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The famous herbalist Thomas Culpepper wrote a superb book called, "Culpeppers Complete Herbal, where his thesis was guided by the cosmos and planets of what time of year certain plants were in flower and or growing, knowing when this occurs enables the practice of esoteric parlance and an advantage over those who don't.

This is how this kind of cookie holds together and the rest crumble when dipped into the humble cup of tea, leaving those who created the biscuit no wiser of what ingredients are needed to make sure to get to eat the biscuit and not loose it to ignorance and making it the same weakness every time.

This is how Astromony/astrology are intrinsically linked.
New moon in Aries: pursuing wholeness -

Pluto In Capricorn 2008-2024: Major Changes In Government, Banking, and Business -

In September 2008, the planet Pluto ended a retrograde period in the tail end of Sagittarius and started moving toward Capricorn, where it would stay until 2024. At that the time, the biggest news was that, unless the government stepped in and bailed out the banks, the United States was on the verge of financial collapse....


Today's Horoscopes Friday 10th April 2020

The Moon in Scorpio forges a pleasant angle to powerful Pluto and expansive Jupiter which can encourage us to make a bold move -

More Astrological Insights on the effects of COVID-19 Pandemic, March 31 2020 -

Moon In Aquarius (collective) Square Uranus (rebellion) today.  #PlutoInCapricorn

BREAKING: Michiganders Protest Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Coronavirus Executive Orders...


Michigan Stay-At-Home Order Prompts Honking, Traffic-Jam Protest -

New Moon In Taurus: Shaking Things Up -

We are having a New Moon in Taurus on April 22nd or 23rd, depending on where you are located in the world. This is initiating a 29.5-day Lunar cycle and a new wave of energy for the coming month, however, its themes will be strongest over the following 2 weeks. This cycle will peak at the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th.

New Moon Conjunct Uranus and Square Saturn

The New Moon’s square with Saturn reflects a time of restrictions, boundaries, seriousness, caution, obstacles, negativity, and consolidation. This can especially apply in Aquarius areas such as friends, groups, collectives, and social media, yet can play out in other ways as well.  We may also be faced with a need to get disciplined, orderly, or realistic.

Taurus Ruler Venus In Post Retrograde Shadow, Square Neptune

Venus developments around love, relationships, friends, values, attraction, aesthetics, art, creativity, money, pleasures, social life, and overall social connections may go through some shifts and a sorting out process now and in the coming months. 

Pluto Stationary Retrograde

Pluto is deep, transformative, evolutionary, sexual, intense, and regenerating. It is associated with psychoanalysis and looking beneath the surface. Power, manipulation, secrets, subversion, abuse, jealousy, the underworld, conspiracies, shadows, and darkness are all under the domain of this sign. Pluto also rules viruses, and is likely that this retrograde (combined with other factors) can reflect going back and revisiting something pertaining to the covid-19 situation, or our perception of what is happening.

Mercury Superior Conjunction, Nodes Changing Signs

There can be a change or some sort of progress in relation to what has been playing for the last few months. It can even result in a beginning or ending due to increased certainty around certain circumstances. At this time, our minds can be more aligned with our true needs and self-expression from this period until late June. We can better implement whatever we have been thinking about with greater confidence and direction.

The Great Conjuction 2020 -

Esoteric Agenda 2 -

Created by Ben Joseph Stewart who also did Kymatica, and the first Esoteric Agenda, two of the most legendary consciousness raising films of all time. The original Esoteric Agenda was released during the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.


Trailer for Esoteric Agenda 2 

Full moon in Scorpio: increased sensitivity and clarity -

We are having a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th, and it will appear the fullest on night of the 6th in the Americas. This is the peak of the Lunar cycle that began with a New Moon in Taurus on April 22nd/23rd, as the themes mentioned in that article are still in effect. The energies of a Full Moon are strongest in the days surrounding it yet its astrological configurations also play a part over the following two weeks. You may start to see its effects slowly build up after the New Moon prior to it....

Venus Retrograde In Gemini: Social Reorientation -

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