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Ghislaine Maxwell, the Wallersteiners, Stowe School Cabal and SARAH THE DIRTY DUCHESS

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PROMIS monitoring & CONTROL FILES – 
CANTOR FITZGERALD & bogus charities – 

After & prior to 11 September 2001, prominent individuals with links to organized child sex trafficking & pedophilia had knowledge of plans, consented to by powerful Friends of Israel, to allow terrorist attacks on key targets on 9/11. Among those with knowledge applicable to uncovering the truth: GhislaineKevin, Ian & Christine Maxwell, Howard Lutnick & Sarah Ferguson.

Vital knowledge was & is also possessed by Prince Andrew; Dr Anthony Wallersteiner: son of the late Robert Maxwell's business partner Kurt Wallersteiner; Isabel Maxwell; Lee Amaitis; Lady Lynn & Sir Evelyn de Rothschild; as well as the heads of certain Intelligence agencies foreign & domestic. 

When did Sarah Ferguson first allow herself to become complicit in organised pedophilia, sex trafficking, blackmail & mass murder with links to Israel?

Sarah married into The Firm with her July 1986 wedding to Prince Andrew.

In October that year it was intimated by a national newspaper that Ghislaine Maxwell & the future 11th Duke of Rutland David Manners were, or had been, in a relationship. 

Sarah & Andrew would divorce in 1996 & Andrew would subsequently pursue Ghislaine in an amorous vein in 2000 before that romance also died  but the trio of Andrew, Sarah and Ghislaine (two women once pursued by the same prince) finally settled, by 2003, on being mutual friends & business partners. By which year, the 11th Duke of Rutland David Manners – whose 1986 fling with Ghislaine had apparently lasted about as long as Prince Andrew's 2000 fling with Ghislaine – was nurturing an alliance with Harvey Proctor, a convicted pedophile.

Why was Fergie still willing to be friends & business partners with Andrew & Ghislaine in the early 2000s (let alone Jeffrey Epstein)? Had she spent the previous 15 years shunning all news reports about their unsavory associations?

In 1991 newspapers reported the allegation that, in the 1980s, Greville Janner had raped a boy continuously for two years. Yet in the same period when Janner had been raping this boy, Prince Andrew & Janner had maintained a friendship! In early 1986 Janner had groomed a victim 17 or 18 years old in Andrew's  & Fergie's immediate presence while the foursome were on a combined 'date night' at a London theater.

By 1991 at the latest, Sarah would have amassed sufficient knowledge of her husband's proclivities and associations for alarm bells to ring. By the time, a decade later, she was embarking on a new era of mutual friendship & financial interdependence with Andrew, Ghislaine & Epstein, it cannot be conceived that she was ignorant of that group's true nature.

Fergie's convoluted empire of children's charities, linked to the conspiracy:

Children in Crisis

     One of Sarah's original dubious children's charities. Founded by Ferguson & friends in April 1993, some eight years before 9/11, Children in Crisis was a UK registered charity (see also Children in Crisis Trading Ltd & Children in Crisis Italy). The renown of Children in Crisis & its sister charity Chances for Children increased dramatically after 9/11. Why? Because Fergie drew on her personal experience of 9/11 as a powerful PR tool as she toured newsrooms giving emotional interviews in the months following the atrocity.

Fergie styled herself as someone who'd narrowly avoided death on 9/11 & was now doing all she could to help its victims, fired by a sense of mission or survivor's guilt. In this way, the duchess rebranded herself from a royal 'cast-off' into a philanthropist of note, & transformed her pre-existing children's charities into money-spinning enterprises. According to Fergie's self-spun myth, she was a woman transformed by 9/11, by her feelings of compassion, into a newly-energi\ed crusader for kids, 9/11 survivors & victims' families.
     NB: In 2018 Fergie subsumed Children in Crisis into a different charity called Street Child created in 2008 (see below). Today Children in Crisis no longer exists as a standalone charity in the UK - only as a name within Sarah's burgeoning Street Child empire.

That being said, an international arm of Children in Crisis continues to operate. The International C.I.C. Foundation is registered in Dallas, Texas.

     Children in Crisis Co-founders: Fergie & Clare Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford Haven (also Life Presidents); Grahame Harding; Paul Szkiler (Harding & Szkiler also Trustees); & Theodosia Ellert. Clare Milford Haven appears in Ghislaine's Black Book along with her husband. Szkiler is a businessman who trumpets his Christianity. Similarly, 'Theo' Ellert is a vocal Christian who says that her son, a psychiatrist, was conceived on Israel's Mount of Olives while she was working for the Order of St John. CEO (until 2010): Mark McKeownChair & Trustee: Stowe School principal Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, son of the late Robert Maxwell's business partner. Fergie & Dr Wallersteiner are close friends, regularly uniting for events at Stowe School, including galas benefiting the duchess's charities. Dr Wallersteiner's sister, Rebecca Wallersteiner, as well as being the daughter of the late Robert Maxwell's business partner, was the lover of pedophile Lucian Freud. Dr Anthony Wallersteiner also has an indirect connection to Jimmy Savile & Lord Janner. The Director of the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation, Dr John Levy, in 2015 gave a lecture at Stowe about the Middle East, presumably at Dr Wallersteiner's behest. It was Levy who organised Savile's astonishing tour of Israel which saw the pedophile advise Israel's then president Ephraim Katzir & the Knesset. Levy has also been photographed with the late serial pedophile Lord Janner. Supporter: Joanna LumleyNon-exec. directors: Lee Amaitis of Cantor Fitzgerald/BGC Partners. Amaitis has been the head of CF's London office & was the company's second in command to Howard Lutnick. (NB: major support for Children in Crisis has also come from Lutnick, who paid for Fergie's office in the World Trade Center - see below). Dr Keith Hellawell, a former 'top cop' who was criticised for giving serial killer Peter Sutcliffe a Christmas cardJames Henderson, the ex CEO of Bell Pottinger. Henderson advised the late pedophile, Lord Alistair McAlpine, on how to deal with the true allegations linking him to the Jimmy Savile scandal & the trafficking of children from N. Wales to Dolphin SquareBell Pottinger has represented serial pedophile Rolf Harris, Kate & Gerry McCann, and the Mark Warner Co. in whose holiday villas the McCanns had been staying. A week prior to Madeleine McCann's disappearance, Bell Pottinger "had its crisis management subsidiary Resonate in situ at the Ocean Club". Major-Gen Graham Spencer Hollands: Hollands was commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1963. Hollands worked for the Ministry of Defence in 1980-81 then held posts including Commanding Officer of the RA's 25th Field Regiment 1981-84; Commanding Officer of the RA's 3rd Regiment 1984-85; & Commander of the RA's 2nd Infantry Division 1987-89. Hollands has also been a director of the RA Charitable Fund. Other men who've served in the Royal Artillery include Maj Raymond Beech (whom survivor Carl Beech accused of having abused him as a boy as part of a ring linked to Stowe School), & pedophiles Lord Janner, Edward Heath & Peter Righton.

