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Hitler’s escape to Argentina and Paraguay
When in 2015, a homeless man tried to convince me that Hitler faked his death and escaped to Argentina, I didn’t take him seriously. After some time later investigating this topic myself, I was ashamed that I had been so gullible to believe the official story.

In short I found out.
1) There is no evidence that Adolf Hitler killed himself on 30 April 1945 in Berlin.
2) Pilot Peter Baumgart testified that he flew Adolf Hitler and his entourage to Tondern (Denmark) to Kristiansund in Norway (both were still German controlled). There they boarded a submarine.
3) Two German submarines travelled from Europe to Argentina.
4) Adolf Hitler was seen by witnesses in Argentina.
5) After the overthrow of Argentinean dictator Juan Domingo Peron in 1955, witnesses saw Hitler in Paraguay.

It’s difficult to find out what really happened. There are many stories on this strange history most of it filled with disinformation. There is an alternate version of the escape of Hitler via Austria and Spain that I don’t believe.
In this post I’ll present the information on the lack of evidence that Hitler killed himself on 30 April 1945 and the escape to Kristiansund.

Last appearance Hitler
According to the official story, on 30 April 1945 Eva Braun took a cyanide pill and Adolf Hitler blew his brains out in the bunker in Berlin - suicide. Then some Nazis were ordered by Hitler’s aide Martin Bormann to put the bodies in a bomb crater in the garden and burn them.
Some versions of this history claim that Hitler first took a cyanide pill; why would somebody take cyanide before blowing his brains out?

The death of Hitler was announced by the German Nazi propaganda on 1 May 1945. On 2 May the Red Army “liberated” Berlin and shortly thereafter the Soviet state media declared that they had found the dead body of Hitler.
Nobody has claimed to witness that Hitler and Braun committed suicide, but a few German Nazis did say that they found 2 bodies in the bunker, one of which looked like Adolf Hitler. The bodies were burned before the Russians invaded...

There are a reported 2 (or even more) last public appearances of “Adolf Hitler”. I believe that the last reported appearance of Adolf Hitler was on 20 March 1945, when he awarded medals to the Hitler Jugend. According to the “independent” Wikipedia his last public appearance was on 25 April 1945, in the garden of the Reich Chancellery…
Even if his last public appearance was on 25 April, in accordance with Wikipedia, he could have still caught a submarine (in Spain or Norway) and be in Argentina by 20 May 1945.

Both show a picture of somebody that looks like Hitler, with a hat that covers his forehead. It could be Hitler, reportedly there were 4 Hitler doubles; what makes this suspicious is the high collard board of his jacket as most of the photos of Hitler don´t show that.
[Image: hitlerhandshakelarge-595x331.jpg]

If the last appearance of Hitler in March 1945 showed a double, he could have escaped from Berlin (much) earlier than the last days of April 1945.
Even if his last public appearance was on 25 April, in accordance with Wikipedia, he could have still caught a submarine (in Norway) and be in Argentina by 20 May 1945.

They showed the following for evidence that they had found the corpse of “Adolf Hitler”, who supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself through his forehead. The Soviets later admitted that this isn’t the 56-year-old Hitler but the body of a (bad) double.
To me this confirms that they killed a body double to take the place of Hitler, and that the Russians were really looking for (or making) “evidence” that they had found the corpse of Adolf Hitler.
[Image: hitler-doppelganger450w.jpg]

Dental identification
The best website I’ve found on this topic, is the following:
In this section I’ll describe the “overwhelming” evidence that the state propaganda has invented that Hitler and Braun committed suicide on 30 April 1945.

This is the only picture taken of the corpse of “Adolf Hitler” in something like a crate. Couldn’t anybody have made a better photo...?
[Image: Ivan%20KLimenko.jpg]

Admiral Dönitz told the German people on the evening of 1 May 1945 that Hitler had died. The death of Hitler wasn’t announced on the day that he supposedly died...
Dönitz had left Berlin on April 21, and was informed by Göbbels on 1 May 1945 by telegram that Hitler had died on 30 April, 15:30 hours. Dönitz made this speech from Plön, 150 miles from Berlin.

