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Lock Downs and Shut Downs
From David Icke.........

What did I tell you – ‘masks to be compulsory in outside areas’ – the Cult plan from the start as I said it was

FACE masks could become mandatory in busy outdoor areas as government ministers consider introducing stricter coronavirus measures.
Government ministers and scientists are growing increasingly concerned about public compliance with the lockdown and believe there are few major options left to tighten the restrictions further. 
But, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and other ministers have been examining the case to extend the use of mask wearing.
It’s thought that face coverings could be made mandatory in busy public places such as supermarket queues. 
One government source told The Telegraph: “There’s not a lot more that we can do.
“We’ve put in these very tough national restrictions. It is a lockdown for everyone all the time.”
London mayor Sadiq Khan has called for face coverings to be worn outside the home as he declared a major incident in the capital. 
The call for stricter restrictions comes after the UK recorded its deadliest day of the Covid-19 pandemic so far
Fatalities jumped by 1,325 as another 68,053 cases were recorded. 
The grim daily death figures have now topped 1,000 for the third day running as a mutant strain rips across the country.
Friday’s number brings the total for the UK to 79,833 and is the highest number of UK deaths reported on a single day since the outbreak began.
It is also more than double the 613 reported a week ago.

Read more: What did I tell you – ‘masks to be compulsory outside the home’ – the Cult plan from the start as I said it was
Record number of children need mental health care as doctors blame the crisis on school closures, cancelled exams and lockdowns

The number of children referred to the NHS with serious mental health problems is at an all-time high, say doctors.
The Royal College of Psychiatrists warned that the pandemic could create a ‘lost’ generation who will be affected by ‘lifelong’ mental illnesses.
Doctors blamed the crisis on school closures, cancelled exams and lockdowns. 
NHS figures revealed that the number of youngsters referred to child and adolescent mental health services was 4,615 per 100,000 – the highest on record. 
The figures are up nearly 20 per cent from last year.
Dr Bernadka Dubicka, of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: ‘Landmark occasions in the lives of these young people will be lost. 
‘This adds to a perfect storm of a pre-existing mental health crisis, rising demand and years of under-investment in children’s mental health services, meaning children may not get the help they need, potentially leaving a generation lost to poverty and lifelong mental illness.’

Read more: Record number of children need mental health care as doctors blame the crisis on school closures, cancelled exams and lockdowns

This article is a refreshed article I wrote in the first lockdown. A national news paper has approached me to publish it. So here it is.

By Zed Phoenix

What can be done to save ourselves from this new idiocratic normal?

Firstly, we need to be educated for freedom, something which we are not educating ourselves for at present.

Freedom right now is threatened on many fronts and from many different directions, and these threats come in a variety of different flavors, demographic, social, political, and psychological.

What we are suffering from has a multitude of causes and is not to be purged from our planet without an equal multitude of solutions.
In attempting to deal with complex human situations, we must take into account all the relevant issues and not just one issue.

Nothing short of everything is really ever enough. Freedom is under attack and education for freedom is of paramount importance and needed now. But wait I hear you say, there are so many other pressing issues.

From the time of Magna Carta and perhaps earlier, the makers of English law have been concerned to protect the physical freedom of the individuals, the actual body, Habeas Corpus.  However, the absence of physical constraints is not freedom, as we have all discovered with the ignition of the unjust and perhaps unlawful “Lockdowns” or house imprisonment.

We are under no physical constraint whatsoever, we are psychologically captive being made to feel, think and act as the agents of the national state under the direction of private organisations and individuals, such as the World Health Organisation, United Nations, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and their affiliates. We have been turned from being free people into prisoners, inhabiting the world’s largest open air prison.

There are no appeals or court proceedings for being a captive of the mind. There is no Habeas Corpus.

So what Court does one appeal to for being psychologically tortured by our so called leaders? What High Court could free you from the mind control of the state and compensate you accordingly for the states mistreatment and abuse of you?

The nature of psychological attacks and therefore physiological compulsion is such that those who are under mind constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. You can’t come in without a mask, no mask no service, you must obey social distancing guidance. Tragically the victims of mind-control and mind manipulation don’t know that they’re victims.

To these people the walls of their prison are invisible and they believe themselves to be free. Your servitude is strictly objective.