Chances for Children Inc (and Chances for Children Ltd)

     Founded by Ferguson in 1994 as a US offshoot of Children in Crisis & now seemingly defunct, Chances for Children Inc had US headquarters on the 101st floor of WTC One in office space supplied to Fergie free by her close friends, Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick & Howard's wife, Allison Lutnick nee Lambert, a lawyer. (The Lutnicks also supplied Fergie with free office space in Milan: possibly for Children in Crisis Italy). The duchess has ever since returned the favor by supporting the Lutnicks' own charities. Howard Lutnick had a brother, Gary Lutnick, who was employed in Cantor Fitzgerald's WTC offices & died when the planes hit. However, it's been suggested that Gary either may not have existed, at least as portrayed, or may not have been in the WTC when the planes hit, & thus may not have died on 9/11.

In spite of operating from the WTC, Chances for Children Inc was registered with the New York state dept's Division of Corporations at other addresses: 500 5th Ave. and 230 E. 7th St in New York and 10 Wyndham Place in London. Chances for Children was also registered with UK Companies House as a Limited company, albeit with New York-based directors (see below).

     There doesn't appear to have been much practical separation between the administration of Chances for Children (ostensibly set up to help US kids) and Children in Crisis (ostensibly set up to help kids outside the US). Indeed, statements by Fergie have suggested that she & her employees used the office space in WTC North Tower to perform tasks for both charities (as previously noted, Chances for Children also had an address in London while Children in Crisis is now part of Street Child which is seemingly headquartered in California).

     Incredibly, neither Ferguson nor any of her employees were present when the North Tower was struck by a plane. "On Sep 11 2001 the Duchess had been making her way to the North Tower of the WTC but was 20 minutes behind schedule due to heavy traffic, something she says that saved her life." The meeting for which the duchess was late had been meant to start at 8:45am.

   In the months after 9/11 Fergie took every opportunity to recount this incredible anecdote on TV & in the press. And she invariably shared a further astonishing anecdote about her personal relationship to 9/11. Chances for Children had always had a "mascot", the duchess said. It was a rag doll which had sat next to a window in her 101st floor office of the WTC North Tower, "overlooking Manhattan & the US". This weird doll had miraculously survived the attack on the Twin Towers (much like herself, her employees, & her close friend Howard Lutnick), & was found in the rubble. An emotional duchess referred to the miracle doll as her "alter ego". The anecdote invariably segued into appeals for donations. The public could support Chances for Children & victims of 9/11 by purchasing replicas of Little Red, or by contributing to Chances for Children or The Duchess of York's 9/11 fund. Fergie would also pen a children's book about Little Red to raise money.

Fergie's personal links to 9/11, including the tale of how she cheated death & was reunited with her "alter ago" in the form of a weird doll, made the duchess a hit with broadcasters & tabloids, & powered her overnight career relaunch as a philanthropist.

Chances for Children CEO (dates unknown): Ann Desollarwho claims that her then-boyfriend was the ill-fated Cantor Fitzgerald partner Gary Lutnick. Chances for Children Co-Founder & Exec. Director (Dec 1994-Jul 1996) and Co-President & Board Member (Sep 1997-Sep 2002): Christine 'Tine' Ward (nee Gallagher). 'Tine' Ward started out as Fergie's PA before co-founding Chances for Children.with the duchess & serving as its Exec. Director. Ward married British stockbroker Greville Ward in Bath in 1995; however it's unknown if they remain married. Tine Ward went on to found The Darfur Project & in this capacity was a member of/participant in The Clinton Global Initiative in 2007 alongside Mossad child-procurer Ghislaine. Other 2007 Clinton Global Initiative participants: Jeffrey Epstein's brother (Mark); Edgar, Sara & Clare Bronfman (Clare in 2019 pleaded guilty in the Nxivm sex cult case); Lady Lynn de Rothschild, her husband Sir Evelyn, and Evelyn's son David de Rothschild (who has also been a supporter of Ghislaine's dubious & now-defunct TerraMar charity). It's unclear whether 'CEO' Ann Desollar or 'Exec. Director' Tine Ward held the superior position in the charity or if perhaps they alternated in the top job in different periods.

After taking part in the 2007 Clinton Global Initiative, Ward founded Rockflower, a 'nonprofit venture philanthropy fund' where she now works for herself, living in Rhode Island. Chances for Children's non-exec. directors (all based in the Greater NYC area): FergieJames Gerard, an asset management specialist; Dr Irwin Redlener, a Jewish pediatrician who has reportedly advised the US Dept Homeland Security, and "who once had lunch with Fidel Castro & has seen Michael Jackson cry"Joseph Michaels IV, a Jewish tax lawyer; & 'Tine' Ward nee Gallagher (who also served as the Exec. Director).