There have been 6 statements made public on the suicide death of Hitler by the SS-ers: Harry Mengershausen, Otto Günsche, Johannes (Hans) Rattenhuber, Erich Kempka, Hermann Karnau and Erich Mansfeld.
Mengershausen, Günsche and Rattenhuber were captured by the Soviets on 2 May 1945. They told about what had happened to Hitler from 13 to 20 May 1945. Their statements were only made public in 2005.
Heinz Linge, who carried the body of Hitler before it was burned, was captured at the same time, but his interrogation statements have never been released.

Mengershausen claimed that the cremation was around noon, while Günsche and Rattenhuber both stated that the cremation had taken place around 3:00 or 4:00 PM.
Erich Mansfield and Herman Karnau described the burning of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. They tell the strange tale about the blazing corpse of Eva Braun:
her legs raised and bent themselves until her knees were almost touching her chin, and her arms lifted until they were pointing straight before her".
This would mean that Eva’s body was burned before rigor mortis had set in...

Harry Mengershausen described seeing Hitler's corpse in early June 1945. According to Mengershausen he saw the "distinctive shape of Hitler's nose".
After burning and more than a month passed, the face of Hitler wouldn’t be recognisable. This means that Mengershausen was lying...

The only way they could identify the burned corpse of Hitler in 1945, was by examining the teeth and comparing them with dental records.
There are no documents from 5 May 1945 that describe the teeth of the corpses that were found (and later identified as Hitler and Eva Braun). According to the autopsy report of 3 days later, the mouth of “Hitler” was completely intact.

The Soviets went looking for the dentist of Hitler and Braun – Johann Hugo Blaschke. Blaschke wasn’t at his practice that had been taken over by Fedor Bruck. Hitler's records weren’t there. Bruck accompanied them to Blaschke's assistant, Käthe Heusemann, and told them where to find his dental technician, Fritz Echtmann.
They never found Hitler's dental records. Of course if the suicide of Hitler was faked (and a replacement was killed instead), they would have destroyed the dental records before the Red Army “liberated” Berlin...

See a picture of the teeth of “Hitler”. In April 1945 Hitler had only 5 original teeth left, all the others had been replaced with porcelain crowns.
[Image: teeth2.jpg]

On 10 May 1945, Heusemann examined the remaining teeth of “Hitler”. The jawbones had been removed from the Hitler’s skull, and were kept in a cigar box...
Heusemann affirmed that the teeth were Hitler's. There are no records at all that confirm that Heusemann worked for the Reich Chancellery dental surgery, which makes it unlikely that Heusemann ever worked on the teeth of Adolf and Eva...
Bruck later told a foreign reporter that Heusemann had also identified Eva Braun's teeth; by recognising a bridge that was made “only six weeks ago”. She said that the bridge was made by dental technician “Eichmann” (Echtmann).
I find it hard to believe that (the assistant of) my dentist could recognise my teeth from memory after I die...
In August 1951, Heusemann and Echtmann were arrested by Soviet officials. They were both sentenced to 10 years in a Soviet labour camp, nobody knows if they ever escaped the Gulags.

In July 1945, Hitler’s dentist Blaschke was locked up in an American camp for prominent POWs. They swiftly sent him a bag with equipment to reconstruct, as perfectly as memory served him, Hitler's jawbone. The state propaganda claimed that the result perfectly matched Hitler's jawbone, but this evidence has never been shown publicly.
In early 1948, while still in American captivity, Blaschke told in an interview that Heusemann "cannot give a positive identification because she knows only some X-rays of Hitler's teeth".
After Blaschke’s release he returned to dentistry in Nuremberg, until his death in 1959.

In April 1970, reportedly the remains the body of Hitler (with the exception of his teeth and skull that belonged to a woman younger than 40) were intermixed with the remains of 10 other persons - Eva, General Hans Krebs, Josef Göbbels, his wife and 6 children - and buried in Magdeburg, East Germany by the Soviets. This sounds like destroying evidence...

On 9 June 1945, during a press conference for international media, the Soviet military commander Georgi K. Zhukov admitted that Hitler's corpse had not been found.
In July 1945, during conversations with US Secretary of State James F. Byrnes and William D. Leahy (Chairman of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff), Stalin said that Hitler was still alive. In August 1945, Stalin accused the British of concealing the living Adolf Hitler in their sector of Berlin:

Eva Braun not correctly identified
On 12 November 1981, there was an article in The Canberra Times “Evidence on Eva Braun doubted” that shows that the body of Eva Braun was not correctly identified.
This article claims that the body found by the Soviets contained a gold bridge, which - according to her dental records - Eva Braun didn’t have. So this weren’t the teeth of Eva Braun:
Quote:The Soviets, who carried out an autopsy on what was assumed to be her body — it was burnt beyond recognition — found six teeth and a gold bridge of four artificial teeth,

A team of forensic experts led by Norwegian-born Professor Sognnaes, emeritus professor of oral biology and anatomy at the University of California, has spent the past 10 years unearthing Eva Braun's dental records. They found that she did not have a gold bridge, but did have two false porcelain teeth, which would almost certainly have survived a fire.

