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What is coming unless we stop it...

So, it looks like GloboCap isn’t going to be happy until they have fomented the widespread social unrest — or de facto global civil war — that they need as a pretext to lock in the new pathologized totalitarianism and remake whatever remains of society into a global pseudo-medicalized police state, or that appears to where we’re headed currently. We appear to be heading there at breakneck speed.
I don’t have a crystal ball or anything, but I’m expecting things to get rather ugly this Autumn, and probably even uglier in the foreseeable future.
Yes, friends, a storm is coming. It has been coming for the last 16 months. And GloboCap is steering right into it.
I, and many others like me, have been tracking its relentless advance like a self-appointed International Pathologized-Totalitarian Hurricane Center (you know, like the one in Miami, except all the meteorologists are “conspiracy theorists”). We have documented all the propaganda, the lies, the manipulation of statistics, the abrogation of constitutional rights, the New Normal goon squads, the corporate censorship, and all the rest of the roll-out of the new official ideology and the totalitarian measures deployed to enforce it.
Our efforts have not been in vain, but they have not been successful enough to change the course events are now taking … a course of events that has always been clear, a course that every totalitarian movement needs to take to get where it’s going. You can’t remake entire societies into quasi-totalitarian systems without civil unrest, chaos, rioting, war, or some other form of cataclysm.
Brainwashing the masses is all fine and good, but, at some point, you need to goad the people who are resisting your new totalitarian “reality” into getting unruly, so you can crack down on them, and transform them into official enemies, which appears to be what is happening currently.

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2 Giant Investment Firms Control Almost Everything You Buy — Here’s Why You Should Care

Until recently, it has appeared that economic competition has been driving the rise and fall of small and large companies across the U.S. Supposedly, PepsiCo is Coca Cola’s competitor, Apple and android are vying for your loyalty and Pfizer and Bayer are battling for your pharmaceuticaldollars. But what is revealed in this video, using publicly available data you can check, is that this has been an illusion.
On the surface, all appears to be the same as it always has been. But the growth of a few corporations, beginning in the mid-1970s, has all but destroyed the competitive market on which America’s strength has rested. As demonstrated in the video, a quick look through Yahoo! Finance shows that Vanguard and Blackrock have been the puppet masters behind nearly every large industry that affects your life.
As you can quickly discern, the global economy may be the greatest illusionary trick ever pulled over the eyes of people around the world. Without doubt, we are in a new place and facing new challenges. It will take accurate information and local action to continue to have the right to take control of your health.
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Climate Lockdowns: New CO2 monitoring credit card enables tracking of ‘carbon footprint on every purchase’ – ‘Monitors & cuts off spending when we hit our carbon max’ – Mastercard (the Cult) & UN (the Cult) join forces

Get ready for a Chinese-style social credit system scoring when it comes to your personal spending habits and how they impact “climate change.” A new credit card called Doconomy, has launched that is “working in tight collaboration with Mastercard” and an alliance with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)  is now available so you can monitor your personal CO2 budget on every purchase you make.

The new CO2 monitoring Mastercard called Doconomy debuted in order to enable “all users to track, measure and understand their impact by presenting their carbon footprint on every purchase.” The credit cards feature the slogan on them reading “DO. Everyday Climate Action” and have a personal pledge on the rear of the card boasting: “I am taking responsibility for every transaction I make to help protect the planet.” The Mastercards feature the UN “Global Climate Action” logo on them as well.

[Image: Screen-Shot-2021-09-21-at-08.14.10-500x227.png]

The World Economic Forum praised Doconomy. “While many of us are aware that we need to reduce our carbon footprint, advice on doing so can seem nebulous and keeping a tab is difficult. DO monitors and cuts off spending, when we hit our carbon max,” the World Economic Forum wrote on the Doconomy CO2 monitoring website.

