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Chemtrails, EMF and Weather Control podcast
Short clip of film footage taken over Las Vegas
Just put together a small fraction of my own findings of geo engineering and TV programming here,

Shame on the BBC who are hiding the narrative in their programs in plain sight.
Documented cancerous effects of EMR - the list grows longer -
(04-27-2018, 04:19 PM)awakened53 Wrote: Short clip of film footage taken over Las Vegas

What is your opinion of this and other similar WW2 footage ?
WiFi radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) = bigger toxic nightmare -

“Big Wireless” Uses Big Tobacco Tactics To Divide And Confuse Us On Cell Phone Safety. 2005 Film, “Thank You For Smoking” Demonstrates The Process.
Double trouble that will do in Mother Nature: electromagnetic frequencies and Glyphosate, if weather geoengineering doesn't get us first ...

Do you have respiratory issues?

Exposure to cell phone radiation, “dirty electricity”, WiFi and other sources of electrosmog can make it worse ....

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