Hitler’s Skull on display female
To silence the rumours that Adolf Hitler didn’t die in April 1945, the “skull of Hitler” was put on display in Moscow in 2000.
In 2009, an investigation by Connecticut archaeologist and bone specialist Nick Bellantoni showed that this skull, with bullet hole, belonged to a woman between 20 and 40 years of age.
Because Braun’s skull wouldn’t have a bullet hole, it is probably also not of Eva Braun:

It is very implausible that the teeth that reportedly had been taken from the same skull (of the woman younger than 40) would belong to Hitler.

The following video – “How Hitler got away” (52:39) is pretty good.
I think that the most interesting part is about the 2009 “scientific” investigation by Connecticut archaeologist and bone specialist Nick Bellantoni. The conclusion is shown that the skull belongs to a woman.
Most of the blood on the sofa in the bunker belonged to a man. Because Hitler’s relatives in the USA didn’t provide DNA-material it’s impossible to determine if the male blood on the sofa in the bunker is Adolf Hitler’s.

Pilot Baumgart flew Hitler to Kristiansund
The state media claim that Peter Baumgart was completely insane and had to be locked up in an insane asylum, but in our world that’s upside down such claims should increase his credibility.

Already in the 1940s articles appeared about Baumgart’s claims that he flew Adolf Hitler to Denmark.
The "Zig Zag" Santiago, Chile, 16 January 1948, stated that on 30 April 1945:
Quote:Flight Captain Peter Baumgart took Adolf Hitler, his wife Eva Braun, as well as a few loyal friends by plane from Tempelhof Airport to Tondern in Denmark [still German controlled]. From Tondern, they took another plane to Kristiansund in Norway [also German controlled]. From there they joined a SUBMARINE convoy.
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
There is hard evidence that 2 German submarines travelled from Europe to Argentina in this period of 1945 - U-530 and U-977...
Why would it matter to the German soldiers to surrender in Argentina or Europe?

On 10 July 1945, U-530 surrendered to the Argentine navy in Mar del Plata. This is fact.
The captain of the ship, Otto Wermuth, “did not explain why it had taken him more than two months to reach there”.
Wermuth had destroyed the ships logs:

It’s difficult to find out what really did happen (because of all the disinformation).
Wermuth destroyed the logs to hide what had happened...

On 17 August 1945, U-977 surrendered to the Argentine navy in Mar del Plata. This is an undeniable fact.
According to the official story, U-977 left from Kristiansand, Norway on 2 May 1945.
On 5 May 1945, U-977 was outbound north of Scotland, when the captain of the ship, Heinz Schäffer, decided to escape to Argentina and surrender there.

According to Schäffer, he asked his crew for a vote (yeah sure: the military is really democratic...). Because 16 crew members wanted to return, they went back to Norway, where on May 10 these 16 left the submarine in dinghies and went to Holsnoy Island near Bergen (Norway).
This is completely ridiculous...

It then went under water for 66 days, and on 14 July 1945 it supposedly touched at the Cape Verde Islands where the crew went swimming.
These 66 days is, according to experts, even more ridiculous than the return to Norway after a vote...
According to Commander Heinz Schäffer, they arrived in Mar del Plata after 99 days at sea from Bergen on a journey of 14,157 km, 8,797 mi (7,644 nautical miles):

Jerome Corsi found a US naval intelligence report, dated 18 July 1945, by the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires who notified Washington that there was reason to believe U-530 had landed Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in the south of Argentina before the submarine surrendered at Mar del Plata.
According to Captain Otto Wermuth, he departed its “German home base on 19 February 1945”.
[Image: submarine-report.jpg]

According to the following report on the U-530; it:
Quote:Left Kiel 19 February 1945 at 1800. Diving and Schnorchel trials at Horten. Left Kristiansand 3 March 1945 together with 500-ton U-boat under command of Oberleutnant zur see KOCH. U-530 herself under command of Oberleutnant zur See Otto WERMUTH

The U-977 had a maximum surface speed of 32.8 km/h; 20.4 mph (17.7 knots) – under water slower...
The U-530 had a maximum surface speed of 33.9 km/h; 21.1 mph (18.3 knots)
33 km/h is a maximum of 792 km per day, this would take a journey of 14,157 km at least 18 days (but Spain to Argentina is much shorter)...