Jeffrey Epstein's lawyers, including Alan Dershowitz, said in 2007 that Epstein had been “part of the original group that conceived the Clinton Global Initiative, described as a project 'bringing together a community of global leaders to devise & implement [solutions] to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.'" Ghislaine was also associated with the Clinton Global Initiative at least until 2013. Allison Lutnick nee Lambert (who, with her husband, was supplying Fergie with the free WTC office space) was also a Chances for Children director, according to the mysterious Ann Desollar; however Allison Lutnick nee Lambert seemingly wasn't registered in this capacity with UK Companies Houses.

The Duchess of York's 9/11 Fund (an "offshoot" of Chances for Children)

     Some two months after the attack on the World Trade Center, Fergie explained in a Nov. 2001 interview that she had established The Duchess of York's 9/11 Fund, telling Larry King it had already raised "close to $100,000". The Duchess of York's 9/11 Fund was reportedly an "offshoot" of Ferguson's Chances for Children.

     According to Fergie: "We regrouped & we started the 9/11 Fund, which was to support The Cantor Fitzgerald Fund for Families." The Duchess has also said: "[We decided to] start a 9/11 Fund in order to raise money to help Howard [Lutnick] in any way we could, & also the other victims." Elsewhere, it was stated that the Duchess of York's 9/11 Fund was founded to "counsel children affected by the [9/11] disaster". This Fund received monies from a cocktail reception & live auction at Sothebys New York in Dec 2001, & Tommy Hilfiger donated $10,000. Replicas of the weird Little Red mascot were also sold to benefit the Duchess of York's 9/11 Fund.

    We haven't been able to determine under which charity's auspices The Duchess of York's 9/11 Fund operated (was it Children in Crisis, Chances for Children, both, or neither?). Moreover we haven't been able to identify: (i) whether The Duchess of York's 9/11 Fund was registered with the appropriate US authorities if applicable; (ii) the Fund's trustees & directors; (iii) how & from whom The Duchess of York's 9/11 Fund raised monies; (iv) how much the fund raised; (v) to which entities the monies were distributed; & (vi) the year in which The Duchess of York's 9/11 Fund was wound up.

The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund.

     Co-founders: Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick & his sister Edie Lutnick, an ex lawyer. According to publicity, each year the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, in conjunction with Cantor Fitzgerald & its affiliates BGC Partners and GFI Group, holds a 'Cantor Relief Charity Day' to raise money for various charities by way of commemorating the victims of 9/11.

The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund raises money for organisations including Fergie's Street Child and Children in Crisis, as well as Centrepoint. Centrepoint was founded by an associate of the Kray twins who knew about the Westminster-VIP pedophile network. (We presume that The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund is the same fund to which Fergie referred – see above – & into which The Duchess of York's 9/11 Fund transferred its 'earnings'). According to former Crain's editor Jeremy Smerd, $10m pledged by Cantor Fitzgerald to a 9/11 fund was not paid.

Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund President/CEO/Exec. Director: Edie Lutnick, sibling of Howard Lutnick & the late Gary Lutnick. Celebrity Ambassadors: Frank Bruno, who, as well as being friends with Fergie, was a close friend of the late Jimmy Savile. Other celebrities who've been associated with the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund: the Duke & Duchess of Sussex (Edie Lutnick & Meghan Markle have been photographed together).

Street Child and Street Child of Sierra Leone

Quote:"When I founded Children in Crisis, I believed ... egos should play no part ... " Fergie wrote. "That’s why I am so proud to hand the reins on to Tom [Dannatt, Street Child co-founder], & ... change the name of the merged charity to Street Child."

Was Fergie's true motive for subsuming Children in Crisis within the charity founded much later - Street Child - to obscure the earlier charity's history?

Now a charity behemoth, Street Child was established in 2008 (today various international offshoots also exist). As well as the UK registered entity, international offshoots appear to be run from offices in California (Street Child US). The Operation Death Eaters organisation has posed the following question: "[Fergie] was heavily involved in charities such as Children In Crisis and Street Child, targeting children from eastern Europe. Her friends [Epstein] and [Ghislaine], who purchased children from Balkans child trafficker [Jean-Luc Brunel], paid her [Fergie] for what?"

Founder Patron: Fergie. Co-founders: Thomas 'Tom' Dannatt (also the CEO), his wife Lucinda Dannatt, & the couple's "good friend", David Zachary Lloyd, a vicar who was a Private Client Solicitor in a former lifeChair & Trustee: Stowe School principal Dr Wallersteiner, son of the late Robert Maxwell's business partner. Patron: Gen. Lord Richard Dannatt, former head of the UK Army. Non-exec. directors of Street Child (former): Gen. Lord Richard Dannatt, his son Tom Dannatt, & his son's wife, Lucinda Dannatt, a human rights lawyer. Pamela Dow: It's unconfirmed - but plausible - this is the same Pamela Dow who helped found Debating Matters Israel & was previously 'chief reform officer' at Catch22. Catch22 is a dubious organization that grew out of the merger between Rainer Foundation & the sinister Crime Concern TrustSupporters: Ross Gow, who is Ghislaine's UK spokesman in conjunction with Brian Basham, his partner at PR firm Acuity Reputation. Gow is a freeman of the City of London. Chloe Dannatt. Princesses Eugenie & Beatrice.

The Sarah Ferguson Foundation

Established in NYC in 2006, The Sarah Ferguson Foundation filed its last tax return in 2008. In 2012 - the year in which it reportedly closed - it landed on the State of New York's list of delinquent charities. 

The NY Post reported in 2012:

"[The Sarah Ferguson Foundation] raised $508,620 in 2007 but gave out only $22,600 in grants. Of that, $10,000 went to Children in Crisis ...

"The group’s 2007 fund-raising gala at Cipriani Wall Street turned into a disaster when Ferguson promised to invite a host of celebrities, including George Clooney [friends with Ghislaine] & Brad Pitt, to fill the tables, but no big celebs showed up.

"The party’s organizer, LDV Entertainment, ended up unable to pay its bills, including money owed to Cipriani, according to a published report.

