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Marshall Law and Chaos in the USA
(03-11-2018, 12:16 AM)awakened53 Wrote: An article doing the rounds on quite a few sources

The following post is of intrest to me as a bee keeper.

What the elite blood lines are is a family of "Verroa Destructor", and unseen by the workers and drones within the hive/society, languishing within the hive is this seemingly "mighty mite", which produces nothing for the hive itself, but preys upon the young bees in the hive and as is the norm so far, it nearly things nearly always end in dissaster for the hive, or as we see in human society from an enemy within.

The small crab like mites lay their eggs inside the open cells/schools of the larve before the bees have time to cap them over with wax and sometimes after they are capped by the workers, up until now the mites are always one step ahead of the bees, because they can breed and hatch out before the young bees are fully developed, then begin feeding on their blood lymph so much, so that the developing insects are deformed at birth or never make it out of the cell.

The bankers and their triple speaking triads are exactly the same as the "Verroa Destructor" in so many ways, the Varroa destroy the integrity of the hive and then hitches a ride on the backs of the bees as they forage and come into contact with other bees, where they jump ship and the whole process begins all over again.

But science is at hand and the keepers are now genetically sellecting the awakened bees from their gene pool to breed better bees which can recognize their foe, its called clean bee husbandry, as they help each other the recognise and groom the Varroa from their bodies and discard them from the hive before the Verroa have had time to breed.

This is exactly what we need to do, begin working together to eliminate the free riders from our midst and that battle is well under way.

Here is how the job is done, here is the equipment I have made for myself to carry out the task.

Many of the traits show here are in line with how we have been farmer since birth, and one of the elites main symbols is the bee hive,

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