This means that if the U-530 left Hamburg (Germany) on 14 February, and left Norway on 3 March 1945, it could have gone to Argentina, get back to Spain, pick Hitler up on May 1, and be at Argentina again by May 20, return to Spain, and drop a third batch of Germans in Argentina before surrendering on 10 July 1945 in Mar del Plata.

If U-977 left Kristiansand, Norway on 2 May 1945 (and we ignore the ridiculous story that it returned to drop 16 crew members in Norway), it could have landed Hitler at Argentina on May 20.
It could then return to Spain to pick up a second load of elite Nazis, drop them off, return again to Spain to deliver a third group of Germans, and surrender on 17 August 1945 at Mar del Plata.

Of course this would only be possible with outside help to provide fuel (and to not bomb the submarines), but it is well known that many German Nazis escaped to South America (for example by planes of the Dutch KLM on passes of the International Red Cross).
So it is sure that outside help was available…

There are disclosed FBI-documents from people who say they saw Hitler, Braun and entourage arrive in Argentina in 2 submarines.
On the following link I’ve found reports in English on the arrival of the submarines in Argentina (the link doesn’t work anymore...):

The following report of 13 July 1945 shows that the Argentinean navy didn’t believe the ridiculous stories that were told to them by Otto Wermuth about the U-530:
Quote:He proceeded to Christiansand, Norway, and left there in March, working in the North Sea and North Atlantic. He spent some time off the port of New York. He did not see a single ship all the time he was at sea (sic).
[Image: ed2939bf7df3886410c1580c59b5cb317a4418c4.jpg]

The Argentineans concluded explicitly that it had been possible for the U-530 to “land people”:
Quote:There are rumors (being investigated) that a strange submarine was seen by fishermen off the coast on the 9th; other rumors are to the effect that it was known to be off the coast a week before its surrender.
Had it been the intention to land people, this would be a logical procedure—land the people and then stand off for some time in order to give those people an opportunity to hide themselves before the possibility of their landing from a submarine could be noted.
Although the condition of the submarine is such that it obviously had been at sea for a long time, the exact time is impossible to determine by inspection. There appears to be no reason why the sub could not have returned to a European port before coming here and have brought passengers.
[Image: cf811069328fde93eed678c4181e0b24ccdbc1ed.jpg]

Witness Guydano claimed that: “Hitler and his party when they landed from submarines in Argentina two and half weeks after the fall of Berlin” (around 20 May 1945).
The two German submarines landed “along the tip of the Valdez Peninsula along the southern tip of Argentina in the gulf of San Matias”.
The other FBI report of 14 July 1945, confirmed that German submarines landed on the Argentine coast (on 28 June) and witnesses had “claimed that Hitler had landed in Argentina on 20 June”.

Quote:Source Z stated that on 28 June, submarine surfaced off Santa Cruz near San Julian and landing 2 unidentified persons, one a very high-ranking army officer and the other an important civilian, possibly a woman. Sub was reportedly refuelled by a sailing vessel.
Source Y (…) stated (…) that 2 persons were landed near Stoeder, Argentina, about 27 June 45 (...) A german national (...) took them to Veronica, Argentina.
Source V also reported that it was generally believed in Mar Del Plata at time of surrender that the log book was in existence.

It also features the statements of the German Arturo Meyer, “of dubious reliability”, who reportedly had been told by Nicanor Sanchez Aizcorbe “that Hitler had been in Argentina for 20 days”.
This could be seen as a confirmation of the other stories, but because of what follows – plastic surgery, flown to Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil – I don´t take this last part seriously…
[Image: 1ce0758edd84f245c050fb596971393182242bfd.jpg]