"The charity was in the same Madison Ave office as Ferguson's Hartmoor LLC, a business designed to 'make a profit from publicity & other personal services' for the duchess. Hartmoor went bust in 2009.

"The [Sarah Ferguson Foundation] brought in only $55,923 in 2008 but spent $335,028, using leftover money from the previous year. It gave out grants to a variety of causes, including an effort to help Romanian children ...

"Tax records show it ended 2008 with $85,000 in assets — money that is publicly unaccounted forA spokesman for the duchess said the group continued to function in 2009 — giving out $88,000 in grants — and dissolved in 2011. He could not answer why there was no tax filing detailing that spending."

How strange.

Director (New York based): John O'Sullivan, who reportedly was Fergie's PA for 14 years. He was also reportedly among Fergie's biggest private creditors. "[Fergie] is thought to have owed him more than £70,000, made up of unpaid salary & fees as well as cash, which he invested in Hartmoor, the company she founded to control her business interests in the US, & which folded with debts of £650,000. O'Sullivan refuses to talk about the matter ..."

Background to 9/11

Kevin Maxwell is the brother of Ghislaine: both thought to be Mossad. Kevin owned Telemonde & served as its chair & director. (The firm's vice-pres. & secretary was the late Gottfried von Bismarck, associated with the Bullingdon Club & the Piers Gaveston Society; another of its directors was the New York doctor & "sexual predator", Miguel Tirado). Telemonde was located at 230 Park Avenue, NYJeffrey Epstein's co-investorAndrew Farkas, formed a partnership with the investment fund of the Dubai royal family to buy this property (230 Park Avenue, NY). The 9/11 Commission Report states that several 9/11 hijackers traveled to the US via transiting first in Dubai International Airport.


A plan was hatched to install a backdoor for Israeli intelligence into the PROsecutor's Management Information System (PROMIS) software, providing Mossad with invaluable intelligence on its enemies & allies.

This bugged version of PROMIS was sold around the world by Earl Brian & Mossad-linked Robert Maxwell, father of Jeffrey Epstein's associate GHISLAINE. Robert & his business partner Kurt Wallersteiner (father of Stowe School principal Dr Anthony Wallersteiner) were also believed by the FBI to be working for Soviet Intel at one time. Indeed, by the time Robert & Kurt Wallersteiner were running their Anglo-Continental Exchange firm in London in 1953, both had already been recruited by Soviet intelligence for espionage purposes, reportedly. (Kurt, if still alive, lives in Vancouver. As well as London, Canada & his native Germany, he also lived for a time in Lagos, Nigeria.)

It was Robert Maxwell who is said to have recruited Epstein to Israeli Intel; doing so, reportedly, because daughter Ghislaine had developed a romantic attachment to Epstein. Indeed, in 1992, the year after Robert Maxwell's death, Ghislaine, was photographed partying with Epstein in Florida.

Robert Maxwell had possessed major holdings in Thomas Cook from 1998 until his death in Nov. 1991. Interestingly, Jimmy Savile was employed by Thomas Cook as a consultant.

PROMIS was used for a variety of purposes by intelligence agencies. One of them: The real-time monitoring of stock transactions on the world's financial markets. This is relevant to all that happened in connection with suspicious transactions clocked just before 9/11.

Lars Schall

CANTOR FITZGERALD (CF), the World Trade Center-based trading firm that lost 658 of its employees to the 9/11 attacks (not including Fergie or Howard Lutnick!), had foreknowledge of the attacks, according to Max Keiser.

CF was the largest broker of government bonds. There was reportedly a great deal of money missing from the US government in the preceding 4-5 years, but CF's offices were destroyed on 9/11.

Keiser contends that CF attempted to make money on its foreknowledge of 9/11 by placing 'put options' on stocks that could be expected to suffer a loss because of the terrorist strikes. Employed in a speculative trade, 'put options' are bets that the value of a specific underlying stock will drop. Such put options were purchased around Tuesday Sep 11, 2001, to an abnormal extent.

Keiser accuses CF traders of trying to make a corrupt profit based on this macabre form of insider trading rather than saving their own lives & those of the other victims.

One hedge-fund told the NY Times that he'd heard that major short-selling had been happening in eSpeed, the electronic bond-trading network controlled by CF.

According to Whitney Webb: "Examining Epstein's involvement in real estate markets, particularly in New York, it becomes clear that those activities have no shortage of controversial tie-ins to ... major New York power players involved in suspect financial activity immediately prior to the Sep 11 attacks ..."

It's been further reported that CF had a long-standing relationship with the Office of Naval Intelligence, "the one & only intelligence group" that had offices remaining in the section of the Pentagon struck by an attacking flight.

Moreover, a year earlier (& in 1997 as well), a group of CF executives & traders had been the primary 'financial/private sector' participants in economic war games set up, & participated in, by various US Intel agencies & the Council on Foreign Relations, of which Ghislaine's associate Jeffrey Epstein was a member.

National Review; Max Keiser/[i]Lars Schall; Source[/i]

At least seven of the top CF executives were absent from the firm's WTC offices at the time of the Sep 11, 2001 attack.
CF President HOWARD LUTNICK, as we've previously noted, is close friends with Ferguson &, with his wife, had set up the duchess with free offices in WTC North Tower next to his own company's suite.

On Sep 11, 2001 Howard Lutnick was taking his child to a first day of kindergarten, & six more executives were scheduled for a fishing trip that day. That trip was reportedly cancelled due to inclement weather at 8 am, but every photo of the World Trade Center that day shows clear skies.

ABC News reported:

"Two days after hijacked jets were slammed into the WTC, Cantor Fitzgerald CEO HOWARD LUTNICK was sobbing on national TV, pledging that his bond-trading firm would look after the families of the company's more than 700 victims. The following day, he cut off the paychecks of those who were missing ... He then said he would sever the victims' health benefits by the end of September ...

"Susan Sliwack ... lost her husband Robert ... According to Sliwack, LUTNICK 'never treated anyone kindly in the firm' ... 

