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Lock Downs and Shut Downs
Unelected alleged ‘experts’ (I beg to differ) continue to run society – now they’re telling mums on the school run to follow the rules. Why don’t you shut the fuck up, mate, and do us all a favour? Live your own life and let others live theirs – I’m sure you’ve got plenty to work on

Parents dropping their children off at school have been warned against bending coronavirus rules as the “next few weeks are going to be crucial” in keeping infections and hospital admissions down.
Infectious disease expert Dr Mike Tildesley said it is “possible” to keep the reproductive number – or R value – of the virus below 1 with schools open, but everyone must continue to follow “all the other rules”.
Schools in England are due to reopen from Monday, a move Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said marks the “beginning of the road back to normality”.
Dr Tildesley warned parents: “When you’re dropping your children off you need to maintain social distancing.
“Just because you’re not in the home with your young children don’t use it as an excuse to go out and mix with other people that you otherwise wouldn’t have done.
“It’s possible with schools open we can keep the R number below 1 but if we are going to achieve that we all need to keep following all the other rules.”
Dr Tildesley told Times Radio that falling Covid-19 rates are most likely to be due to lockdown measures, and the impact of vaccinations “hopefully is yet to come”.
He said: “I think most of the reason the numbers are going in the right direction now is still due to lockdown.
“I think we haven’t quite seen the impact of vaccinations, probably start to come in round about now and having a little bit of an effect, but most of the effect thus far actually is probably the fact we have been under severe restrictions since the start of January.”
Deaths from coronavirus have fallen by 41% in a week, while hospital admissions have seen their fastest ever fall, the Health Secretary said on Friday.

Read more: Unelected alleged ‘experts’ (I beg to differ) continue to run society – now they’re telling mums on the school run to follow the rules. Why don’t you shut the fuck up, mate, and do us all a favour? Live your own life and let others live theirs – I’m sure you’ve got plenty to work on

By the way – flashback: ‘Covid-19’: Tests on students are highly inaccurate, early findings show

Read study – https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4941
Telegram Post -

Had to share....

"Take no notice of Boris and his co conspirators. 
You have inalienable rights to travel not him, police or courts can take it away or stop it. 

It’s all crap. 
Very carefully notice the wording used, it’s often a play on words. 

“The changes mean that those who travel abroad in order to go on holiday could risk a £5,000 fine.

Not “will” but “could”
So it also means you could not, may not or won’t. 

How big a risk? 5% 10% 100%
It’s all just scaremongering they can’t stop people from travelling
Our passports are null and void if they do. 
Laws that try to remove your inalienable rights are unlawful. Cannot be enforced. 
Look inside your passport the very first page. 
So now every passport is null and void...
I don’t think so. 
No government has the power to prevent free movement of travel. 
Also bare in mind you paid a fee for the passport, so if they do decide the passport is no longer valid as a right to travel every single person can claim Mis representation and fraud and demand their fee back from government. 
£80 on average for a passport 
About 50 million people have one. 
So let’s see them pay back £4 billion with interest. 
Also, discrimination plays a huge factor, sports stars, business people and politicians can travel anywhere anytime. 
But we us minions cannot....I can’t be an elite sports star as my knees are no good, so I’m being directly discriminated against, that’s actually illegal. Tut tut BJ. ?
Not to mention, where is my name on a list or a letter addressed to me personally that says I cannot travel and where has Queen Elizabeth, who has specifically said I can travel and should be assisted to travel without hindrance said I can no longer travel?  Signed it in wet ink and I’ve agreed to it and signed it also? 
It’s a game, a trick, it’s a voluntary agreement you enter into if you choose"
It’s Officially an Offence Now to Leave England

