at Camp David in 1973.
[Image: moss_7b_conclusion-b-photo.jpg?w=625]

Eventually the "back channel" became a non-secret.
Following is a selection of official documents on some of the meetings between Henry Kissinger and Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin. There are probably more interesting reports on their meetings (that almost certainly leave out the most juicy parts...).

The most interesting of these documents is Anatoly Dobrynin calling Alexander Haig and Henry Kissinger on 26 and 29 October 1973 after Henry Kissinger put US military forces on DEFCON III (during the Watergate scandal that was orchestrated to make Richard Nixon resign):

This was nothing new by the way, a Kremlin-Washington backchannel had existed since at least 1962, when the Cuba missile crisis was staged (but then without Henry Kissinger).
The whole “Cold War” was completely fake, with the Soviets, Americans and Brits being very intimate behind closed doors:

Firestarter Wrote:Robert Maxwell's business partner in the Anglo-Continental Exchange was Kurt Wallersteiner, whose son Anthony Wallersteiner is a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell.
Redacted FBI reports, released in 2013, note that in 1953 Robert Maxwell and Wallersteiner had “allegedly been recruited by the Soviet intelligence service for espionage purposes”.

See Robert Maxwell with Leonid Brezhnev, December 1978.
[Image: 2e5c7759981582c835d4808fb2d454a9e7e6caae.gif]

Quote:According to T-1, of known reliability, subject [Robert Maxwell] and Kurt Wallersteiner, British citizens, business partners, are in contact with Russians in East Germany, who were prepared to facilitate trading by their companies with Eastern bloc countries in return for political and economic intelligence information regarding policies of the Western Powers, and the West German Government, in particular, towards East Germany; information regarding US and allied mililtary, political, and economic organizations in Germany; US and allied intelligence operations directed against the Soviet bloc; US contacts with underground movement in the USSR.
According to T-1, of known reliability, Kurt Wallersteiner and Ian Robert Maxwell are partners in the firm Anglo-Continental Exchange, Ltd., of London, England. T-1 stated that this is a scientific publishing and book-selling company. T-1 stated that both Wallersteiner and Maxwell have been recruited by the Soviets for Espionage purposes.
T-1 related that Maxwell and Wallersteiner were in contact with the Russians in East Germany, who were prepared to facilitate trading by their companies with Eastern bloc countries in return for certain intelligence information.
[Image: e66037f67f7280d8b74795e134b608bebf5e84ee.png]

There is also an interesting connection from Skull & Bones, Yale, to Yale in China; and Mao Zedong (who became chairman of the CCP) was a Yalie:
Quote:Between 1919 and 1920, future Chairman Mao Zedong had several encounters with the school: he edited its student magazine, re-focusing it on "thought reorientation," and operated a bookshop out of its medical college.[1][2]

Quote:China, with one billion people and rising like an evil phoenix, could rule the world unlike Saddam in Iraq or Noriega in Panama that were mere national or regional powers. The rise of Maoism in China did not happen by accident. It was guided along by Skull and Bones and other evil networks. The rise of the red dragon from a rice paddy to RFID, from the barefoot doctor to man in space has been designed. China has not risen, it has been lifted.

Isn’t it strange that with all of the media hysteria on the “trade war” with China, earlier this year the Frontier Services Group of the brother of Donald’s Secretary of education Betsy DeVos, Erik Prince (of Blackwater fame), signed a deal to build a training centre in Xinjiang in China?!?
According to the United Nations, in Xinjiang up to a million Uighur Muslims are held in extrajudicial mass incarceration camps.

Frontier is doing lots of business in China, and also works for Chinese companies in Africa:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
Interarms, Cummings, Albert Bryan, Castro, Senator Tower

In 1953, after leaving the CIA, Samuel Cummings reportedly founded Interarms (a.k.a. International Arms Corporation or Interarmco) in Alexandria, Virginia which sold $80-100 million worth of guns and ammunition to dictators, despots, revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries.
Cummings made millions from the apartheid regime in South Africa, the United States, Britain, Austria, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Israel, and other nations in the Middle East and Latin America.