Can we create preventative legislation? An outlawing of the psychological slave trade, a statue for the protection of the mind, against the systematic abuse of state propaganda, adulterated foods and dangerous drugs and vaccines by unscrupulous purveyors of control?

After all this is the 21st Century, the future no less, where we were promised a forward thinking society, where greed, racism, envy, law breaking and the like would be quaint things of the past and we would live in a shiny future with flying cars and go on holidays to the moon.

The reality is that the world as we know it has been halted and we are perhaps feeling the gears beginning to go backwards; back into the abyss of the feudalistic dark ages.

We need with immediate effect to legislate and limit the powers of public officials, civil and military servants to subject their captives under their command to desensitizing hypnosis which puts the population to sleep. 

Television is the hypno-box which transmits subliminal messages, perpetuating an anti-rational propaganda which makes a mockery of democracy and injects the fear of the state directly into people’s brains. Perhaps, a forward thinking society would simply turn the hypno-box off and allow freedom of thought to enter into their society.

However, freedom of thought is extremely dangerous to the mind controllers, as it is almost impossible to predict with any reliability what people will actually do with something so powerful.

The mind controllers fear that society would be like a child who has just found a machine gun. Bullets would be sprayed in every direction, people accidently killed and society would be collectively ducking as plaster and brick would be flying in all directions from random bullets of freedom. In reality of course this isn’t true and whilst there might well be a few ups and downs at first, genuine freedom of thought would flourish and bloom into a new Garden of Eden.

The entire democratic process as we know it is utter nonsense; political candidates and their policies should only be selected by the people in a randomized fashion, like Jury Service and not by small groups belonging to a party with arcane rules and esoteric rituals who are governed by a state commission whose only purpose is to prevent true political ideas from ever being sanctioned.

If you want to be the "Conspiracy Theory Party", then of course you can be a party. However if you want to advocate for anything meaningful and important and not under state control, then it’s a firm no.

The ideas of state control aren’t new they date back to a time where feudalism ruled and all people’s no matter of creed or colour were slaves, traded as commodities by a small group of psychopaths who pretend to be Royal, businessmen or philanthropists etc. These people are really magicians, taking advantage of the public with cheap evangelistic tricks and wearing costumes and not producing anything.

The only reason that the statues of our racist ancestors are being pulled down, is that the next generation of racists doesn’t want you to make the connection between the old world feudalism and the new world feudalism, which is one and the same.

They will remove statues, burn and re-edit books calling it digitization. You will even be educated to think that the dictators of old were simply misunderstood and the people under their rule were really happy as everyone knew their place in society.

However, even with preventative legislation in place it doesn’t stop these impersonal forces of insanity from gaining momentum. The best of constitutions, such as the constitution of the United States of America cannot prevent the over-organization imposed by growing numbers and dangerous advancing technology which is about to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting and vulnerable population.

Artificial Intelligence, Apps and computers are simply more elaborate illusions, more tricks for the mind from the magic men.

The new generation of liberal idiocratic entities, which are now destroying our world, as once we knew it, lurk behind their green mask or mask of anti-racism, climate Change, protecting the animals or equality  but are really dismantling the idea’s that made The United Kingdom a democracy in the first place.

The plan needs to keep the retaining walls of democracy, elections, Parliaments, Courts, the press. Whilst below the surface, these so called liberals are over-organising everything, in a digital cloud with increasing use of weaponized mind manipulation techniques, which has already changed the nature of our democracy.

This New World Order which is emerging, is filled with slogans which we will elect personalities in to office but who will have no power themselves and no accountability to anyone because they are as much a psychological slave as the rest of the population.

Verified and accredited personalities on television and in the printed press, will speak endlessly of freedom and democracy following a carefully pre-prepared script.

A highly trained elite with their attenuated artificial intelligent machines will run the show from behind a two-way mirror. The controllers can see everything you do in this digital nightmare but you won’t even know who “they” are.

This is the new operating system of society, downloading instructions and directives to their servants in the media, on the internet and from within neighborhoods, schools, universities and businesses. Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives, Black Lives Matter, Let’s Get Brexit Done, Yes we Can, Re-Think, Build Back Better, The Great Reset…

These slogans are meaningless and for those who are swayed by such notions of compliance and social conformity, let me ask you, what do any of these slogans actually mean?

