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Know The Law
How to travel freely. Know the law - it’s all about consent!

Can the government force you to have the coronavirus vaccine?

What if the coronavirus vaccine makes me ill? Will I get any compensation? ... )

Can your employer dismiss you if you refuse the coronavirus vaccine?

( Charlie Mullins / Pimlico Plumbers ... )
Extract from a sworn affidavit won in Court -

It is now confirmed Formally, on and for the Record as of this Day the 20th Day of March 2015 Agreed by the State and the Crown By way of un-rebutted Affidavit and statement of Fact and that there is a lasting tacit and binding agreement through Acquiescence and Royal Assent by Default. That all imposed Taxation and Duty is and always has been not only a criminal offence but is also detrimental to all the people of this planet. 

A licence is a permission to undertake an action that would otherwise be illegal. HP Parliaments and Governments PLC clearly do not have the legal Authority to issue any form of licence without the legal and physically presentable signed in wet ink consent of the governed. Also. HM. Parliaments and Governments PLC do not have the legal authority to determine that an action is illegal without the legal and signed consent of the governed physically on and for the public record. There is no physical record of the fact. 63.5 million People have not signed the consent of the governed.

My rights end where your rights begin. Your rights end where my rights begin. Rights are not granted by government or the crown and they cannot be taken away or violated by government or the crown. A Judge does not have the right to trespass on my property so the judge cannot give a Bailiff or a civil enforcement officer or a policeman the right by means of a warrant or an order because the Judge, who is a company servant by default, does not have that authority unless I agree. 

A public servant is a servant by default with the status of servant and a servant has no authority above the one who grants that authority. 

Until the Judge can present the agreement or the consent of the governed then the Judge has no authority to grant a warrant or a court order. 

Exhibit Case Authority WI-05257F. David Ward V Warrington Borough Council. 30thday of May 2013. Also Exhibit © The Material evidence of the FACTS. These are the facts. The material evidence of these facts has been provided.

Full Affidavit ...
The Legal Fiction - Strawman explanation...

Did you know that because the Government love us so much they created a LEGAL FICTION (Strawman) for you when you were born. This makes it easier for us to pay taxes, fines and court costs, how considerate.

The LEGAL FICTION was created without your knowledge, without full disclosure and unlawfully. The Government have been using this fiction throughout your life to deceive you.

Your LEGAL FICTION is your title and name in capital letters (e.g. MR JOHN SMITH). When you obtain a bank account, a driving license or a passport, it is issued to your STRAWMAN (e.g. MR JOHN SMITH), these documents are not sent to you, the man or woman, but to the LEGAL FICTION, this is how the deception works.

Try going to court as a man or a woman, simple you would think, but no. Courts will only deal with LEGAL FICTIONS.

For further information, please go to our VIDEO page, watch the video called ‘Meet Your Strawman’ and return here to RECLAIM OWNERSHIP OF YOUR NAME.

                                                                                   THINK ABOUT IT

When you were born, your parents gifted you a name. This name was taken from you by the Government, unlawfully.

You can now RECLAIM YOUR NAME by submitting your application to the Common Law Court.

As this LEGAL FICTION was created unlawfully, the Common Law Court will confirm that ownership of the LEGAL FICTION has been reclaimed by you. This information will be recorded with the Common Law Court in ‘The Book of Deeds,’ for preservation.

An application for OWNERSHIP OF THE FICTITIOUS NAME will only be accepted if you have already confirmed your birth under common law, this can be confirmed by recording your details under the Birth Certificate section.
Beat the Bailiffs and the Banks -
Can employers force staff to have the Covid vaccine?
aderyDeaky Wrote:My inmate keeps asking me about changes to the 85 time served law & I cant find anything about it on the Internet. I was told they are or have changed the law. Does anyone know anything about this?

Thanks Bunches
This is all I could find
Video: Every single prosecution under Coronavirus Act was found to be 'unlawful'

Kirsty Brimelow QC gives evidence to the Human Rights Committee on the Government's response to covid-19 and the human rights implications of long lockdown.

Covid regulations accused had right of silence -

A person suspected of breaching the coronavirus regulations is not required by law to give the police their name and address, an appeal has ruled. Keith Neale, a 60-year-old homeless man, had his conviction for obstructing a police officer by failing to give his details quashed, by the High Court sitting in Cardiff....
Telegram Post -

For those at work being pressurised to take the vaccine or else..
Saw this on another site..

Advice from a Barrister on how to deal with vax demands from your employer or anyone else: 

Contact your doctor and book a Vaccine anxiety appointment. At this point you become a medical case as anxiety is a real issue. Then collect information about adverse effects and send that to you doctor and get them to answer your concerns. If they don't answer then claim this gives you further anxiety. 

Then ask your doctor to agree to a thorough medical for you BEFORE any injection so if you are made to have the injection you have baseline medical evidence from medical experts to prove it affected you adversely if it does. If they refuse, claim further anxiety. 

Then say you want a contract with the doctor administering the injection and their practice having full liability if you are medically poorly for up to end of life. The doctor will refuse this proving the vaccine might be unsafe and that ADDS to your anxiety. 

While this is all going on tell your employer you are looking in to it with advice from your doctor. YOU WILL WIN!!

Anyone that does this will win. Use it. I have a degree in law and this is the process I have applied. It works!

 (Copy and paste where ever you like anyone).
Are coronavirus vaccination passports lawful?

A legal explainer video reviewing the issues surrounding the introduction of Covid-19 vaccination passports within the UK.

0:00 - intro

1:32 - Defining Coronavirus passports

2:29 - For and against passports

6:36 - Discrimination issues

14:52 - Human rights objections

17:10 - Data protection issues

18:39 - Freedom of movement and association
19:54 - Conclusion

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