In 1950, Cummings began his career by joining the Central Intelligence Agency. For four years, Cummings was the CIA's most cunning arms dealer. He snapped up $100 million worth of cheap German arms and sold them to Chinese Nationalist forces in Taiwan.

In 1954, the CIA staged a coup in Guatemala and used Cummings to arm the new Government.
Later that decade, Cummings sold arms both to Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista and his successor, Fidel Castro.

The reported world's biggest small-arms dealer, Sam Cummings, died on 29 April 1998 in Monaco:

According to Valmore J. Forgett, in March 1958, deactivated guns (for which government records were destroyed) from Raritan Arsenal, were purchased with CIA funds through a New York City-based CIA (CIA) front, Regent International Limited.

These guns were then shipped to Florida where they were illegally reactivated by the CIA and finally shipped to Fidel Castro’s Communists for the Cuban coup.
Forgett’s associate in the machine gun business was none other than Sam Cummings:

The story gets even better…
In reality Interarms was set up and controlled by the First and Citizens National Bank of Alexandria that was owned by Albert V. Bryan, Jr. and his family since 1864. Bryan coordinated this operation with the Washington Post, CIA, and British Defence Ministry.
Bryan's bank put up the money to buy half a million rifles from the British War Ministry for Argentina.

The first big Interarms CIA project was arming Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro. The Agency for International Development took the arms, rifles, machine guns, and ammunition from Alexandria to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland for shipment to Central and South America, for untraceable delivery to Cuba. After Castro seized power, Interarms armed his government openly, until Castro publicly became an enemy of the US government and Interarms supplied the Cuban exiles for the Bay of Pigs invasion (which of course did nothing to harm Castro’s popularity).

In contrast to the official story, Bryan's Interarms company also armed Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi for the coup in Libya. In 1976-77, when George Bush Sr. was CIA director, CIA employees under Edwin Wilson trained and armed Gaddafi's terrorists and assassins, in North Africa, Europe, and in Virginia.
CIA man Frank Terpil, a top Gaddafi supplier, was arrested in England on his arms dealings with the Interarms company. The CIA claimed that the Gaddafi operation was "unauthorized"; and now Gaddafi was "like Hitler".

From 1979 to 1986, Albert V. Bryan, Jr. had become a judge at the top-secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court operated by the Justice Department, "legalizing" wiretaps and mail intercepts within the United States.
Judge Albert V. Bryan, Jr. also sat on key parts of Frank Terpil's case.

The same Albert V. Bryan, Jr., as Federal Judge, jailed US whistleblower Lyndon LaRouche and 6 associates on trumped up "conspiracy" charges:

Now the story turns into something of a genuine “conspiracy”...
Senator John Tower was in Paris for the infamous 19/20 October 1980 meetings in Paris between George Bush Sr. and representatives of Ayatollah Khomeini.
See the 1988 FBI memo about allegations that Senator Tower had been negotiating with the Khomeini regime in 1980 on supplying Iran with replacement parts for planes.
[Image: iran88.jpg]

John Tower was married to none other than Samuel Cummings’s sister, Lilla Burt Cummings.
Representative Tower helped the Interarms company in their arms deals.

Who do you think President Reagan selected in 1986, for a commission to “investigate” the so-called Iran-Contra affair?!? John Tower...
In 1989, Tower was nominated for Secretary of Defense by President Bush Sr., rejected by the US Senate!

Frank Sturgis bought large numbers of weapons through Interarmco for Fidel Castro. According to Sturgis’ testimony before the Rockefeller Commission, he learned that Interarmco’s “owner”, Sam Cummings, was a CIA agent.
[Image: armco.jpg]

In the spring of 1989, Robert Maxwell and his daughter Ghislaine hosted a party on his yacht in the presence of Donald Trump, former US senator John Tower (involved in Iran-Contra), and ex-navy secretary John Lehman.
See Donald showing his thumb, John Tower to his right and Robert Maxwell on the far right.
[Image: 3a29093300000578-0-wallace-a-97_1478625492404.jpg]
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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