Here’s the report from 14 August 1945 - the firsthand account of someone named Guydano. Guydano explained that the escape of Hitler had been arranged by 6 Argentinean top officials.
See the following excerpt:
Quote:GUYDANO was one of the four men who met Hitler and his party when they landed from submarines in Argentina two and half weeks after the fall of Berlin.
Hitler... with two women, a doctor, and several other men numbering in or about fifty persons came ashore. (...) at the dusk the party arrived at the ranch where Hitler and his party are now in hiding.
According to GUYDANO, this affair was arranged by six top Argentine officials as far back as 1944, and GUYDANO further reports that if Hitler is apprehended the names of these six top officials will be revealed.
GUYDANO is ready also to reveal the names of the three other men who, with GUYDANO, helped Hitler inland to his hiding place.
GUYDANO advised that he was given $15,000 for helping in the deal... realizing that it is only a matter of time before Hitler is apprehended, he is desirous of clearing himself at this time
[Image: d07c4e484f9c87721403e878f7e6a0d62175f068.png]

Here’s a later FBI-report dated 21 September 1945 that describes that Guydano had told his story to a reporter of the Los Angeles Examiner on 29 July 1945.
Quote:the subs landed along the tip of the Valdez Peninsula along the southern tip of Argentina in the gulf of San Matias
[Image: e9145f2fa6ff3ae3066f0102c77e0953a99b4f8c.jpg]

That German submarines landed on the Argentine coast (on 28 June) is also confirmed by the following FBI report of 14 July 1945.
There were earlier witnesses, “source of unknown reliability”, who claimed that Hitler had landed in Argentina on 20 June.
[Image: a839233b760c2830e1047ee75c0b0ff93bfa5835.jpg]

Here is the disclosed collection of FBI-documents on this topic (a lot of these documents aren’t worth the time and don’t include many of the reports that I’ve posted here):
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
For the most part I try to ignore “fake” information, but in this post I’ll present some of the fake information on the fake dead of Hitler that for some reason gets much more attentions than the “real” story.

Hitler in Columbia
The CIA disclosed a story on former German SS trouper Phillip Citroen, who contacted a trusted friend that on 3 October 1955 informed the CIA.
Citroen had told him that he met Hitler “about once a month in Columbia”, and “that Hitler left Columbia for Argentina in January 1955".
There is also a (very vague) photo of Adolf Hitler (it could just as well be Charlie Chaplin) with Citroen in Tunja (Tunga) Colombia, in 1954. Hitler called himself Adolf Schuttelmayor (Schrittelmayer) at the time.
[Image: 0364bcd76db03c102a9f2ff3de2213b9c7746b9e]

I haven’t found a single “reliable” source that Hitler was ever in Columbia...

Gerrard Williams - Grey Wolf
Probably the journalist that gets most attention on the fake death of Adolf Hitler from our wonderful media is Gerrard Williams, who worked for the propaganda network Reuters, Associated Press that invents wonderful news for the whole wide world.

Gerrard Williams is a disinformation agent. In his book he even admits that the most used source is the fantasy story “Hitler murió en la Argentina” by Kristenssen (Manuel Monasterio), who admitted that:
Quote:he made part of it up—to avoid trouble with the Argentine authorities at the time—he insists that the most salient points are true

According to Williams, Hitler and a small group escaped the bunker in the last days of April 1945 by a “secret” tunnel and then were transported to safety, and Hitler and Braun were replaced by body doubles.
From there they were flown to Tønder, Denmark, but then the story gets really ridiculous, because now according to Williams, Hitler and entourage went back to Travemunde, Germany; Reus, Spain; Fuerteventura, Canary Isles.
In Spain they supposedly boarded a U-boat that brought them to Mar Del Plata, Argentina.

After arriving on the coast of Argentina in Mar del Plata, Hitler and entourage travelled through Argentina; Adolf Hitler and settled in “Residencia Inalco” in Villa la Angostura on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi near San Carlos de Bariloche, some 1000 miles southwest of Buenos Aires (in the Patagonia area of Argentina).
Located in the mountains; near a popular ski resort. Juan Domingo Perón regularly came to ski there.
Here’s a picture of Residencia Inalco.
[Image: Hitler%2527s%2Bresidence%2Bin%2BArgentin...2BLaco.jpg]

Some sites claim that Residencia Inalco only became Hitler’s main residence in 1947 (instead of 1945).
Maybe Adolf Hitler lived there until 1955, when he left for Paraguay.

According to Williams: Adolf Hitler and Eva stayed at the Nazi-financed Gran Hotel Viena on the isolated shores of Argentina’s inland sea, Mar Chiquita for a couple of days in 1946.

