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US-backed coup in Bolivia
On 9 November, Evo Morales made a triumphant return from Argentina to Bolivia, one day after President Luis Arce’s inauguration. He was welcomed by tens of thousands of supporters.
Morales said to the adoring crowd:
Quote:We have to keep working, our task now is to protect President Arce and our process of change, because the right doesn’t sleep and the empire is always looking at our natural resources, but we use our experience to go forward even stronger…

The coup was for lithium, imperialism doesn’t want us to develop value-added products within Bolivia, they want the transnational corporations to take it all.
No social distancing reported...

Just days after Morales MAS party won the 18 October election, his arrest warrant was lifted.
Morales continues to be president of the ruling MAS party:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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