After four hours of debate yesterday in the House of Commons, the United Kingdom has approved an emergency measure that will, among other restrictions, fine Brits who LEAVE the country without a qualifying reason.
Ironically, the British government insists they can legally impose these new rules because of authority that was granted to them under a law called the Public Health Act… which just happened to be passed in… 1984. Starting on Monday, anyone who leaves England must submit papers making a certified declaration of their reason for leaving. The authorities will then retain the discretion to fine travellers £5,000— nearly $7,000, if the reason isn’t valid.
The government has provided a list of 14 valid excuses, such as a professional football team traveling for a match. This is totally fine. But someone who wants to attend a religious pilgrimage is forbidden to travel. So is someone who wants to visit an elderly parent they haven’t seen since 2019, unless it is a parent whom the traveler “reasonably believes is dying.”
How magnanimous.
By the way, these new rules come despite Members of Parliament acknowledging in debate yesterday that 95% of Brits over the age of 60 have been vaccinated.

Read More: It’s Officially an Offense Now to Leave England 
Macron announces new restrictions, putting France into a third national lockdown

After more than a year of lockdowns and months of sputtering vaccination campaigns, Europe’s efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic entered yet another difficult chapter Wednesday when President Emmanuel Macron of France announced a new set of restrictive measures in a desperate move to halt a deadly wave of infections.
The move imposed a third national lockdown, which Mr. Macron had long tried to avoid. Even so, the measures are not as strict as the national lockdown of a year ago, which kept most people indoors.
Schools and nonessential businesses will be closed across the country, travel between regions will be banned, and outdoor activities will be limited to places within six miles of home, Mr. Macron said. University students will still be allowed to attend classes one day a week.
With infections surging, hospitals crowded with patients and the virus now reaching into classrooms, Mr. Macron abandoned a gamble in which he kept France mainly open in the hope that a steady pace of vaccinations would make a lockdown unnecessary.
As the tally of coronavirus deaths relentlessly pushed close to the 100,000 mark, Mr. Macron effectively gave in to scientists and opposition politicians who have been pressing in recent weeks for a new lockdown, and added France to the list of European nations that are hunkering down again. Many of them have introduced new lockdowns in response to a wave of new cases that a slow vaccine rollout has failed to stem.
The new national restrictions take effect Saturday and will last four weeks, Mr. Macron said, adding that people who wanted to isolate themselves in a different region than where they live could still travel over the weekend to get there.

Read more: Macron announces new restrictions, putting France into a third national lockdown
Johnson uses made-up ‘Indian variant’ and the ‘elderly’ of whom his policies have killed staggering numbers to justify not doing what he never planned to do – His Gates-owned minders and liars Whitty and Vallance talk the usual bullshit and the fascism goes on as it was always going to as the campaign is increased to get everyone genetically-modified with the fake ‘vaccine’

Boris Johnson has delayed the easing of lockdown restrictions in England for up to four weeks, as the Delta variant of coronavirus surges. It was “sensible to wait just a little longer” and potentially until 19 July, he said.
But when questioned by reporters, he admitted it was possible lockdown would continue past 19 July. The prime minister’s announcement came as analysis showed England’s rate of new infections had climbed to its highest level for more than three months. Some 37,729 new infections were recorded in England in the seven days to 9 June, according to Public Health England.
This is the equivalent of 67.0 cases per 100,000 people, the highest level since 2 March, when the rate stood at 69.6. And on Monday Public Health England reported that the UK had logged 7,742 new infections in just the last 24 hours – the highest one-day tally since February.
And on Monday Public Health England reported that the UK had logged 7,742 new infections in just the last 24 hours – the highest one-day tally since February.
[li]What time is Boris Johnson’s Covid announcement today?[/li]
[li]Covid wedding rules: what will happen on 21 June[/li]
[li]Government’s ‘pathetic’ border policy responsible for delay ending lockdown, Keir Starmer says[/li]
[li]I’m glad the absurdly named ‘Freedom Day’ is being postponed[/li]
[Image: Screen-Shot-2021-06-14-at-18.51.33-1024x700.png]

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