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Marshall Law and Chaos in the USA
I watch youtube vids from some popular guys like Dr William Mount, Lionel nation and several others reporting on "Q ANON". I believe this refers to official leaks from within the Trump Camp on current Investigations into tthe depravities and outright criminality of the "Deep State" in the USA.
This current video from "Alliance insider" states that we can expect to see at least 13000 Indictments ,who will be detained at Guantamo reception center.This video says that Trump is surrounded by loyal  "Special Forces" night and day.but However, it's only a matter of time before the rats take flight and cause Mayhem to the American and Global Economy. We can anticipate that they will try to take us all down rather than face trial by Military tribunals.They are letting us know that we should prepare for about a 90 day period of food shortages and chaos,after which things will settle down. 
This is good "Prepper" stuff ! I just wonder whether we take these accounts seriously or get people like Gerald Celente and others to comment on what could potentially be a catastrophic period awaiting us all,possibly in the near future.What do you guys think ? 

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Marshall Law and Chaos in the USA - by disruptasaurus - 02-19-2018, 05:50 PM

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