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US-backed coup in Bolivia
More than 10 months have passed since Evo Morales was ousted in an OAS-organised coup...
According to the Bolivian constitution, general elections should have been held within 90 days of Morales fleeing the country. The beginning of February at the latest, before the start of the coronavirus “pandemic” (it’s that long ago).

In July, the Bolivia general elections were postponed for a second time, this time to 18 October.
There is no guarantee that they won’t be postponed again.

Evo Morales responded on Twitter:
Quote:The de facto government wants to win more time to continue persecuting social leaders and MAS candidates.
It's another form of proscription. That's why they don't want elections on September 6.

And then (despite the coronavirus hysteria) protests broke out.
[Image: BB17onqL.img?h=200&w=300&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f]

Morales's supporters claim the election is only delayed because Morales’s MAS party candidate Luis Arce is leading in the polls.

Suspicious?!? Former minister in the Morales government, Eugenio Rojas, died “of COVID-19” at the age of 57:

Protests continued and even intensified in August.

The illegal usurper government responded with threats, criminalisation of blockades, a dialogue without key actors and the mobilisation of the same armed “civilian” groups that were used during the coup.
These “civilian” groups during the coup attacked Morales supporters and attacked the homes of MAS leaders and kidnapped their relatives.

Edmundo Juan Nogales Arancibia explained:
Quote:These are groups that use violence, in many cases armed violence, with the complicity of state authorities, especially the police.
They appear in public wearing bulletproof vests and carrying small caliber weapons, and act with impunity, attacking popular sectors protesting against the de facto government.

After illegal president Jeanine Anez promised that the general elections won’t be postponed again, on 14 August the protest leaders promised to suspend the protests until 18 October (the day the general elections are now planned).
They warned that they would again go to the streets, if the coup-installed government will delay elections again or refuses to accept its defeat in the elections (which according to them is inevitable):

On September 17, Bolivia’s coup-president Jeanine Áñez, announced that to withdraw from the general elections (originally she promised not to enter at all) scheduled for October 18.
Because she was a low fourth in the polls:

In early August, the International Rights of Nature Tribunal released a troubling report, concluding that the recent fires that burned close to 16 million acres of forest in Bolivia in 2019 were "ecocide provoked by Bolivian authorities and agro-industry".

The bishops urged voters to take the environment into account and asked the de facto Jeanine Anez government to review laws that allow individual farmers to clear around 40 acres of land (for which they often use fires) and other laws that have opened the way for genetically modified crops (particularly soy beans):

The following suggests that the Brazil of Zionist Trump-connected president Jair Bolsonaro also played a major role in the Bolivian coup.

The same day of the coup, 11 November, the presidential jet was on its way to Brasilia (Brazil’s capital).
Since then coup, the plane made 25 separate visits to Brazil.

Why did the Bolivian presidential jet make so many trips to Brasilia?
Who travelled on the plane (it couldn’t have been Jeanine Añez, who remained in the presidential palace in Bolivia):
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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