According to Williams, Hitler and Braun were the parents of “Uschi” and in the book the following picture from May 1944 of Hitler with Ursula (Uschi) is shown. Williams also invented a second Eva Braun pregnancy out of thin air.
According to sources on the internet, this is the daughter of Oberleutenant Erwin and Herta Schneider. Herta Ostermeyer Schneider was a friend of Eva Braun.
[Image: truth-eva60b.jpg]

On page 82 of the PDF another witness that saw Hitler is introduced – (the mother of) Jorge Batinic:
Quote:One day, a German rancher was brought in for treatment for a gunshot wound, and a few days later three other Germans arrived to visit the patient. It was noticeable that two of them treated the third one as “the boss.” Mafalda had to choke back an involuntary cry of amazement when she recognized him as Hitler. He had no moustache and was somewhat graying, but she had no doubt that it was him. Shocked, Mrs. Batinic told the owners of the clinic, Drs. Arustiza and Varando; they watched him and were surprised, but did nothing. Apart from greeting the patient, Hitler hardly said a word. When the three Germans left, Mrs. Batinic asked the patient the identity of his important visitor. Realizing that she had already recognized the Führer, the injured rancher told his nurse, “Look, it’s Hitler, but don’t say anything. You know they’re looking for him, it’s better not to say anything.”

Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan published “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler” in 2011 and also made a documentary.
A body double took Hitler’s place and an actress stood in for Eva Braun on 27 April 1945.

See Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan´s 2011 book “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler” (only 98 pages):

According to Williams and Dunstan Hitler and Braun had two daughters before Hitler died in 1962 in Patagonia at the age of 73:

For anybody that wants to see a video (that I don’t recommend just like the book); the following is mostly an interview of Gerrard Williams (author of “Grey wolf”) and touches on the most important information from his book (1:01:38 long).

Plane from Austria to Barcelona
There is a reported “secret German document” that lists Hitler and Eva Braun as plane passengers on 26 April 1945 from Austria to Barcelona, but I don’t believe it’s “authentic”; if Hitler would have been on this flight, he wouldn’t have flown under his own name. I haven’t even found a picture of this document.
The site describes it like this:
Quote:The Führer and his companions leave Hörching airport on 26.04.1945 at 20:00

The Führer's companions are as follows:
The Führer
Dr Göbbels [his name is crossed out in the original]
Mrs Göbbels and her sons [also crossed out]
Reichsleiter Bormann*
SS Gruppenführer Müller*
SS Gruppenführer Fegelein*
General der Infanterie Burgdorf
Botschafter zbV Hewel*
SS Oberstubf. Betz
SS Stubf. Dr Stumpfegger [with a question mark in the original] *
SS Hauptstuf. Gross
Frl. Braun*
Frl. Manzialy
4 men from the Security Unit Command

The handover of the luggage [of the distinguished persons named above] will take place from 16:00 onwards at the Hörching airport entrance.

Patrick Burnside
I did find another book about the “the escape of Hitler” that’s probably much better than the Williams book, for somebody that can understand Spanish...
Patrick Burnside – El escape de Hitler (published 2000; 700 pages in Spanish):
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
In this post information on witnesses that saw Adolf Hitler in Argentina and Paraguay.

The following 10:27 video shows 3 witnesses that saw Adolf Hitler in the Eden hotel, La Falda (a hotspot for Nazis). The hotel owners were the Nazi sympathisers Walter and Ida Eichhorn, who during the war regularly corresponded with Nazi Germany and went there at least twice a year.
Witnesses Dr. Montaya and Alejandro Almosni tell about Hitler at the Eden hotel.
Katelina Gamero tells that she personally served Adolf Hitler when he was in the Eden hotel for 3 days in 1947.
Hernan Ancin, carpenter for the Hungarian Nazi Pavelich surviving in Argentina, tells that he drank a cup of coffee with Hitler in 1953, when he came with his wife and 3 bodyguards to the building of Pavelich.

I have found more information on reported witnesses of Hitler in South America on the site.

In 2011-2012 (?) the 80-year-old Argentinean Roberto Brun, living in London at the time, told Gerrard Williams that he had waited on Hitler in Buenos Aires in 1953 and again in 1956. He describes the first of these occasions as follows:
Quote:[Hitler] probably came to the hotel six or seven months after I started working, and the preparation that day was very special including bringing one special chef to cook. Mandaver [the restaurant’s manager] didn’t tell me who it was, but I knew he was a very, very big chef. I remember black hair with little touches of white, a skinny face, no mustache. When he got up from the table to walk, Mandaver was with me to one side. And all the people were respecting him. And Mandaver said, ‘do you know who it is?’ And I said ‘no.’ He said ‘the Führer’.

