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I thought astrology was BS for the first 30 years our my life:

"How can everyone born in September possibly have the same things happen to them, world wide? "

Of course, that's what "they" want you thinking. This is my story, and how I came to change my mind 180'

I met a lady online, for some unrelated help, who also happened to be an expert in astrology. I decided to take her up on her suggestion and watch her do a live reading (via YouTube). She said " regular people mock astrology, millionaires ignore it and billionaires swear by it."

I saw the software she used, and based on these people in chat being amazed, went ahead and got hold of the same package. I didn't know or understand any of the regular or advanced features, but I knew from her live demo the info it needed:

Male or female (don't start! )
Place of birth (Coordinates, obtained from town/city)
Date of birth
Time of birth (to nearest minute if possible)
Where live now (again, as coordinates).

I then got the software to auto generate my life summary. I'm sure with knowledge you can do better, but this was Freakishly accurate despite that, I did my girlfriend, and the page summary was equally impressive, so I then clicked to auto generate my time line summary, which came to roughly half a page per year.

It seemed to focus on health, relationships, happiness, financials, career and a soul journey type category.

It had the very month down to my medical emergency, 15 years ago, where I was admitted to hospital as inpatient for over a year, almost half in icu. It had my finances a mess, which they were, for it my whole life, which they were, being so poor, but that was allegedly to change in about two weeks from 2/10 to a 9/10. Seemed impossible after 30 years, that magically in 2 weeks something was gonna change so drastically out the blue.

No exaggeration, 2-3 weeks later, I won several thousand off my first ever £10 bet at an online casino. It was only a week or so later, while I was enjoying a very rare, much needed holiday with my girlfriend, that I thought back to the astrology print out. I showed my partner the yearly auto generated thing, and she was more freaked out than I was.

Ever since then, a believer, 100%
Can't explain it, don't understand it, beyond the "planets" (or whatever they really are) seem to emit signals down that effect is all differently, depending on our birth info (I spoke on before) and where we live now.

Intriguingly, I changed my birth time to be off by just five minutes, and ran it again, and theme was the much the same, but the extremities were somewhat different, by both intensity and timing, even by weeks!
Vedic astrology for october 2018 -

This month we experience two significant astrological events. 

First, Venus turns retrograde in the sign of Libra on October 5, 2018, which prompts us to cultivate greater self-love, and increases the desire for balance and harmony in our relationships.  

Second, Jupiter, the great benefic planet, shifts signs on October 11, 2018, moving to the transformative sign of Scorpio for more than a year.  With Jupiter in Scorpio our focus turns to exploring the mysteries of life and becoming conscious of our innate strength and power .....

Twists and turns: astrology forecast, October 21–28, 2018 -

The Full Moon in Taurus; the Sun in Scorpio conjunct Venus and oppose Uranus in Taurus.

Full moon In Taurus: surprises, changes and breakthroughs -

We are having a Full Moon in Taurus on October 24th/25th depending on where you are located in the world. This marks the peak of the Lunar Cycle that began on October 8th/9th with a New Moon in Libra. The energies of a Full Moon gradually build up earlier in the Moon cycle and become more noticeable on the day of and days surrounding it. It is also a part of the backdrop of the other astrological energies over the following 2 weeks ....

Supermoon total eclipse in Leo: making changes to support our self-expression

Revelations, repercussions and re-winds: astrology forecast March 24th – 31st, 2019...

Full moon In Libra: approaching changes

We are having a 2nd Full Moon in Libra on April 19th; however, it will appear fullest on the night of the 18th in the American continents. This is the peak of the Lunar cycle that began on April 5th with a New Moon in Aries....

New moon In Taurus: being innovative and practical ...

Full moon In Aquarius: pleasure & originality -

We are having a Full Moon in Aquarius which is exact on August 15th at 12:29 pm, Universal Time. It will appear the fullest on the night of August 14th in the Americas and on the night of 15th everywhere else...

Mercury retrograde in Pisces and Aquarius: contemplating ideals

Mercury begins its latest retrograde process on February 16th/17th , which will last until March 9th/10th....

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