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Marshall Law and Chaos in the USA
I watch youtube vids from some popular guys like Dr William Mount, Lionel nation and several others reporting on "Q ANON". I believe this refers to official leaks from within the Trump Camp on current Investigations into tthe depravities and outright criminality of the "Deep State" in the USA.
This current video from "Alliance insider" states that we can expect to see at least 13000 Indictments ,who will be detained at Guantamo reception center.This video says that Trump is surrounded by loyal  "Special Forces" night and day.but However, it's only a matter of time before the rats take flight and cause Mayhem to the American and Global Economy. We can anticipate that they will try to take us all down rather than face trial by Military tribunals.They are letting us know that we should prepare for about a 90 day period of food shortages and chaos,after which things will settle down. 
This is good "Prepper" stuff ! I just wonder whether we take these accounts seriously or get people like Gerald Celente and others to comment on what could potentially be a catastrophic period awaiting us all,possibly in the near future.What do you guys think ? 
I have been reading this since the Obama days and nothing has happened yet.
I personally don't think there is a cat in hells chance that the evil witch Hilary or her husband will end up being indicted. It is all a soap opera to keep us occupied while all the other crap is going on behind the scenes.
As for Marshall Law, I can see it happening in the near future. If you think about how many times the police put towns on "lock downs" when there are incidents, you could say that they are conditioning the public in readiness.
If good old Donald gets impeached, for example, there would be chaos between the supporters and I think that Marshall law would happen. They are certainly ready for it with all the FEMA camps.
But I think a lot of the q anon stuff is nonsense
An article doing the rounds on quite a few sources
(03-11-2018, 12:16 AM)awakened53 Wrote: An article doing the rounds on quite a few sources

The following post is of intrest to me as a bee keeper.

What the elite blood lines are is a family of "Verroa Destructor", and unseen by the workers and drones within the hive/society, languishing within the hive is this seemingly "mighty mite", which produces nothing for the hive itself, but preys upon the young bees in the hive and as is the norm so far, it nearly things nearly always end in dissaster for the hive, or as we see in human society from an enemy within.

The small crab like mites lay their eggs inside the open cells/schools of the larve before the bees have time to cap them over with wax and sometimes after they are capped by the workers, up until now the mites are always one step ahead of the bees, because they can breed and hatch out before the young bees are fully developed, then begin feeding on their blood lymph so much, so that the developing insects are deformed at birth or never make it out of the cell.

The bankers and their triple speaking triads are exactly the same as the "Verroa Destructor" in so many ways, the Varroa destroy the integrity of the hive and then hitches a ride on the backs of the bees as they forage and come into contact with other bees, where they jump ship and the whole process begins all over again.

But science is at hand and the keepers are now genetically sellecting the awakened bees from their gene pool to breed better bees which can recognize their foe, its called clean bee husbandry, as they help each other the recognise and groom the Varroa from their bodies and discard them from the hive before the Verroa have had time to breed.

This is exactly what we need to do, begin working together to eliminate the free riders from our midst and that battle is well under way.

Here is how the job is done, here is the equipment I have made for myself to carry out the task.

Many of the traits show here are in line with how we have been farmer since birth, and one of the elites main symbols is the bee hive,
The Apprentice - I like your analogy. Although I see a slight difference: it seems our hive is built by the Verroa Destructor.
(03-11-2018, 10:04 AM)Styleezy Wrote: The Apprentice - I like your analogy. Although I see a slight difference: it seems our hive is built by the Verroa Destructor.

Knowledge = Skills = Control or Freedom.

It would seem that way would'nt it, but when you work with the bees there is a big difference to working with human bees, I will try to explain.

Even though bees are being farmer by humans and have been for thousands of years, they still retain their wildness no matter what you try to do to them and will readily attack you to the death/one sting, if you miss treat them, and will die if you rob too much of their currency/honey, if you do that you must feed them with inferior food like sugar candy to see them through the winter.

With the human varroa, they go unoticed and the humans that do notice are sellected by the professors, who are the elites watchers and then drawn into their way of thinking so as not to be able to enlighten the others, Bertrand Russell and others said the same, that if these higher minds cannot be brought on board they were to be elliminated, but not by himself, but by us/ourselves from withing the hive, this simply cannot occur in a bee colony.

The human Varroa are indeed training the human worker to build a system but its not really theirs to change or close down, and also enslaving them at the same time, in the bee colony the varroa go relatively unnoticed, and is why I am doing the genetic sellction from those who show these clean hive characteristics, so they can do this part on their own without the farmers needing to using chemicals to erradicate the beasts from the East/Asia, same anology with humans being fed inferior food and medicine when the body is capable of sorting most things out for itself, however..

Now here is where things change slightly, but are all related.

I think that the elite are also using the way the alternative media works, and is training the username/avatar in order of finding out where the free thinkers are and logging them all down, in such a way that they think they can escape their octopus arms via the inter-net, when quite the opposite will eventually happen, is happening.

So, how does the human hive survive the system on their own terms without having to reley upon the smart system, which could at any time go down leaving the entire electronic alternative up creek without paddle, by simply turning off the electricity to the servers, or rationing it, this works both ways for crypto currencies as well, no power, no money.