"Other widows suggested that LUTNICK was trying to gain sympathy by sobbing on national TV, or possibly attempting to attract business.

'He should have gotten a great award for his performance on that day,' said Lynda Scarcella-Fiori ...

"Investigative reporter Tom Jaffe, who wrote about LUTNICK for Forbes magazine, said...

 'LUTNICK is regarded as aggressive, ambitious, ruthless & willing to step on or over anyone in order to get what he wants.'  

Lars Schall; ABC News

After 9/11 Cantor Fitzgerald continued to sponsor Ferguson's charities.

"A Crain's investigation found that JEFFREY EPSTEIN's history at 9 East 71st St, NY is entangled with the adjacent property, 11 East 71st St, NY now home to HOWARD LUTNICK, the President of CANTOR FITZGERALD.

"HOWARD LUTNICK's spokesperson did not reply by press time to requests for comment on the property's history & his relationship with * his next-door-neighbor JEFFREY EPSTEIN *."


Someone with very strong links to Stowe School to narrowly avoid the 9/11 attack on the WTC was FERGIE.

At the time of the attack, the Duchess had been scheduled to be in the WTC with CHANCES FOR CHILDREN, in the charity's office on the 101st floor supplied by CANTOR FITZGERALD.

Yet the Duchess was absent from her WTC office when the planes struck - a piece of amazing good luck that she shared with her close friend & office landlord HOWARD LUTNICK (Epstein's next-door-neighbour!) who - as previously noted - was taking his son to kindergarten instead of working that morning in his firm's WTC office as he normally would have done.

Weirdly, CANTOR FITZGERALD (CF) sponsored summer charity galas at Stowe School in England in 2002, 2003 & 2004. GHISLAINE attended the 2003 summer gala. It was called the La Dolce Vita party & was to fund-raise for the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund.

The principal of Stowe is ANTHONY WALLERSTEINER, son of the late Robert Maxwell's business partner.

Stowe School is in Stowe, Bucks., in a constituency previously represented in Parliament by Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine's late father!

The recent MP was John Bercow. Significantly, Bercow's wife, Sally, facilitated the evasion from police & media scrutiny of Stowe alum Lord Alistair McAlpine. As a fixture in the VIP-Westminster pedophile network of the 1980s-90s, McAlpine trafficked boys from Bryn Alyn in N. Wales to London's Dolphin Square. McAlpine got away with his involvement thanks to a social media ruse pulled off by Sally Bercow.

The circle of mutual friends & close acquaintances & 'charity partners' of which Stowe School principal Anthony Wallersteiner appears to sit at the heart includes:

Dr Anthony Wallersteiner (presumably his father, Kurt Samuel Wallersteiner, had been part of the circle's original iteration). Anthony Wallersteiner, close friends with both Ghislaine & Fergie, has been associated with two of the duchess's charities: He's a Trustee of Children in Crisis & also Chair of Street Child, both (co)founded by & at one time led by Fergie. Anthony's sister, Rebecca Wallersteiner, was the lover of pedophile Lucian Freud. In 2013 Ghislaine & her close friend Geordie Greig (now editor of the Daily Mail), attended a party to honor Greig's book about Lucian Freud - Lucian Freud who may have been peripherally linked to the Stowe set.

The late Robert Maxwell's business partner, Dr William Kurt Samuel Wallersteiner, is known to have used many aliases during his career as a spy & a fraudster. These include: Dr Kurt Wallersteiner - possibly the most usedDr Walter Kurt Wallersteiner; Dr William Kurt Waller; Dr Kurt Waller; & Kurt Waixersteimer.

Kurt Wallersteiner may now live in Canada where he has spent most of his retirement years, although may now be deceased.

Sarah Ferguson. Fergie is a close friend of Ghislaine, both of whom accepted money from mutual friend Jeffrey Epstein (Fergie's in the form of a substantial loan). Fergie & Maxwell have been photographed together. A charity that Fergie founded has been publicly supported by Ghislaine Maxwell's UK spokesman Ross Gow.

The extent to which Fergie's ex husband, Andrew - whose friendships with Ghislaine & Epstein may have extended to raping trafficked youths like Virginia Giuffre nee Roberts - could also be in the 'Stowe Set' of mutual friends ought to be a matter for investigation. It's known, for instance, that Andrew maintained close friendships with both Ghislaine & Epstein over an extended period; indeed, he reportedly lobbied US prosecutors on Epstein's behalf. (As previously noted, Andrew & Fergie have also been linked to the late Lord Janner specifically, to Janner's grooming of boys for sex abuse  by survivor Alan Kerr who witnessed the mutual links between the trio.)

Ghislaine then went on to introduce Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein (in 1999), reportedly.

Ghislaine & Andrew reportedly went on to enjoy eight different holidays together, with Epstein accompanying the pair for five of those.

Ghislaine Maxwell (presumably her late father, Robert Maxwell, had been part of the circle's original iteration). Ghislaine's UK spokesman, Ross Gow, supports Fergie's Street Child charity.

The 11th Duke of Rutland David Manners. In his younger days, David was reportedly in a relationship with Ghislaine. Subsequently, as 11th Duke of Rutland, he employed convicted pedophile Harvey Proctor on his estate. Survivor Carl Beech told police that Proctor & others had abused him as a boy at locations including Stowe School. The 11th Duke of Rutland has championed Proctor's claim for compensation from police for what the pair absurdly say was unfair targeting of Proctor. The Duke has sent his own sons to Stowe School, where a pedophile ring has long been said to operate.

Harvey Proctor. See above. There's a vital question here. Given that Ghislaine Maxwell was previously the now 11th Duke of Rutland's girlfriend and that the Duke is very close friends with Proctor: Do Proctor & Ghislaine know each other? 
Is Mossad-asset Ghislaine 'a someone' that the 11th Duke & convicted pedophile Proctor have in common?