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Undisclosed private companies analysing facial data from NHS app

Undisclosed companies are analysing facial data collected by the NHS app, which is used by more than 16 million English citizens, prompting fresh concern about the role of outsourcing to private businesses in the service.
Data security experts have previously criticised the lack of transparency around a contract with the NHS held by iProov, whose facial verification software is used to perform automated ID checks on people signing up for the NHS app.
The Guardian now understands that French company Teleperformance, which has attracted criticism in the UK over working conditions, uses an opaque chain of subcontractors to perform similar work under two contracts worth £35m.
The NHS app, which is separate from the Covid-19 app, can be used for anything from booking GP appointments to ordering repeat prescriptions. But one feature has driven rapid take up since travel restrictions were lifted in May: the app is the easiest means of accessing the NHS certificate proving an individual’s Covid-19 vaccination status.
The app requires users to go through an ID verification process to access these services, with some people directed to an automated process powered by iProov’s software.
When that process fails or is unavailable, the NHS app falls back on manual checks, in which users record a short video of themselves reading out a set of four numbers, as well as uploading an ID document.
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Frankenstein ‘scientists’ urge UK government to allow gene editing of farm animals – straight off the Cult agenda for transforming all earth genetics in humans (see the fake vaccines), animals and the ‘natural world’

Leading UK researchers, vets and farmers have urged ministers to free livestock science of unnecessary legal curbs as the country prepares, post-Brexit, to ease gene-editing rules. Such a move would allow the creation of new breeds of animals resistant to disease, heat and drought, they argue.
The government is expected to propose easing gene-editing restrictions in the near future to enable the creation of new generations of crops. However, the group – which has written to the environment secretary, George Eustice – worries there is less interest in using the technology to create new breeds of pigs, cows and poultry.
“It is every bit as important that we use the enormous power of gene editing to create breeds of animals that are resistant to disease, droughts and heatwaves as it is to fashion new crop varieties,” said Professor Bruce Whitelaw of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute. “This is particularly important as global warming intensifies and we strive to ensure we are protected against future outbreaks of zoonotic diseases.”
The value of gene editing in this latter field is shown by work carried out at Roslin and Imperial College London, where scientists have identified a gene that may confer resistance to influenza. “We can now think about using gene editing to create breeds resistant to avian and swine flu, and so curb outbreaks on farms, while also reducing the risk of triggering future pandemics in humans,” added Whitelaw, one of the letter’s signatories.
Read more: Frankenstein ‘scientists’ urge UK government to allow gene editing of farm animals – straight off the Cult agenda for transforming all earth genetics in humans (see the fake vaccines), animals and the ‘natural world’ 
Military to deliver petrol from Monday as supply crisis rages on – getting you used to seeing the military involved in domestic society ahead of the next lockdown

The army will be deployed to deliver fuel to garages across the country from Monday amid continuing supply issues.
Almost 200 military personnel have been undertaking training at haulier sites to help relieve the situation after more than a week of chaos at petrol stations.
Pumps across the country started running dry last week due to a shortage of specialist HGV drivers to deliver fuel. The crisis sparked a panic buying frenzy with huge queues building up at forecourts around the country and fights breaking out in some places.
The government have publicly insisted the situation is stabilising but privately have described it as an ‘effing nightmare’, according to reports. The driver shortage has sown chaos throughout British supply chains, in everything from food to fuel.
In a significant U-turn, a temporary visa scheme for foreign HGV drivers that was due to expire on Christmas Eve will now be extended to the end of February.
Foreign drivers had ridiculed Boris Johnson over the three-month offer, saying they would not leave stable, well-paid jobs abroad to ‘pee in a bottle on the M25’.

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How long until the new army of sensitivity readers make all books so mind-numbingly woke that no one will enjoy them again?

Matthew Broberg-Moffitt is ‘gender queer’ and of ‘non-binary identity’. He suffers from autism, learning disorders and narcolepsy – suddenly falling asleep at any time of the day.
Of Romany heritage, he has experienced homelessness and poverty, is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and has a genetic birth condition.
The good news is that he is perfectly placed to work as a ‘sensitivity reader’, vetting authors’ manuscripts before they are published.
And that’s exactly what he does, helping eliminate lapses in taste or authenticity when it comes to writing about, say, homelessness or narcolepsy – and protecting future readers from feelings of offence or ‘triggering’ moments of distress.
However distinctive he might seem, Broberg-Moffitt is no one-off.
Listed on the website of a leading American agency, he’s part of a rapidly expanding ‘sensitivity’ industry which aims to offer guidance in a world where diversity is king and stereotypes must be avoided at all cost.
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Leicester Hospital Holds Man Prisoner & Forcibly Medicates Him