The very best way to elieviate part of the problem is to begin re-training ourselves in real life skills, as I have but also using the latest tech  to help the individual outside of the greater control and bottleneck that the internet is creating, yes there are many different platforms to chose from, but they are all inter-related, and if we check out what the word Inter actually means, it means to bury any nation under its command, IE, the inter-net.

This is happening on a scale never seen before and it is removing the majority who could be alternative thinkers if they had hand skills and problem solving skills with acompany these traits, intead we are all head down, less skilled and talking to our future controllers, facebook CEO's have already told us what is coming of late.

A Three Tier system with inter-related systems.

[Image: 1280px-_Washington_Monument_Deseret_Stone_in_2000.jpg]

If you look at the carving above you see the Masonic control scene with a hive standing above the ground surrounded by a wilderness/desertGoyim, but above that of the hive is Ivy or in this case Bindweed/White Trumpets sounding to those below, which is twisted around an Arch/Royal Arch/Ecliptic, with the Sun at the helm, this is the older Masonic symbolism/parlance in plain sight.

Having read this far you will by now realise who is inside the hive and middle growd feeding off of all those minds within it and not realizing their true potential.

Today it looks to me as a series of internet servers with lots of people below heads down holding and talking to mobile phones for their answer, their hands are basically idle but pre-occupied with the technology who is not really working for them but con-trolling those holding such devices, I hope that also makes sense.

[Image: bee_farmers.jpg]

Also look at the picture above by Pieter Bruegel "the elder" that I call "Men Without Faces", Bruegel was also a high ranking mason, as was the painter Turner, and all part of the team who painted messages for those in power and cognito, this is how their hive minds work in the shadows, there is one in the scene who is higher that the rest without a face to be seen, its all in their esoterics if you know where to look.

I see hives/skeps as pyramids without their top section being manipulated but their handlers arms without faces, there are other pyramids in the scene if you look harder at what it is telling us.

Other hive models are to be seen in the title of Bruegels other paintings like "the Tower of Baybel", the title says, "Many tongues One voices", right there is the same parlance and those in control, this system is immense and very hard to walk away from, and the internet is not going tobe the toll that creates this, the key work is creation and us humans simply have to do this for ourselves using our own re-trained hand to eye coordination, only then will we be truly indepandant and not inter-dependent, there is that word once again.
Yes, and i especially agree with the 'back to basics' principle you insinuate. I have often thought of the situation a lack of electricity would bring, also the fact that this can happen without 'elite' powers, ie. solar flares/pulses. The result of this, or a manmade power cut would be almost identical, although i am sure if it was manmade, it would not be a total 100% powercut (wink wink)
(03-11-2018, 06:52 PM)Styleezy Wrote: Yes, and i especially agree with the 'back to basics' principle you insinuate. I have often thought of the situation a lack of electricity would bring, also the fact that this can happen without 'elite' powers, ie. solar flares/pulses. The result of this, or a manmade power cut would be almost identical, although i am sure if it was manmade, it would not be a total 100% powercut (wink wink)

I forgot about the natural solar flare model, it is bloody frightening to even think about it really is, We have all seen the scary but quite obvious flare scares as I call them, but it is a possibility and reality if such a thing did occur, not good.

But I think the elite have many other different things up their sleeves, or our I should say our sleeves, I do not trust them whatsoever, during the full retreat of the Roman Empire they purposely opened their once well gaurded borders and let people with yellow fever flow freely, where they were quarantining them during their iron grip of their empire before hand.

And as we all know the elite simply do not want folks to be able to fend for themselves because they know we would, skills in hand flourish without any problems whatsoever, this trait always creates and abundance by self generation.

If you see China today, this can only happen when one form of abundance is redistributed and another has to be taken down to an almost skill less pool of headless chickens, sorry to put it like that but that is what we have been turned into, we are long past the service industry and certificated semi skilled paradigm and model already, the next step is real hardship for those without money, skills or resolve, we are truly entering a nightmare situation.
The Deep State and US Government
If it happens it will be far worse in any area that has a population more than a hundred thousand, and in highly poulated countries there would be no hope whatever time of year it is, twelve days is all that it would take to see over 80% of the peeps gone.

However in the United Sstates you have huge open spaces where you could easily hide out the worst period, here in the UK your never more than fifteen to twenty minutes away from a sizable population by car, and on foot about four to five hours, so best find a place to hide up with at least double that distance and about 20 days of food and water after that and in a full blown outage its going to be over and done with, most will have succumbed to the rush that would follow.


A small group of us here did an extensive trial to see how long you could fair on only 500 calories per day over a twelve day period, this was under cover, out of the elements, dry and warm at the end of summer, the results were not so good, after 5 days our available strength had diminished to below that which would be enough to forage more than a couple of miles from base, double the calories and you have half a chance, add another 500 and your in a much safer position, so you can now work out what you need to take in the way of supplies.

Where we did the experiment was in the English Lake District about 240 feet ASL, for those interested in trying something similar, remember this simple anology, "Heat is Half Meat", meaning if you can keep dry and warm you can survive on half of what you could if you had poor sheltering in winter time.

Hope that helps those worrying about all the scary collapse stories that many stooges are pushing verbatim, feckin stooges most of them making a fortune out of the negative energy they are pushing.

Oh and BTW, a car would be of no use to anyone, leave it at home.

Just saying.

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