Lady Teresa Manners (Chipman): sister of 11th Duke of Rutland David Manners. Teresa Manners is the wife of Iraq war propagandist Dr John Chipman. She once filmed a music video in the Hellfire Caves linked to Stowe School & associated with ritualized sexual abuse & Satanism. Teresa Manners is in Ghislaine's notorious 'Black Book'.

Lucy Rachel Hervey-Bathurst (nee Manners) - cousin of 11th Duke of Rutland David Manners. Lucy is in Ghislaine's notorious 'Black Book'. Lucy, moveover, is former Extra-Lady-in-Waiting to Ghislaine's close friend Fergie.

8 & 9
Howard Lutnick & Lee Amaitis, the Cantor Fitzgerald executives who are close friends with Fergie & who are closely linked to Jeffrey Epstein through Lutnick's ownership of the apartment that adjoined Epstein's. Lee Amaitis was head of Cantor Fitzgerald's London office. He has fund raised for Ferguson's Children in Crisis.

Kevin Maxwell. Both Kevin & his sister Ghislaine, the Mossad child procurer, have previously retained the services of rogue UK-US lawyer Leah Saffian. Saffian is personal friends with Ghislaine. Saffian may likewise be personal friends with Kevin, whom she represented in the UK courts together with fellow barrister Alun Jones QC. In 2019 Saffian attempted to pass off as genuine a faked photo of Ghislaine purporting to show the fugitive at a Los Angeles burger joint. Saffian's apparent intent was to aid her friend's escape from the reach of the FBI.

Dr Christine Maxwell. Her firm, Chiliad, developed the FBI's intelligence database. The 'Investigative Data Warehouse' brings together intelligence data from multiple law enforcement agencies & public records agencies. Chiliad has 'deep access' to US intelligence databases.

12 & 13
John Bercow, the recent Member of Parliament for the Stowe constituency (following in the late Robert Maxwell's footsteps) & Mr Bercow's wife, Sally Bercow. The name of Lord Alistair McAlpine, who was once a student at Stowe School, ought also be highlighted here, although it's unclear if McAlpine maintained links with his old school after graduating, or if he knew the Bercows personally.

Rebecca Wallersteiner. The London based daughter of the late Robert Maxwell's business partner & sister of Stowe School principal Anthony Wallersteiner. A third sibling, Ulrika, is understood to live in Vancouver.

Ross Gow. As previously noted, Ghislaine's UK spokesman supports Fergie's Street Child.

16 & 17
Lady Lynn de Rothschild, married to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. Both names appear in Ghislaine's 'Black Book'. Lynn owns or owned the Manhattan property where Ghislaine was recently living. Lynn has also been close to both Jeffrey Epstein & Alan Dershowitz; in fact, it was she who introduced the alleged pedophiles to one another! Evelyn's son (Lynn's step-son), David Mayer de Rothschild, proclaimed his support for Ghislaine's US TerraMar 'charity'.

Jacob Rothschild, whose estate lies just 20 miles from Stowe School in Eythrope, is friends with Stowe alumnus Lord John Sainsbury (below).

Lord John Sainsbury: an alumnus of Stowe School whose daughter, Sarah, is married to Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss's son, Robert. Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was the original choice of then prime minister Theresa May to chair the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse charged with probing claims involving institutions such as Stowe School. John Sainsbury's brother is Sir Tim Sainsbury, a former President of Tory Friends of Israel, whose daughter Camila was married to the sinister Childline co-founder Shaun Woodward.

Sir Richard Branson. Tony Blair's close friend, who attended Stowe School & "has a little-known conviction for distributing indecent literature", has publicly supported Ghislaine's US TerraMar 'charity'. Moreover, Branson is in Ghislaine's 'Black Book'. He owns an island, Necker, very close to 'Epstein Island'.

Sir Peter Hayman. The late pedophile MI6 operative. He attended Stowe School.

Lord John Henniker-Major. The late Lord Henniker who (in common with Peter Hayman) had a background in British intelligence, likewise attended Stowe School, & during approximately the same years as Hayman. The body of Henniker's son, Freddy Henniker-Major was found in woods at Thornham.

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(11-13-2019, 03:28 PM)Survivors Wrote:
Incredibly, neither Ferguson nor any of her employees were present when the North Tower was struck by planes. "On Sep 11 2001 the Duchess had been making her way to the North Tower of the WTC but was 20 minutes behind schedule due to heavy traffic, something she says that saved her life." The meeting for which the duchess was late had been meant to start at 8:45 am.

   In the months after 9/11, Ferguson took every opportunity to recount this incredible anecdote on TV and in the press. And she invariably shared a further astonishing anecdote about her personal relationship to 9/11. Chances for Children had always had a "mascot", the duchess said. It was a rag doll which had sat next to a window in her 101st floor office of the WTC North Tower, "overlooking Manhattan and the US". This weird doll had miraculously survived the attack on the Twin Towers (much like herself, her employees, and her close friend Howard Lutnick), and was found in the rubble. An emotional duchess referred to the miracle doll as her "alter ego". The anecdote invariably segued into appeals for donations. The public could support Chances for Children and victims of 9/11 by purchasing replicas of Little Red, or by contributing to Chances for Children or The Duchess of York's 9/11 fund. Ferguson would also pen a children's book about Little Red to raise money.
On 16 November 2001, Fergie explained that she missed the catastrophe because she was in the studio with Charlie Gibson.
Quote:SARAH FERGUSON, DUCHESS OF YORK: Well, Larry, our offices were on the 101st floor with -- and Howard Lutnick had very kindly, for many years now, had given us an office there.
And we were at "Good Morning America" and we watched the airplane go into the Cantor Fitzgerald offices. And, well, we were on our way down to the World Trade Center later on that day and it was just like, well, you can imagine.

KING: What went through you when you saw the planes hit?
FERGUSON: A total disbelief. I thought that air traffic control couldn't have got it so wrong. I absolutely could not believe that it could have been terrorism. I just -- it was such a clear, blue, sunny day. I just couldn't understand. And then, suddenly, it dawned on me.