They are simply instructions to be repeated until your subconscious follows the instructions without you even realizing it. This is the dark arts of the idiocracy at work.

The order from behind the mirror is clear; just keep repeating said slogan on every channel, in every editorial and in every newspaper, use the criminal fraternity and impressionable mind manipulated children, to cause destruction and mayhem all in the slogans name, until the message gets through to your subconscious. You Don’t Matter.

The truth is, you do matter. You matter greatly and all the effort being made by the mind controllers is for you to stop you thinking, questioning and forming rational opinions in order to make decisions for yourself. Making decisions for yourself cuts the mind controllers out of the loop, so they must prevent you from thinking at all costs.

You and your children are being tricked out of your future, by a group of people you don’t know and who you will never meet.

If you decide to wake yourselves up, which really means to see past the  illusions created by the magicians. We have the opportunity to have real freedom, real governance, real lives, a real media and real education etc  Once the game is up for the magicians and mind controllers the idiocracy 2.0 will end and a new age of knowledge and freedom of thought will begin.

Or at least that's the theory!
The Truth About British Hospitals

[Image: BED-OCCUPANCY-1-1024x581.jpg]

‘Catastrophically wrong’: German court declares regional lockdown UNCONSTITUTIONAL in ‘politically explosive’ decision

A German district court has declared a strict lockdown imposed by the government of the central state of Thuringia last spring unconstitutional, as it acquitted a person accused of violating it.
A trivial case about a man violating strict German lockdown rules by celebrating a birthday with his friends has ended up in a decision the German media described as “politically explosive.” A district court in the city of Weimar did not just acquit the defendant but also stated that the authorities themselves breached Germany’s basic law.
Thuringia’s spring lockdown was a “catastrophically wrong political decision with dramatic consequences for almost all areas of people’s lives,” the court said, justifying its decision. It particularly condemned a restriction limiting private gatherings to the members of one household and one person outside of it.
It was this regulation that a local man violated by hosting a party attended by his seven friends. Yet, the judge said that the regional government itself violated the “inviolably guaranteed human dignity” secured by Article 1 of the German basic law in the first place by imposing such restrictions.
According to the court, the government lacked sufficient legal grounds to impose the restrictions since there was no “epidemic situation of national importance” at that time and the health system was at no risk of collapsing as the Robert Koch Institute reported that the Covid-19 reproduction number had fallen below 1. The judge also ruled that the regional government had no right to introduce such far-reaching measures at all since it was up to lawmakers to do so.
The lockdown imposed in Thuringia represented “the most comprehensive and far-reaching restrictions on fundamental rights in the history of the Federal Republic,” the court said while calling the measures an attack on the “foundations of our society” that was “disproportionate.”

Read more: ‘Catastrophically wrong’: German court declares regional lockdown UNCONSTITUTIONAL in ‘politically explosive’ decision
The witch-hunting of lockdown sceptics

The demonization of dissenters has reached hysterical proportions.
We have entered a new era of demonology. The hunt is on for heretics and witches who might be held responsible for our current predicament, for the plague of Covid. As in pre-modern times, sinful speakers and thinkers, those who dare to bristle against the political or scientific consensus, are being demonised and publicly shamed as assistants of the plague, as Covid’s willing helpers. They have ‘blood on their hands’, the lockdown fanatics cry, blissfully unaware of how similar they sound to those who in earlier times of disease would drag eccentrics to the stocks in the warped belief that those eccentrics either brought the plague or at least aided its spread.
It is hard to think of any other political constituency in recent times who have been as thoroughly demonised as lockdown sceptics. Climate-change sceptics are up there, of course. Deniers of the cult of genderfluidity have had a severe hammering, too. But that all pales, if not into insignificance then at least into the background, in comparison with the war of barbs and defamation against anyone who questions whether lockdown is the right response to Covid-19.
These people are branded ‘Covid deniers’. They are ‘dangerous’. Their words kill. They have blood on their hands. They have a ‘hell of a lot to answer for’, says chief demonologist Neil O’Brien, Tory MP for Harborough, inflaming the idea that these people and their sinful speech benefit the plague and directly help to cause injury and death.
So successful has been the campaign of demonization against lockdown sceptics that even that title – lockdown sceptic – has been sullied beyond recognition. It is now taken to include not only thoughtful people who question the policy of complete shutdowns, but also those who doubt the existence of Covid-19 and anti-vaxxers who think the Covid jab will come with a microchip so that Bill Gates can monitor our every move for the rest of time.
This lumping together of everyone from Oxford scientists Sunetra Gupta and Carl Heneghan to the anonymous bloke on Twitter who swears blind he knows five people who have been made gravely ill by the vaccine confirms that the aim here is to vilify scepticism across the board. Raise so much as a peep of criticism of the current Covid strategy and you’re as bad as the morons who say Covid isn’t real.

