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Lockdown around the Planet
What I really cant understand is why are people asking to be locked up. Its crazy what I am seeing with my own eyes. What has got into people?
There may be a few reasons,...."Fear Based Mind Control" has been installed into the sheeples heads for over several decades now.Add a sprinkling of Flouride in the wwater and Nano Chip micro dust in the air we breathe,....and hey presto,a Nation of Zombies !
Please research Neil Sanders who has been on Ritchies programme several times.Check out this Vid.
I think the real question is what separates us Conspiracy theorists who see everything in clarityfrom the zombies.
UK Scientist: ‘Government Has Overreacted to Coronavirus, Lockdown is Overblown -

America Slowly Locks Down, 82% -
(03-31-2020, 08:45 PM)AwokenIrish Wrote: What I really cant understand is why are people asking to be locked up. Its crazy what I am seeing with my own eyes. What has got into people?

What has taken place over millennia and within the minds of men involves a long slow process of de-skilling the current global manufacturers and converting a once self sufficient society into one which is reliant upon others across the world, this involves a global redistrubution and planned attack on the creators within each country.

The elite have always done this and play with our hand to eye coordination at will, send us to wars which also weaken and destroy our independance and force millions into destitution and debt.

They do not allow any coutry to become the complete rulers of the world but allow just enough freedoms and power to change their immediate environments, but never to begin dictating to the true rulers over our labour and or physical prowess and creativivty.

A book explaining things in further detail and well worth a read,

To be free is both very easy and also very hard, if we desire to be truly free and shut down much of the human farm we have to become our own farmers and produce as much as we can on our own dint, if we let our labour be govered and redistrubuted we can only go so far, but never to close down the farm, this is what we might do.

This is why threads like my making things you have made threads are so interesting to thousands, because inside each and every one of us is a creator, many truth forums are deleting such parlance and demonizing the thought of fending for ones self by in house conspiratists, and moderaors who I have heard say such conjecture is not for a conspiracy forum, how wrong they are about this, this is the conspiracy to end all conspiracies and one of the best ways of freeing ourselves from the grips of the redistributors and govenors who ply their craftiness but never contribute or create anything worthwhile for their communities.

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