KING: Did you lose friends?
FERGUSON: Well, we had lots of acquaintances that we used to work with and they were friends. And, of course, Howard's brother died. And we were -- it's all part of the family. Chances for Children was part of the Cantor Fitzgerald family. So, you know, it is just been a very, very difficult time.

After Fergie got some negative stories in the media over her ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Stowe School, Howard Lutnick or the 9/11 false flag attacks, they simply pushed a new story (a method that has been done over and over again).

In this version, Fergie (with the help of the “reputable” Daily Mail) suddenly claims that on 11 September 2001, she was on her way to her office on the 101st floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Centre but was 20 minutes behind schedule due to heavy traffic, which saved her life...

Three towers of the WTC collapsed on 9/11, without an apparant cause, 4 planes disintegrated into thin air, much of the office furniture was never found, but an ID of hijacker Satam al Suqami was found.

To make it even more miraculous, not to mention to give her Chances for Children “charity” some additional free publicity, the story was pushed that Fergie had placed the “Little Red” doll in the office for a mascot, which was found practically unharmed at Ground Zero (no joke!):
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
Sarah Ferguson with her friend Ghislaine Maxwell:


Stowe/Buckingham MP John Bercow (current) with his friend Keith Vaz:


Stowe/Buckingham MP Robert Maxwell (former) with his daughter Ghislaine Maxwell:


Stowe School alumnus and former Stowe School governor Lord Alistair McAlpine with Stowe/Buckingham MP's wife Sally Bercow. McAlpine was governor at Stowe School during fellow paedophile Henniker-Major's tenure as governor. Henniker-Major was governor of Stowe School from 1982 until 1990; Alistair McAlpine from 1981 onwards.

Sally Bercow executed a clever ruse with her Twitter account to facilitate McAlpine's evasion from police and media scrutiny:


Stowe School headmaster Dr Anthony Wallersteiner with his Stowe School guest Sarah Ferguson:


Stowe School guest Ghislaine Maxwell helping to raise money for the Cantor Fitzgerald 9/11 Relief Fund:


Stowe School alumnus Richard Branson on his private island next to Jeffrey Epstein's with sex cult executive Sara Bronfman:

Quote:One of the first things I'd checked, on hearing about the terrorist attacks, was whether or not anyone we knew had been involved ...
I was called by Howard Lutnick ...
On the Friday night, James Kyle of Cantor Fitzgerald ... had called Will Whitehorn.
They urgently needed to fly dozens of grieving relatives to New York but, since their entire operation had been wiped out, they did not know whether they would have a business, when the markets reopened, to pay the bill.
On the Saturday morning we agreed to carry as many people as they needed across the Atlantic.

Richard Branson in the 2005 reissue of his autobiography Losing My Virginity


Stowe School parent the 11th Duke of Rutland: former boyfriend of Ghislaine Maxwell. Seen here with his protégé Harvey Proctor:


Lucy Rachel Hervey-Bathurst, née Manners: 11th Duke of Rutland's cousin. Sarah Ferguson's former Extra Lady in Waiting. Ghislaine Maxwell's Black Book:


Lady Theresa Manners (Chipman): 11th Duke of Rutland's sister. Filmed a music video in Hell-fire Caves linked to Stowe School, sexual abuse and Satanism. Ghislaine Maxwell's Black Book. Seen here with Dr John Chipman, top propagandist for 9/11 Wars:


Stowe School alumnus Lord John Sainsbury: close friends with Lord Jacob Rothschild whose Eythrope estate is 20 miles from Stowe School. John Sainsbury's niece Camilla is married to Childline co-founder Shaun Woodward. John Sainsbury's daughter Sarah is married to the son of Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss (first chairwoman of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse):


Stowe School alumnus Sir Peter Hayman: long-time deputy director of MI6. Named in the House of Commons as a paedophile. Member of the Paedophile Information Exchange. Deceased:


Stowe School alumnus Lord John Henniker-Major: British Intelligence background. Henniker provided a sanctuary on his country estate at Thornham Magna in Suffolk to Peter Righton, who supplied boys to paedophile VIPs at Dolphin Square and elsewhere. Deceased:

Sarah Ferguson with her friend Howard Lutnick, Cantor Fitzgerald's CEO and Chairman:


Sarah Ferguson with her friend Howard Lutnick again, Cantor Fitzgerald's CEO and Chairman:


Sarah Ferguson with her friend Howard Lutnick once again, Cantor Fitzgerald's CEO and Chairman:


Sarah Ferguson leaves a message for her friend Jeffrey Epstein:


Sarah Ferguson's husband Prince Andrew, with Ghislaine Maxwell and a victim of sex trafficking:


Sarah Ferguson and Children in Crisis:


Sarah Ferguson promotes sales of her weird 9/11 doll (Chances for Children ):


Sarah Ferguson and her friend Howard Lutnick, who both survived 9/11, were not in the office that morning:

With grateful thanks to 'Firestarter' for providing the following information:

Chances for Children

Another person associated with Chances for ChildrenKay Isaacson-Leibowitz.

Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz (wife of Harry Leibowitz) previously served as a board member of Chances for Children.

Wikipedia sources this fact to a brief biography of Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz as it reportedly appeared in 2010 on the website of her own charity; namely, the World of Children which she co-founded with Harry.

Strangely, Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz's former role as a board member of Chances for Children has been apparently scrubbed from the current version of her own World of Children website. One can only speculate as to why Ms Isaacson-Leibowitz seemingly does not want people to know about her past work with Sarah Ferguson's US charity.

In any case, by a remarkable coincidence, Kay Isaacson-Leibotwitz has also served as an Executive Vice President for Victoria's Secret Stores under CEO and chairman Leslie Wexner.

Leslie Wexner being the only known client of Jeffrey Epstein.

Sarah Ferguson with her friend Clare Milford Haven (Clare Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford Haven), a Co-Founder and the Life President of Children in Crisis.

Her sonJames Nicholas Wentworth-Stanley, reportedly shot himself dead on 15 December, 2006.