Do you know the Scientific History of Lockdowns? A Must Watch - CRUCIAL.


This film is based on a letter by an international team of professionals, researchers and activists, calling for an expedited investigation into scientific fraud in public health policies.


Ad free on bitchute ... https://www.bitchute.com/video/5MnadKVXBQgJ/

Letter ... https://ccpgloballockdownfraud.medium.co...e1a7286c2b

Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20535

U.K. Security Service (MI5);
Australian Security Intelligence Organisation;
Canadian Security Intelligence Service;
U.S. Department of Justice

Michael P. Senger, Attorney
Stacey A. Rudin, Attorney
Dr. Clare Craig, FRCPath
Retired Brig. Gen. Robert Spalding
Randy Hillier, MPP Lanark, Frontenac & Kingston
Francis Hoar, Barrister at Law
Sanjeev Sabhlok, PhD
Brian O’Shea
Maajid Nawaz
Simon Dolan

New York Governor Cuomo exposed for lies and cover-up of thousands of care home deaths while deranged Wokers gave him an Emmy for the way he ‘handled’ the ‘pandemic’ – part of the cover-up was because the truth ‘might be bad for Biden’

The Hague court sides with activists, tells Dutch government to IMMEDIATELY lift ‘illegitimate’ curfew

The Dutch government has been told by the court to reverse its coronavirus pandemic curfew after The Hague ruled there was no legal basis for it and called it an infringement on people’s rights.
In a statement, The Hague declared that the government’s use of the Extraordinary Powers of Civil Authority Act – an emergency act which allows the state to bypass the legislative process to impose a curfew in “very urgent and exceptional circumstance” – was not justified in this case during the Covid-19 crisis.
“The Preliminary Relief Judge ruled that the introduction of the curfew did not involve the special urgency required to be able to make use of the [act],” the Hague continued, noting that the government had had time to discuss such a curfew beforehand, before ruling that “the use of this law to impose curfew is not legitimate.”
The curfew is a far-reaching violation of the right to freedom of movement and privacy and (indirectly) limits, among other things, the right to freedom of assembly and demonstration.
The country’s Justice Ministry says it is now studying the ruling.
After the Dutch government imposed the curfew on January 23, citizens were legally required to stay home between the hours of 9pm and 4:30am unless they had a valid excuse, and they were warned that they could face fines if they refused to do so.

Read More: The Hague court sides with activists, tells Dutch government to IMMEDIATELY lift ‘illegitimate’ curfew
Dark, dark, Whitty who has destroyed the country and tens of millions of lives urges public to stick to the rules as lockdown is ‘eased’ – or Mr Gates will be very angry with him. COME ON PEOPLE – revolution of non-cooperation before the psychopaths take everything from you

England’s chief medical officer has warned people to stick to the rules as lockdown is eased, saying there will be a “very rapid surge in infection” if they relax too early.
Professor Chris Whitty acknowledged that easing restrictions would naturally mean “a surge of cases”, with the reproduction number (the R) getting close to, or over, the crucial threshold of 1.
While vaccination would take “lot of the heavy load” in pulling the R down – and many elderly and vulnerable would be protected through having a vaccine – there would be a rise in cases and deaths if the virus was just allowed to let go, he said

He told the Downing Street press briefing there are still “very significant” numbers of people with coronavirus every day in the UK.
He added: “There are still a lot of people in hospital with this disease. This is not the end, but this is the point where we can have a steady, risk-based, data-driven opening up.
“But everybody must stick to the guidelines as they go through the different stages, because if we don’t do that then we will get to a stage where the rates go up very high and you’ll find there are people who are not protected by the vaccinations.”

Read More: Professor Chris Whitty urges public to stick to the rules as lockdown is eased
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