This article stands as an urgent and serious warning to the CEO of Leicester Partnership NHS Trust and the staff in the Ashby Ward at the Bradgate Department of Mental Health, Glenfield Hospital, whom prima facie evidence suggests are complicit in the unlawful sectioning, detention and forced medication of a beneficiary of the People’s Union of Britain [PUB].
The Demonstrable Facts
On 20th October, 2021, Carl Scrivens, of Coalville, Leicestershire, was relaxing at home when a gaggle of social workers, council employees and police started to bang on his door.
He politely informed them that he did not want to speak with them and that they should leave but they ignored him, and, aided and abetted by the police, his front door was then battered down, before he was kidnapped and ‘sectioned’ by way of a plainly void warrant.
Void Warrant
This warrant has been purportedly initiated by an unidentified individual named Ntoko Collins but the grounds for the application are self-evidently non-existent, on the basis that the warrant gives the following two options for the substantiating grounds:
Quote:a) Has been, or is being, ill-treated, neglected or kept otherwise than under proper control.
b) Being unable to take care of himself, is living alone.
(Delete as appropriate)
Since neither ground was appropriately deleted, the warrant is void ab initio for being fatally incomplete upon its execution with unreasonable force.
From which a horrifying question arises:
Is this story not emphatically reminiscent of those of Nazi Germany, where those who questioned the authority of the state were sectioned and promptly euthanized ‘for the greater good’?
Absence of Material Evidence
Once again, there is no material evidence substantiating the completely spurious claim that Carl is somehow mentally unfit, nor has there been any form of mental health assessment conducted.
Moreover, the grounds relied upon are completely false and the only signature on the void warrant is that of PC Aciens, who is not qualified to assess anybody’s mental health.
Read more: Leicester Hospital Holds Man Prisoner & Forcibly Medicates Him
The Coward Within – the Fascist Without – Both Must Die