Ghislaine Maxwell's 'Black Book' lists no fewer than five telephone numbers for Clare Milford Haven and her husband, George Mountbatten 4th Marquess of Milford Haven.


Another supporter of Ferguson's Children in Crisis is Stowe School alumnus Roger Hodgson of the band Supertramp, who is friends with Stowe School headmaster Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, the son of Robert Maxwell's business partner.

Roger Hodgson's best-selling album, Breakfast in America, depicts a fireball engulfing the Twin Towers beneath the numerals 9-11. The viewpoint is from inside an aeroplane. (Lady Liberty is chuckling, though, so it's all just a joke.)

To mark the 40th anniversary of his best-selling wheeze, Roger Hodgson made his debut in Israel, at the Menorah Mivtachim Arena in Tel Aviv:

On Bank Holiday Monday, 5 May 2003, ITV aired a programmed called 'Britain's Brilliant Prodigies 2003'.

The awards were held in association with Sarah Ferguson's Children in Crisis.

The guest presenters included Bob Geldof and Robin Gibb.

Bob Geldof is co-founder of Groupcall which supplies the technology for Child Rescue AlertChild Rescue Alert is a partnership between Groupcall, Missing People and the National Crime Agency.

As well as Bob Geldof, other public figures associated with Missing People include Simon Cowell (he supported its 2013 campaign), Stowe School alumnus Richard Branson and Stephen Fry (the latter pair are Patrons). Dr Kate McCann is an Ambassador, and Paul Gambaccini's former PA, Christian Dray - a convicted paedophile - helped set it up.
From 'Royals mark Stowe's 90th'
London Evening Standard, 28 May 2013

Quote:"Stowe's headmaster Anthony Wallersteiner has a way with the royal family. He once met the Queen by chance at church in Windsor Great Park and asked her to look at the school. She obliged, opening a boarding house named after her."
Jeremy Nichols preceded Dr Anthony Wallersteiner as headmaster of Stowe School. Nichols was the headmaster from 1989-2003.

Quote:In 'about 2016 or 2017', barrister Graeme Molloy was instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute "an ex-headmaster of Stowe school who was charged with sexual assault of a child on the tube system".

The case reference is R. v. JDR

The defendant in the case, who may or may not have been Jeremy Nichols, was acquitted.

In his 2018 witness statement to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), the former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, stated (para. 36):

"As regards Stowe, there is clear evidence that [paedophile Bishop Peter Ball] was a personal friend of the headmaster [Jeremy Nichols]."

Peter Ball was allowed to attend Stowe School in 1996/97.

Was Jeremy Nichols the "ex-headmaster of Stowe school" prosecuted on behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service?

What a mystery.

More Stowe School links to Ghislaine Maxwell: Nicholas Coleridge and Geordie Greig

Ghislaine Maxwell with her close friends including Nicholas Coleridge and Geordie Greig, both of whom are listed in her Black Book:


Nicholas Coleridge is the chairman of Condé Nast Britain which publishes the 'society magazine' Tatler.  Geordie Greig holds the editorship of The Daily Mail, but from 1999-2009 edited Tatler. In other words, Coleridge is Greig's former boss.

Nicholas Coleridge is the godfather of Cara Delevingne, the fashion model, whose sister Chloe Delevingne is a Stowe School alumnae. Student 'fashion shows' and 'leavers' balls' at Stowe School have long been a fixture in Mr Coleridge's Tatler, including during the period of Geordie Greig's editorship. Typically, sexualised photos of the teenage Stowe students are accompanied by text denoting the teenagers which Tatler determines to be "attractive", "hot" or "beauties". Had Coleridge and Greig sought the approval of their mutual friend Ghislaine Maxwell for Tatler's salacious descriptions of school students, she surely would have approved.


Geordie Greig may no longer work at Tatler for Mr Coleridge, but is thought to have retained the keen interest in youth nurtured by his former boss. The above photo of Ghislaine Maxwell with Mr Coleridge and Mr Greig shows them attending an event to mark the publication of Greig's book 'Breakfast with Lucian: A Portrait of the Artist', about his friend Lucian Freud, the late paedophile.

Since publishing that book about his deceased paedophile friend and assuming the post of editor at the Daily Mail in September 2018, few have done as much as Geordie Greig to ensure that survivors who go public with allegations of child sexual abuse at the hands of powerful men and women are disbelieved and vilified.

Quote:"The late painter Lucian Freud had a constant cavalcade of ... sometimes teenaged lovers.

"His ... relationship with daughter Annie was tested when he painted her nude in 1963: she was just 14 years old."
Lucian Freud, when he wasn't taking nude photographs of his adolescent daughter, once had a relationship with Rebecca Wallersteiner. She is the daughter of the late Robert Maxwell's business partner Kurt Wallersteiner, and the sister of Stowe School headmaster Dr Anthony Wallersteiner. (Lucian Freud's brother, Clement Freud, was also a paedophile, and has been linked to the abduction of Madeleine McCann in Portugal by a suspected child trafficking ring.)

Ariadne Calvo-Platero

Also appearing in the photograph above with Ghislaine Maxwell, Nicholas Coleridge and Geordie Greig is Ghislaine's 'best friend from Oxford', Ariadne Calvo-Platero, who has an indirect link to Stowe School through her husband.

Ariadne is married to Mario Calvo-Platero, a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) - Director Dr John Chipman.

Quote:"IISS played a key role in furnishing the pretexts for the invasion of Iraq by publishing a dossier on Iraqi WMDs, on 9 September 2002 ... presented by Dr John Chipman."
Dr John Chipman's wife, Lady Theresa Manners, is in Ghislaine Maxwell's Black Book. Lady Theresa Manners once filmed a music video in the Hell-fire Caves linked to Stowe School, sexual abuse and Satanism.

Moreover, Lady Theresa Manners is the sister of Ghislaine Maxwell's former boyfriend, 11th Duke of Rutland David Manners, who sent his sons to Stowe School, and who is the close friend and former employer of alleged serial paedophile Harvey Proctor.

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