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Follow The Information, Not The Crowd
FB comment following the Election Result -

Follow the information, not the crowd.

Ahhhh so it's going to be Boris who borrows from the central banks and enforces UN Agenda 21/30, instead of Corbyn.

If you're genuinely upset about the outcome, don't be, as the same policies will be proposed either way. 

Take back your power. Until you stop engaging in Politics in the manner in which you're supppsed to (voting) You will forever be left, despondent, perplexed and dissempowered. It is designed to achieve exactly that. There are simple facts that you have to accept. 

Governments borrow credit from central banks at high levels of interest, this is why we have a National debt. It is a fraudulent system that is designed to consolidate real wealth into a few hands (property, resources etc). 

As when the interest cannot be "repaid" (it is pysically impossible to do so) they take back the "money" (credit) in the form of property, cars etc  It is debt mining. 

Not a single Politician will approach this issue and it is the biggest issue that the human race faces, as money is the main mechanism of control. Therefore  THEY DO NOT WORK FOR YOU AND THEY DON'T CONTROL THE FLOW OF CURRENCY.

This point is further backed up the fact that EVERY MP/POLITICIAN has to swear allegiance to the Queen and all of her aires, before they can even step foot in the Houses of Parliament. THEY DO NOT WORK FOR YOU. 

The Crown is disputably the largest land owner in the World. The Crown also owns all of the Courts and the Police force (Her Majestys Constabulary) These are facts. Not to mention the influence of the military industrial complex and big pharma, who lobby Politicians to legislate on their collective behalf. 

You are not told any of this by the corporate media, as it enforces the "systems" agenda, as the mainstream media is owned by the same groups, who control your money supply. 

The whole theatre of Politics is designed to dissempower you and promotes in fighting via "identity politics".

If you really want things to change, start researching: fiat currency, fractional reserve lending, Zionism and Israeli influence over western Politics. 

Follow the information, not the crowd.

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