Brun also saw Hitler’s wife before one of the dinners in which he waited upon Hitler.
Brun also confirmed the presence of Martin Bormann, Hitler’s faithful secretary (who according to the state media was killed shortly after Hitler).

Catalina Gamero, who served Hitler for 3 days in 1949, was 15 when she went to live with the Eichhorns in 1945.
Eight days after the 'important visitor' left La Falda, Ida and Walter Eichhorn took Catalina to the Eichhorn's house on Pan de Azucar Mountain (“El Castillo”), where Hitler stayed for 15 days; the last time that Catalina saw Hitler.
Gamero also remembers taking telephone calls from Hitler at the Eichhorn home through operators in La Rioja and Mendoza until 1962.

I’ve found a detailed description from carpenter Hernán Ancin’s meetings with the Hitlers, while he was working for Paveli as a carpenter in the Argentine coastal city of Mar del Plata.
Ancin worked for Paveli ’s company from the middle of 1953 to September or October 1954. In the southern summer of 1953, the Hitlers were regular visitors to the building site where Ancin was working. Ancin saw Hitler with Paveli 5 or 6 times.

Ancin describes the (Masonic) handshake by which Hitler and Paveli greeted each other:
Quote:When Hitler [arrived] he raised the closed fist of his right hand with his arm extended. Paveli went to him and put his hand on Hitler’s fist, enclosing it. Afterward, they smiled, and Paveli shook hands with Hitler. This was always the greeting.
Ancin recalled Hitler as having "light eyes, a friendly gaze—[he was] quiet and very polite.

Ancin also saw Hitler in Mar del Plata at an old colonial-style house behind the San Martin Park. He didn’t know if Hitler lived there or was only visiting (the house was in fact the property of Lahusen).
While in the city Hitler always travelled by car, but on one occasion the carpenter saw him sitting on a bench near the sea. Ancin noticed that Hitler had problems with walking; he dragged his feet, and Eva held his arm when he walked.
Ancin said about “Hitler’s wife”:
Quote:Hitler’s wife was a little heavy. She seemed to be just over forty years old. She was large, well-fed you could say. She wore work clothes, very cheap, beige, just like his. She was a woman who gave you the feeling that she had suffered a great deal, or at least that she was suffering from something, because it was reflected in her face. She always seemed worried, and almost never smiled
Hitler’s wife, I don’t remember—I assume she spoke a bit of Spanish, because she always said ‘thank you for the coffee.’ … Hitler spoke Spanish with difficulty, and had a strong German accent.
Probably in 1954, after their return from the holiday at the Lahusen-owned house in Mar del Plata, Eva left Inalco and Hitler. She moved to Neuquén, a quiet town about 230 miles northeast of San Carlos de Bariloche.

Eloisa Luján was one of the "tasters" for the meals of Hitler (to prevent him being poisoned).
Angela Soriani was the niece of Hitler's cook at Hacienda San Ramon, Carmen Torrentegui.

Hitler used different identities but the most important one was Kurt Bruno Kirchner. Under that name he travelled to Asuncion after the overthrow of Gen. Juan Domingo Peron in 1955.

In 1990, Paraguayan-German journalist Rainer Tilch received information from professor and ornithologist Karl Bauer, a resident of Ytú, Caacupé, who told him that Germans in the Altos region knew about Hitler’s stay in Paraguay, and that one of them even personally met Hitler.
Bauer, told Tilch:
Quote:If you do not want to believe me, I'm going to introduce you to some old Germans from the Altos area, who know a lot more about it than I do. One who personally knew the Führer.

The German Hermann Rademacher also told Tilch about Hitler’s stay in Paraguay.
Bormann had arrived in Paraguay in 1956, living for a couple of years in a property of Alban Drug, in Hohenauen the area of Alto Paraná. In 1958-1959, he was attended by the notorious Dr. Josef Mengele, who had also settled in Paraguay.

Helmut Janz told Tilch that he had met a German who had seen Hitler and Eva Braun at the big annual party of the German Shooting Association of Altos ("Verein Patria") in 1968.