By Sir Julian Rose
Death can appear daunting. It takes considerable spiritual maturity to fully embrace the fact that death is not an ending, but simply a new chapter in the evolution of spirit, freed from the vessel in which it has travelled.
There is nothing to fear here; yet the unknown will always carry with it a certain apprehension, a sense of awe. It takes courage to face that about which one is entirely unfamiliar. But life was never intended to be a risk free adventure and we do not come into this world seeking to avoid that which asks us to embrace challenge.
Now we face that challenge, probably the greatest one we will ever come up against, and securing victory in this clash of light and dark can only happen when we recognise that the coward in us must die. It has to die so that we can live. Live to challenge the anti-life lie – for as long as it takes to see the last of it. 
The outstanding task which stares each one of us in the face today, is to overcome that pervasive inner weakness which prevents us from taking action for the liberation of the world from those who hold it to ransom. 
This miserable beast, which works on our sense of inner insecurity, is the lowest denominator of life and instantly turns man into an insipid weakling, fearful of what it means to be alive and fully human. I refer to the condition known as ‘cowardice’.
All who find an inner excuse for failing to embrace the present battle to prevent an inhuman dictatorship taking over the daily management of life on this planet, must acknowledge the call of being a coward. So must those who ‘do what they are told’ when in their gut they know they shouldn’t. 
‘Coward’ is a frighteningly hurtful word. There may be no more demeaning thing to be accused of than being a coward. It goes straight to the guts of anyone who has even a shred of self respect. A coward is not something we like to think of ourselves as unless we’ve completely given up caring about holding onto the reins of life.
In the immediate months ahead, the surviving ‘coward within’ must be challenged right down to the bone. These months are going to form the absolute epicentre of a pivotal choice for every one of us – stand up to be counted as part of the resistance or fall ever deeper into capitulation to a state of abject slavery.
The former stance will lead to an unprecedented victory for the liberation of mankind snatched from the jaws of darkness. The latter will mean unbroken servitude to the demonic mechanisms of an anti-life cult only concerned with total control over – and torture of – all those who have failed to rise up in defiance.
Because the situation is so stark, it has become almost unbearable to witness the mindless capitulation of fellow humans to the divide and conquer dogs of war. Those whose outright villainy has been rampant during the great scamdemic. This only matched by the astounding passivity of those millions offering themselves up as ‘victim-food’ for the further aggrandisement of evil.
So much of humanity has sunk into what I can only describe as ‘a race of cowards’. The mainly physical challenges of the past which sustained a determination to do one’s best no matter what, should by now have transposed into the spiritual realm. 
The same outer determination required to overcome physical actualities should by now have become channelled determination to conquer the rampant ego and the coward within. But this (logical) evolutionary process has not happened. Instead, any forward momentum has stalled, daily life has lost its rhythm and self discipline has been taken over by a state of funk. 
In this state, humans are very easily controlled. By TV, the deadly convenience of the EMF pocket mobile and social engineering of malevolent power mongers – to name just a few factors behind global brain washing.
Any major challenge, like standing up against the removal of vital basic freedoms won over centuries, have been turned away from and individual resilience replaced by irresponsible vaccilation. 
Far too many people have sunk into a state of abject passivity, sleep-walking their way through life as though they believe they have no role to play in this existence. Instead, passing on responsibility for the management of their lives to a posse of fawning fake ‘political leaders’.
So now, the guts needed to bring-about the bold uprising needed to emancipate ‘we the people’  from a globally dominant fascist dictatorship – is seriously wanting.
But the key battle-ground within this drama is not the outward defeat of a physical adversary, but the inner defeat of the slippery coward. In order to become part of the resistance to centrally controlled acts of mass genocide, we must ensure that the coward within us is given no scope for expression. 
The coward that operates within each one of us has to die before the greater part of humanity can live.
This may seem like ‘mission impossible’ for those who tremor at the prospect of the warrior within themselves rising up and calling for action. But to these people I say – just consider the alternative. Capitulation to indefinite decades of slavery with no freedoms or civil liberties left. None at all.
Chipped, mind controlled, psychologically tortured, spiritually blocked and physically re-engineered or murdered by fake vaccinations; forced onto a diet of synthetic laboratory foods; unable to bear children owing to the sterilisation of the reproductive organs; dispossessed of all material assets including the right to claim ownership of your own body and, last but not least, being permanently under surveillance of a hidden third party who has the power to nullify any emotional courage one might eventuality find to break-out of this prison.  
You might not allow yourself to believe it could ever be like this; but you would be wrong, it’s all there in the text of WEF director Klaus Schwab’s book ‘The Great Reset’.  
There you have it direct from one of the chief architects of centralised global control. A master craftsman of the totalitarian state, along with Gates, Zuckerberg, Rockefeller, Rothschild, techno-kings of Silicon Valley and a handful of tyrannical multi-billionaires, bankers and ‘royal servants’ of dark-side deceivers.
These are facts not fictions, and all the despotic frontrunners whose agenda this is, are sealed-off from the real world due to their inordinate hoards of financial wealth. They exist in a parallel construct and carry out their slow asphyxiation of life on earth from a cold, calculating and callous cocoon of non empathy with real people, real emotions and real world.
Once you understand how this planet is managed for the benefit of these vampires – and that it’s you who is allowing it to happen, then the blue pill will no longer hold such an attraction. Any attempt to continue to hide behind a delusional state of disbelief looks increasingly like an open gate into a sunless underworld.
We have all arrived at ground zero. It’s now or never to back the noble march for human emancipation in all our thoughts and deeds. Not to back-off into the lengthening shadows of self implosion. 
I have put it as bluntly as I can since this is what I see in front of us. This choice. Freedom -versus Fascism. 
It is quite simply a case of grabbing the proud flag of freedom and jumping-in. Jumping in with the rising family of man stepping forth in resistance to the global slave-masters who want you to submit to their captivity, dragging the rest of the world with you.
Those who have not yet made their move will be wise to do so today – and let the coward in them be forever fired – rather than their always listening, ever guiding indefatigable souls.
We are unique living representatives of a higher universal force. Emissaries of the Supreme Consciousness. Let us not shrink from doing justice to this extraordinary inheritance. To honour this great gift which has been bestowed upon us. 
We came here to regain control and give new direction to human destiny. To hold the earthly line on behalf of its divine inventor. To offer ourselves fully and bravely to that which demands our unstinting commitment. 
Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, writer, international activist, entrepreneur and holistic teacher. Julian is co-founder of HARE The Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology see His acclaimed book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ is particularly recommended reading for this time: see

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