According to the testimony of Carmen von Schmeling, Hitler visited Paraguayan General Emilio Díaz de Vivar at least once.

According to lawyer Mariano Llano’s account, a woman of the Von Schmeling family introduced Hitler to Diaz de Vivar, in 1961.
In 2011, Llano revealed that Hitler's presence in Paraguay had been confirmed to him by President Alfredo Stroesnner on 3 November 1994, who told that he was asked by General Peron personally to protect Hitler, which he did (of course).

The German Julio Heinechen told Llano that he had seen Hitler in San Bernardino on several occasions.

Pedro Cáceres assured Llano that he had met Hitler and Eva Braun in Asunción in 1960.
Cáceres also said that Dardo Castelluccio had confirmed that Hitler was in Paraguay:

There are some writers about the faked death of Adolf Hitler that have the highest profile. One of these is Abel Basti. What hampers his credibility is that he has changed his story along the way. This could be understandable as with better information his earlier claims were debunked. At first Basti claimed that Hitler died in 1962, but later he has said in 1971.
Basti published a book in 2003 “Hitler in Argentina”. His later book “El exilio de Hitler” (The exile of Hitler) was published in 2010, but if I understand correctly was never translated from Spanish.

Hitler escaped the bunker in Berlin around 20 April 1945 via a tunnel and then went to Austria.
There is a reported “authenticated secret German document” which lists Hitler as one of the plane passengers on 26 April 1945 from Austria to Barcelona. In Spain Hitler travelled to probably Vigo or maybe Ferrol (Canary Isles), where he took the submarine to the coast of Patagonia, Argentina.
A document of the British secret services confirms that a Nazi submarine convoy left Spain at the time, and after making a stop at the Canary Isles, continued to the south of Argentina.
The route via the Canary Islands has also been backed up by CIA agent Bob Baer.

Hitler arrived in Mar del Plata, Argentina by German submarine in early July 1945 (why would it take him so incredibly long to get there?).
Hitler and Eva Braun, in a motorcade of at least three cars, drove to Bariloche. They took refuge in a place about 15 miles east of the town San Ramon, some 1,000 miles southwest of Buenos Aires. The Incalco Ranch, located in Villa la Angostura on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, was the eventual refuge for Adolf and Eva.

In 1945, several Buenos Aires newspapers, reported that rubber boats had landed on the coastline with passengers from submarines.
Already in 1947 the Hungarian Ladislao Zsabó published a book about the fake death and escape of Hitler. He had heard that Hitler’s destination was the German Antarctica, from which he should have understood Patagonia, Argentina:

Hitler spent a decade in Argentina, before he moved to Paraguay, where he died on 3 February 1971.
Basti claims that Hitler was buried in an underground bunker in Asuncion, which is now a hotel.
In 1973, the entrance to the bunker was sealed and 40 people came to say goodbye to Hitler. Brazilian serviceman Fernando Nogueira de Araujo attended the service:

Abel Basti claims that Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan “stole” his research on the escape of Adolf Hitler to Argentina. Williams and Dunstan came to him asking for information on the escape of Hitler to Argentina. It’s stupid that at a later time he complained that they used “his” information:

Here are 3 photos that show somebody that looks like Hitler at (?) the Eden hotel with the Eichhorns.
The site writes that the 3 photos of Adolf Hitler with Walter and Ida Eichhorn at the Eden hotel, in La Falda (Argentina) are from “the Eichhorn marriage in Berlin, during a meeting with Hitler when he was already the Führer of Germany”.
I couldn’t find to find more information to confirm this...
[Image: Hitler%2Bin%2BArgentina%2B-%2BThe%2BEden%2BHotel.png]

Here’s a report that confirms that on 23 October 1945 the FBI was informed about the warm friendship between Ida Eichhorn and Adolf Hitler, and that possibly Hitler could find a “safe retreat at her hotel (La Falda)”:
Quote:d. that if Hitler should at any time get into difficulty wherein it was necessary for him to find a safe retreat, he would find such safe retreat at her hotel (La Falda) where they had already made the necessary preparations.
[Image: eichhorn.png]

According to another letter (with typos) to Edgar J. Hoover dated “Nov 2rd 1945” (?); Hitler...
Quote:is liveing in a great underground establishment beneath a vast hacienda - 675 miles westfrom Florianopolis; 450 miles northwest of Buenos Aires
[Image: informe-del-fbi-sobre-la-muerte-de-hitle...1423589497]
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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